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Dale's Diary


starting over
Well, I have made it through the first week (weigh in tonight) and proved to myself I can actually do this - for seven days anyway... So, it feels like I have earned the right to start a diary, no matter what the scales say tonight.:p

I found some time on the weekend to look through my LL journey book and that got me reflecting on where I am and how I got here. Amazing how busy, busy, busy life can be and what a gift it can be to find time for self-reflection.

A couple of things jumped out at me that I really want to hold on to, to help me stay motivated and on track, so here goes:

1. The last time I was really happy with my weight was 15 years ago when after about four months of stringent dieting and manic exercising I reached 72kg (sorry, don't do lbs). 15 Years! How sad is that? :sigh:

2. And even sadder, I don't think it lasted very long before I was back on the see-saw of weight gain and weight loss and never being really happy in and with myself.
3. And all the time and energy I have wasted on and off ever since, worrying about what other people were thinking, and what I looked like, and what I could possibly wear.

4. And all the lovely clothes I couldn't or didn't wear because I wasn't brave enough, or they didn't have my size, or just because I was buying camouflage instead.

5. And all the things I didn't do at one time or another over the years because of weight/confidence issues - going out and swimming and dancing and working out at the gym and spa days - all the fun I missed.

Sooo, there it is and here I am. I'm not doing that and I'm not being that anymore - bring it on!:gimi:
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nutty me

onwards and downwards
Good luck with the weigh in dale. Im sure you are going to be pleased with your loss tonite.:D
Look forward to sharing your journey with you. x
Nutty x


is Magdalicious
Good luck Hun. First week is always the hardest one but the weight loss always more than makes up for it!

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Playing the Angel
Good Luck Dale

Sounds like you have really found your inspiration, and what a good thing to write out to look at int he future to remind yourself of why you are choosing to walk this road! Keep up the good work, the first week is always the hardest, so plain sailing from here now :)

Hope all goes well with your weigh in tonight. You are past the toughest part.


starting over
Thanks so much nutty, mags, Jez and gingette , really appreciate your comments and support. And I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I know, I know, the first week is exceptional and it will be a lot less next week, but I don't care!
I can't stop grinning.:wee:
wow - that's absolutely amazing - 12 pounds you go girl!!

nutty me

onwards and downwards

Well done Dale, what a fantastic loss and a great motivator for the coming week.

Onwards and downwards......

Nutty x


starting over
Just time for a quick post as its past my bedtime. I am well into week 2, at the end of day 10. So far, so okay, very few hunger pangs and my tum has finally settled down (thanks Pinkie) but I am really struggling with the packs. Finding it hard to get through 4 a day - not really sure exactly why but with the savoury ones its the taste, I am grimacing while typing just thinking about it. And not being a porridge eater I find that pretty hard to face, it takes me longer and longer every morning to get started. Today's porridge only finished around 12 (and half went in the bin).

On the plus side that probably helps the weight loss but I am a bit worried about nutrition and also that I might be tempted to eat something by rationalising that I'm not eating my full amounts of packs. Worry, worry, worry :( :( :(

Uni tomorrow from 9am to 9pm (never do an MBA especially part-time) and apart from the lunch time bar I haven't quite worked out how to get through the long day - and I've just realised I left my shaker at work. Grrrr. The more I think about this the more I get the feeling I am setting myself up to fail, or at least getting in my own way more than I should be. But its late and I'm too tired to think anymore. I'll have to get up a little earlier tomorrow and come up with a cunning plan. ZZzzzz
Dale i have been in the same boat for the last week.... i feel deprived and starving! i actually get excited about my one a day bar as thats the only exercise my jaw gets!!! but u gotta stick with it..... i force myelf to everyday. xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Dale... eating less cals a day does not help your weight loss hunny... what it might do is put your body into starvation mode, making it more likely to hold on to the cals and fat... reducing your weight loss... :(

I really only like 3 of the packs... so do sympathise! I have the same each day... Thai Chilli soup (made as a crispy popodom in the mocrowave... pm me if you don't know how to do this and I'll tell you), with a mug of bouillon. I always have a bar, as like them. And I have a choc shake, and a strawberry shake... both blended with loads of ice so they are like thick ice-cream smoothies... and that's my day.

I enjoy them all that way, and so don't mind the lack of variety. Occasionally I have chilli con carne... or I make the shakes into mousses, and crumble 1/2 a bar onto the bottom of the dish before they go in the fridge to set... makes a nice change...

But generally... that's it!

Just leave the porridge for a while... stick with the ones you like! I know a girl who has 3 choc shakes and a cranberry bar, every day!! Although don't think I could do that!! Lol... ;)

Stick with it hunny... Your tastes will change over time too... so the ones you're not so keen on at the moment, you may like in the future... I have found that anyway! :D



Tough But Sexy X
Hi Dale, day 10 for me today, I have had a tricky couple of days so know where you are coming from, the water is tasting metalic and my tummy is rumbling so much. Luckily my head is in the zone and i aint shifting it, determined! Its weird this week i feel like the weight loss will be really low and i have no reason to even think that way.

With regards to the some of the packs, the first week i had a couple that i didnt like, but decided that i had to give myself a fighting chance and so this week choose exactly what i like, when i go off them or get fed up I will deal with it then. You have had a fantastic loss so stick at it. x


starting over
Confession time: fallen off the wagon twice in two days. Where is my head?? Not majorly but enough to make me disappointed with myself and mentally kicking my own a*se up and down the stairs. Great to hear some common sense from you guys and I am back on track now. hic! (don't ask) :ashamed0005:

Going back to the drawing board in the morning to work out what I can and can't stand and plan my "food" order for next week which I solemnly commit to sticking with to the letter next week.

That's it for now, back after the weigh in on Monday when hopefully I will have redeemed myself...


starting over
Thanks Sunshine, I've been feeling a bit battered by the level of negative response to my post about drinking so nice to see a friendly message. Anyway, putting that behind me... :bolt:

Phew, made it through week 2 more or less and what a relief at WI today - another 2kgs/5lbs gone. :scale: Really feeling energised to get the next two weeks under my belt and a lot more confident with no risky social commitments to trip me up. Yay!

So, my mission for the next couple of weeks is to get moving. My new affirmation from group today:
"I will choose to exercise regularly" is hopefully going to help with this. I started getting off the train one station early a couple of times last week and this week need to continue that, plus x3 lunch time walks in the diary with Jenny. Plus my oh cleared out the spare room on Sunday so nothing stands between me and the wiifit now (Yay??)
Good for you Dale,
2kg off - that's fab.
Nice to see you re-motivated. Just remember to have ALL your packs. It's finely balanced to give you the nutrition you need, but there's not a lot left over to allow you to use too many calories with the exercising. Some people find it slows the weight loss a bit.
Make sure you drink all the water too.
Good luck for the next couple of weeks. xx
Well done Dale - another great result.

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