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Cutchibear's Countdown to being a Slim Bride 2012

Afternoon all!
After always doing WW in the past, decided I needed a change and wanted to get to grips with a whole new way of eating, in hope that I will find something that I can stick to long term!

It's always exciting the first few days of a new diet - checking out the website, learning all the info and getting tips from some of you pro's!

As it is all brand new for me, I'll welcome any advice and comments on my food menus when I post!

Day 1: Sunday 5th June 2011
Green Day

B - 2 weetabix (HexA), banana, semi skimmed milk (HexB)
L - baked potatos, baked beans, lettuce, cucumber, branston pickle (1 SYN)
S - 2 hobnob cookies (5 SYNS) and tea
D - pasta with roasted courgette, spinach and onion topped with passata.
S - cadbury mini roll (6 SYNS)

That leaves me with still a HexA and HexB so may have a slice of wholemeal or 2 ryvita with my pasta.

Am I right in thinking it is okay to only use one of your two HexA on green days?

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thanks vix - sorry only just seen your reply! that clarifies that for me then!
yes we get married 7th July, 13months to go! have you?

Day 2: Monday 6th June 2011
Green Day

B - 2 weetabix (1 HexB), banana and semi skimmed milk (1HexA)
S - orange and raspberries
L - leftover pasta with spinach, onion and courgette
S - 1 alpen light (1/2 HexB)
D - potatos, 1.5 cumberland sausages (13 SYNS) brocolli and carrots
S - 1 alpen light (1/2 HexB)

How's this looking? xx


Gold Member
Yeah 26th may so just over 11months got my dress and can be altered by 2 sizes so Im gonna try a steady loss of 1lb a week.

Food diary looking great nothing i can see your doing wrong xx
Hi just wanted to say good luck with the diet, food looks great, i also started a diary on here to try and help me get this weight off.
Have a nice day love Sue xxxx
thanks for your feedback ladies!
vix - we'll have to keep each other posted on the wedding diet progress!
sue - i'll try check out your thread too - what's it called?

Day 3: Tuesday 7th June
Green Day

B - weetabix (HexB), banana and semi skimmed milk (HexA)
S - apple
L - couscous, courgettes, pepper, lettuce, followed by chopped orange and fat free yoghurt
S - poss noodle mugshot - intrigued to try these!!
L - my fave - pasta with spinach, pepper, onion, courgette and passata sauce with 2 nimble (HexB) and crushed garlic on top.

Still used no syns so perhaps a few biscuits with a brew for supper!

Loving this so far! x


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Yeah great idea i weigh in tonight not that its going to be a good one but starting from scratch tomorrow
Your food diary is looking Fab xx
good luck vix - let me know how you do!
the mugshot was quite nice, but after all that savoury craved chocolate so had a tesco whip bar for 4 syns, think i will save my nimble bread allowance for supper with a brew instead and use a syn of light marg! xx
ah shucks Vix - but like you say, if you were expecting more that should be a relief!
go for it this week!
I'm even more motivated as last night we booked a weeks holiday to rhodes in just over 5 weeks time! i'm so excited as we had said we weren't going to go away with the wedding/honeymoon next yr, but we thought sod it, only young once!

Today's menu been a bit weird as been suffering with water infection and had big afternoon at work so not much appetite earlier.

Day 4: Wednesday 8th June
Green Day

B - missed
S - tesco mini whip bar (4 syns)
L - couscous with peppers, courgette and lettuce
D - homemade mini quiches with cheese (HexA), beans and two nimble (HexB) dollop of ketchup (1 syn)
S - 2 weetabix (HexB) with chopped banana and fat free yoghurt.

Mmmmmmm x


Gold Member
Sounds great defense got some motivation if Ur going away Im motivated too got loads of speed foods in today ive not taken money to work so i can't go to vending machine :) so focused Ur food diary is looking dab can't wait to see how u do on weigh in xx
Wi sunday - only thing that could get in the way is at work we have our big summer gala this weekend and I'll be working so it could be grab something when i can! However, am going to try be good and take some couscous with me, and try find chance to eat it!!
I have all green days - loving the amount i can eat - never use any syns and often only 1 HEB. Dont seem to need more and worry if I eat rubbsh I wont lose weight.

Maybe I should have the syns? x
Do you not crave anything 'synful'?! The way I see it, if I can enjoy a few syns and lose weight then fab, if my weight loss slows I can always cut back on the syns.
How long have u been doing SW?
Gosh I've had an awful night not slept a peek with this silly water infection, getting worse so a trip to docs today is needed...provided I can get an appt!!


Gold Member
Im going to have a green day today i love the choice on green there is so much to have a lots of speed foods :) i don't have cravings as such Im an emotional eater though if Im upset i just eat loads xx
Hiya - I did SW for a week at home and then decided to join on Monday so early days. I dont have loads to lose but have had food issues my whole life so really want to lose the stone as well as be kind to my body and look after it.

I may bet some Alpen light bars today so I feel I am having a varied diet!

Sally x

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