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Cous Cous Cake


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OMG just made couscous cake with a lemon and passionfruit mullerlight. I also added a couple of drops of almond essence,. It is absolutley devine. I really needed something sweet and now i can eat this cake freeeeeeeee YUM YUM:D

Going to try make one with a vanilla yog and some coffee essence tomorrow.

Will let you know how i get on.

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Is so very nearly there!
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Im so gna try a cous cous cake 1 day - Must buy some plain sttuff first!?


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I was making veg cous cous for dinner with mexican beans and nearly poured the egg/yog mix in to my veg couscous, which i dont think would have been very nice. lol
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had a red day today and have so missed having cous cous cake to take the edge of my sweet tooth.. have to go back to green tomorrow before i get the withdrawal...:cry:
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here is the recipe again......

Cous Cous Cake.

4 oz plain cous cous
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Muller lite yoghurt any flavour to your liking
4 tablespoons of canderel or alternative.

Cover cous cous with boiling water and let it stand for ten minutes. Whilst you are waiting mix two eggs, baking powder, mullerlite yoghurt and sweetner together.

Then add the cous cous to the mixture. Transfer to a microwaveable cake tin and microwave for ten minutes, eat either hot or cold.

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Yippy.... back to green days so just had my fix of cous cous cake... strawberry today....yummy!


i love my family!
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might make this when i get back from school run. made my lot a victoria sponge today so dont wanna feel left out haha xxx


Must try harder...
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Has anyone tried making this without the baking powder? I could go to the shop on the way home from work but I don't have any! Really fancy trying this tonight!! Also can I just make it in any kind of microwavable bowl or do I need a proper cake tin type thing?? Please help! I LOVE CAKE!!! :eek::eat:
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bought curly whirlys yesterday as only 6 syns each but now i know they are in the cupboard it is doing my head in..i swear they are calling me:cry::wave_cry:
shouting "eat me i am only 6 syns"!!!!!!!
wish i had not bought the multi pack!!
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I just make in it in my mixing bowls so comes out pudding shape.. so no dont need a sandwich tin
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i have not tried it without baking powder.. i guess it will be a bit heavy without. and not so cake like, more pudding like..... but is still lovely and sweet.

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