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curvygirlie's diary

PP today,

b: 170g FF natural yoghurt sweetened with aspartame, 6 drops dukan hazelnut flavouring. 2 crunchy dukan biscuits

l: 3 slices of meatloaf, 250g cottage cheese

d: 2 egg omelette, 180g curried prawns (ginger paste, garlic powder, mild curry powder, tspn aspartame) 150g cottage cheese

2 packs wrigleys extra SF gum
1.5l pepsi max

exercise - 1 mile swim
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** Chief WITCH **
2 packs of chewing gum? I think these are restricted to six a day aren't they?
1.5 litres pepsi max? If you're stalling, I'd lose this for a few days to see...

Do your crunchy biscuits contain any dairy? (just totting up!)
crunchy biscuits contain 1 tbsp ff yoghurt but that's spread over 4 days worth of biscuits.

i've only just started on pepsi max (today is 3rd day) as i was on no added sugar vimto since starting dukan on 22 aug. Do u think I should i just drink water perhaps? can u suggest anything to flavour the water?

will try and limit chewing gum to 6 pieces also...gonna be a struggle as i use them when i fancy something sweet - but will try my hardest.
400g weight lost today

PV Day

b: 170g FF natural yoghurt sweetened with aspartame, 6 drops Dukan hazelnut flavouring, 2 crunchy dukan biscuits

l: stuffed courgettes (3 halves)
(insides scooped out and filled with sauce made from lean mince, onions, passata, half courgette flesh, garlic, bay leaves, topped with 100g cottage cheese and egg)

D: 1 egg omelette, 3 slices meatloaf, 200g cottage cheese

Princes tinned mackerel in spicy tomato sauce.
6 pieces of wrigley extra SF gum

1 litre pepsi max

exercise: 1 hour high impact aerobics class
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** Chief WITCH **
Hi there CG... Still looking for a reason for your stall, I'd certainly advise cutting down the Pepsi Max to the equivalent of one can a day. Have you not managed to switch to water? I know some don't like it at the outset, but most of us get used to it and end up preferring it on the whole.

I saw the thread this morning where those tins with tomato sauce are mentioned but, if you're stalling, I'd not touch them or - at least - use kitchen roll to mop off the offending sauce (which is what is advised on French Dukan!).

Glad you're losing again :)
well... I lost a kilo this morning :bliss:

so perhaps the stall was caused by the NAS Vimto I was drinking previously and too much SF gum?

i normally wouldn't have had a protein snack but yesterday had the mackerel in sauce so perhaps with all the exercise I do I was not eating enough protein?
tuesday 19.10.11
1 kilo lost
PP day

b: 170g sweetened FF yoghurt, 2 crunchy dukan biscuits

l:3 slices meatloaf, 200g cottage cheese

d: out with friends @ Istanbul Grill - humous, garlic bread
lamb casserole and rice

1 litre pepsi max
5 pieces sugar free gum

exercise: 1 hour body pump class. 20 mins fartlek training
100grms gained (unsurprisingly)

PP Day (again, after yesterday's evening meal)

b: 170gm sweetened FF yoghurt and hazelnut dukan essence, 2 crunchy dukan biscuits

l: 3 slices meatloaf, 200g cottage cheese

d: 2 egg omelette, 2 pieces salmon with ginger, garlic, chilli flakes and balsamic vinegar, 100g cottage cheese

6 pieces of SF gum
1.25 litre pepsi max

exercise: 1 mile swim, 2 hours ski-ing at Chill Factor


** Chief WITCH **
ooh, you think i should start conso already? even tho i haven't reached target yet?

i'd better get my dukan book out then- as i never read that far... :)
Love your pic!!
Oh is that you Curvy? You look fabulous! You're only 3lbs from goal too, well done Missus! x
thanks, to both of you! xx
200g down this morning

PV day today

b:170g sweetened FF natural yoghurt with dukan banana flavouring

l: three stuffed courgette halves

mid afternoon: tinned mackerel in spicy tomato sauce

d: 3 slices meatloaf, 300g cottage cheese

5 pieces SF gum
1.5 litre pepsi max

exercise: 1 hr body pump class
300g down today

PP day

b: 170g sweetened FF natural yoghurt with Hazelnut Dukan essence, 2 crunchy oatbran biscuits

late lunch: 2 tins mackerel in spicy tomato sauce

d: half panfried seabass

supper: other half of seabass (cold)

cup of tea
can diet coke
.5 litre pepsi max
4 pieces SF gum
packet bullox beef biltong

exercise: 2 hours roller skating

**not eaten much today as felt unwell (I fell whilst skating backwards, smacked my head hard and think i ended up with mild concussion)**
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how are you finding energy to do all this exercise!?!
Some days I find it difficult to do the usual stuff even, thank god I have the dogs to walk other wise I couldn't be able to do the walk even..
Seriously, were you always exercising or did you start with DD?
I've actually taken the exercise down a notch since starting Dukan! I was doing 3 runs a week (btwn 7km and 12km each time as training for a half marathon for charity) and gym classes in btwn.

I see daily exercise as the best anti - depressant. :)
My antidedepressant is my dogs :) and foster kittens nowadays, they are a joy to watch! I never did any type of regular exercise in my life, was thinking of starting the C25K when I first started the diet, but with the energy I have that plan destroyed itself:p.. Maybe with the extra carbs in conso I will feel better..
I should keep following your diary for inspiration!
i'm looking forward to conso for the weekly carb meal I can have as I plan to do a long early morning run the following day. There's no endorphin rush like the one I get after a 75 minute run.

I also can't wait for my weekly celebration meal - I believe there's no limitation to what type of food is allowed, only that no second helpings are to be had? I'm already planning to have a lamb garlic balti and chappatis and freeze half of it for the following weeks' celebration meal.. salivating at just the thought :D
100g down

PV today

b: 170g FF natural yoghurt sweetened with aspartame, 6 drops dukan hazelnut flavouring. 2 crunchy dukan biscuits

l: 2 tins mackerel in spicy tomato sauce

d: chicken liver goulash
(onions, garlic, chicken livers, tinned tomatoes, passata, 1 beef oxo cube)
1 x quarter roasted butternut squash

  • 1 small (sneaky) roast potato (whilst cooking roast dinner for Hubster and Daughter)
  • 4 pieces SF gum
  • litre pepsi max
exercise: 1hr high impact aerobics class
30 mins body pump

I will extremely surprised if I lose any weight in the morning - the BNS seemed so naughty!!

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