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Countdown to a skinny bunny :)


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Hey guys,

I am hoping by starting a diary online that I will be able to improve my dieting habits, get some feedback on what I'm doing wrong (or right!) and continue this weight loss! Firstly, let me tell you about my background...

I am doing the SW diet. I am very used to it now. I've been doing it for years (with positive results) but when I get close to my target (or median target) I give up! This was back when I used to do it at home and not go to a class.

Why Do I Want To Lose Weight? :p

I want to lose weight because I am sick of being fat. I'm fed up having to not wear something because it shows my belly, or my bingo wings. I wanna look at photos and feel beautiful. I want to be active & healthy (especially as I'm training to be a Primary teacher this year!)

When Do I Want To Lose The Weight By? :cool:

I start my PGCE on 5th September at a new university with new people :)
It's my birthday on 4th October.
I have my graduation from my previous university on 2nd November.

Check out my signature for my 'mini targets'.

What Are My Targets? :)

Interim Target: 10st 10lbs
Club 10: 10st 3lbs
Interim Target: 9st 12lbs
Final PAT: 9st 7lbs

In The Beginning...

I decided on 23rd May 2011 that I would join a class (the same one as my older sister) and really work hard to lose this weight!

Here were my results:

23/05: 11st 5lbs
30/05: 11st 2lbs (-3lb)
06/06: 10st 12lbs (-4lb) half a stone lost :D
13/06: 10st 11.5lbs (-0.5lbs) bit gutted! :cry:
20/06: 10st 9lbs (-2.5lbs)
27/06: 10st 8lbs (-1lb)

Then... it all went wrong :sigh:. I had to move away to London from 1st July until 1st August to work for an International Summer Activity School. I had breakfast, lunch & dinner for free at the canteen (it was based at a university!) and the food was not healthy. The only food that was 'edible' or was ever available by the time the 140 kids had finished were the chips and the donuts and cookies for dessert. I tried for the first week to be "good" but with the stress of the job you just had to eat what you could when you could, be it a plate of chips or a bar of chocolate.

When I got back to group, I knew I would have gained... I started at a new group (because I am starting my PGCE in Sept and wouldnt be able to make the Monday group)

06/08: 11st 1.5lb (+7.5lb) :eek:

Okay... so I haven't reached my start weight, but still, 7.5lb in 4 weeks is gutting. But just have to move past it... only, I am finding it soooo hard to get back onto the diet. I keep having the odd bit of chocolate, or some extra bread, or a wrap and not sticking to syns!

I have my weigh in tomorrow. I am hoping even if I lose just 0.5lbs then maybe it'll be a kick up the bum that I need... but I just don't know....

I am hoping that you lovely people can offer some advice to keep my on track? How do you do it? People with alot of weight to lose... what keeps you motivated?
Thanks for taking the time to read my story :)

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We all lose motivation at some point but this is the best place to be for people to drag you back on the wagon.

What about reading all your books and treating this week or next week as your first week. When we've been doing it for a while we become complacent and it never hurts to refresh our memories.

Looking at the photos of the losers on this site is a massive motivation.

Trying different recipes also may help.

Good luck :)


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Hi tillymax,

Thanks! Yeah I agree, I think I always come back to this site when I'm feeling lost :p It provides great motivation! I usually buy a SW magazine to read the success stories... so think I will look on this site and see if they will help too!!

Yes, I do get stuck in a rut recipe-wise... and I'm gonna have no time to cook once my PGCE starts so I'm hoping that will give me motivation to try new things that might be quick & easy, or freezable, so I can fit it around my new lifestyle :)

Thanks again :) xxx
Good luck with everything, I've lost weight on sw but sts for nearly 5 weeks now! I just lost motivation and went off plan quite a few times. Am back on it now though and determined to lose that last half stone!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Aww my sister is the same, Kittyboo. She is on/off SW alot and she finds when she gets near a target she will have a "bad week" and put on a few lbs!

Good luck :) I'm hoping an end date to aim for will motivate me... but also worried it will stress me out incase i only lose 1lb one week instead of 2lb (ive worked out i can get to my target by losing 2lb a week until my graduation)



Proud to be a LOSER :)
I know, I shouldn't rush. I'm annoyed that I took a big 7.5lb step back the last month. I could have tried harder... but it would have meant starving myself because i could only eat the food i was given. I just wanna look perfect for my graduation. Though I'm sure even a few lbs off 9.7 would at least look different?! x
I'm sure it will and you don't want to starve yourself because you'll feel deprived, when I do that, that's when I get fed up and go and eat a massive bag of crisps and some chocolate : ), when I allow myself a bit when I fancy it and count them as syns I tend to stay on track more. X


Proud to be a LOSER :)

So I had my weigh in - after my first week back on SW (after my bad month!) and the results are in: drum roll please? :p

I LOST 3.5lbs!!!!! :D :D :D

Even with a week where I didn't feel like I had stuck to it 100%. So now if I just keep this up, I'm sure my target is within reach. Only 19lbs to go :)

Yesterday I had a delicious dinner... my favourite... wholemeal pitta (HExB), some lamb meatballs, and lots of salad... topped off with extra low fat garlic mayo! mmmm! Then even tried a SYN-FREE pancake!! Yes, it tasted a bit like omelette with lemon and sweetener... but i quite liked it lol! The recipe will come in handy during pancake day, or for a special treat!

Not eaten today yet, think I'll have some beans or spaghetti on toast. At the end of the night i'll post my food diary online... see if it would help me stick to it more!!

OOOhh also bought some scan bran at group today... not sure what to make with it yet though. seen some nice recipes! Now to sit and read my new SW magazine for tips and ideas :)

Have a great day guys xx


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Kittyboo - my sister and I were having a conversation about that earlier. She also does SW and has been losing and gaining the same 1lb for a month!! But she did say that one week she had beans on toast for a week once and lost alot! Whereas this week - even though she's stuck to the plan - she hasn't felt very well and hasn't eaten much, no breakfast and lunch, and measly dinners and hasn't lost much!

Thinking about it, I lost only 0.5lbs one week, despite keeping my syns below or around 5syns a day - which is why i was so annoyed as i had really restricted myself in the hope of a big weightloss. Instead this week, I've lost 3.5lbs and have probably eaten so much this week... some within the plan (like bottomless pasta/noodles) and some not so great (nutrigrain bars while at my BFs house!)

But I know that If i want a consistent weight loss i will need to stick to the plan, because my body has just had a 'HEALTHY EATING SHOCK' (usually u find u will lose alot in the first week, or so i've found!) and then my body adjusts and doesn't lose as much. So just gotta keep it on its toes hehe! xx


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Aww thank you - hope for more weight loss to come over the next few months :) xx


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Thanks tillymax :)


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Oops been pretty rubbish at putting my diary up -

B: nothing
L: Spaghetti on Toast
D: Chicken Lasagna (made with BΓ©chamel Sauce 3syns), Cheese (HExA), juice.
S: Flan case (4syns) with fat free fromage frais, muller light toffee yog and banana. Mmm!
Total syns: 7syns

Sunday: Had a BBQ with old family... oops!
B: Fat free natural yog, banana, blackberries, blueberries
L: Handful of crisps (maybe 2syns), beef burger with cheese (HExA) + bun (HExB) + ketchup (1syn), chicken nuggets (3syns), a mouthful of cheesecake (lets say 2syns?), diet coke.
D: Batchelors Low Fat Noodles Chilli Chicken
Total syns: 8syns

Monday - off to Thorpe Park with BF, sister and nephews... food galore :(
B: Special K Bar (HExB)
L: Chicken Nuggets (3syns), a few chips (3syns), mayo (1syn), diet coke, baked beans.
D: Vegetable Soup + bread (HExB)
S: Sausage Rolls x2 (5syns), mini cocktail sausages x5 (5syns)
Total Syns: 17 syns

Tuesday: TBC - but I'm going to stick 100% to the plan this week, I really want another loss of either 1lb-2lb in order to keep on target by November!! So maybe I'll have a green day. Perhaps beans on toast (HExB) this morning/afternoon... only snack on free yogs and fruit... and then a lovely spag bol or pasta for dinner at my BFs? Will post tomorrow :)

Saturday: Nothing out of my normal routine.
Sunday: The same.
Monday: Got several trains and a bus. Then walked around Thorpe Park from 9am to 7pm (chasing after a mischievous 4 year old all day too!!) - i don't know how you would calculate this... but my legs ache today so I'm sure that's a good sign!!
Tuesday: TBC - probably walk the 1.6 miles to my bf's house :)

Okay... so my syns (for Monday) were quite high - but tbh, my sister takes along lots of food for the boys to eat and I would usually eat alot more and alot worse :) so actually quite proud of myself. The nuggets were tiny and the chips only had about 10 in a box! So I'm sure that was better than the burger king we were originally gonna have?

Anyway, off to make a superspeed yummy breakfast! Yum!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Oops bit of a slip up today!

Was doing well:
B: Baked beans, toast (HExB) and quorn sausage (0.5syns)
L: banana, mullerlight, plum
D: pasta, passate, meatballs

then i went over to wish my nephew a happy birthday and there was a bday buffet on the table. Had a handful of nuggets and homecooked sausage rolls and small slice of mini pizza... let's call that all about 10 syns lol (at least!!) Oops! Fruit for me tonight!!

I have Weds, Thurs + Fri to bring it back before weigh in saturday! Fruit all the way xx
I'm sure you can do it! I've not been the best either, we had a wrong delivery of jelly sweets in the office which we were told we could keep - it was a box of gummy bears meant for the pick & mix!.. 'a couple' turned into several handfuls over the course of the afternoon. Will be good tomorrow definitely!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Oh that's just not fair!! I put on weight working at HMV because we had a charity drop off a food box for us of ''healthy'' snacks. Hmm, these snacks included yogurt topped flapjacks, chocolate flapjacks, choc covered raisins etc.... and i used to think because I paid Β£1 each time for charity that It was okay... until i started gaining the pounds too lol! I used to be thankful for the mornings i would walk in and it hadn't been refilled... then by lunchtime there would be yogurt covered flapjack again grr lol!

But yes, I agree, we will be extra good tomorrow :) When is your weigh in day kittyboo?
Mine is Saturday so I will be good for the next 3 days (and saturday morning) and hope for the best. 2lbs is allll i want.. even 1.5lbs would be a dream lol. In fact, anything as long as it isn't a gain lol!!



has a thin girl inside!
Just imagine how much you could have eaten and be pleased with the effort you made!
diary looks good in general so well done! x


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Thanks Cai. I know I was umming and ahhing about the pizza though. I blame my bf (obviously haha) cos he had a slice and i couldn't resist!! But back on it tomorrow :) can't be upset over something that's already happened, just gotta work towards a low-syn day tomorrow :)
PS. Congrats on your massive weight loss Cai, that's amazing!! :D

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