Damn! I've messed up!


Wants to do this!
:confused::confused:For 8 weeks solid I did all good and lost 35lb now I'm in week 9 and having fallen off with a big thump. Why I can't even begin to explain but this is bad!:(:(

:mad::mad::mad:I feel as though I need to begin week 1 again so not to loss sight of what I've lost already you know log it down somewhere but start week 1 again and work through to week 8. I don't even know if this makes sense!!:sigh::sigh::sigh:

:cry::cry:Can't understand why I slipped like this I eaten so much bread over the last few days I don't get it! I;m sure I'm out of the zone and have to go through those 3 days of getting it back. Hope all I've put on this week is 2lbs.:break_diet::break_diet:
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Wants to do this!
I've got to remind myself of what it says in my tracker about the train and success:)

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Good luck with getting back on track, we have all cheated if not on this diet then on some other diet or else we wouldn't have felt the need to resort to CD. Stay strong hun you can do it x


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Aww Hun, You'll be Okay, We All make Mistakes, Its just a matter of learning from them, than dwelling on them.
Its okay to have hiccups, no one is perfect.

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sorry that you have slipped off your track but you can get right back on there !!! ......... just remember that you can't change what you have already done BUT you can change your behaviour from right now....... you have done so brilliantly and should be very proud of yourself.....

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Life throws things at us, and sometimes we don't deal with them very well but you can do this, learn from your mistake, find out what the trigger was and start again.

We are all behind you supporting you all the way!


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dont panic all will be ok we all have bad days we are human x


Wants to do this!
Thank you everyone for your support, sometimes it's what you need when your own restraint isn't enough.


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don't panic! you have not undone the good work. I went loco about 4 weeks ago, it was difficult to get back on track, but I am losing again now. So hon, it will be all right honest! Just don't give up, keep on the plan.


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we've all fallen off the wagon, the important thing is don't give up just get back on track, you've done it once you can do it again,


Wants to do this!
Hi all, I am back on track now. I had my weigh in this week and didn't take nothing off, though I didn't put anything on either - so I stayed the same! Phew!!


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Put it behind you now. Don't think in terms of going back to week one. Just stick at it as if nothing happened. Good luck. You can do this.


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That's great Channy! A STS is better than you hoped for isn't it? If I had been in your position, I'd have been expecting a gain. But you didn't! Woohoo!

I'm new to this (only finishing up Day 3 now) so it is great to see someone who made some bad choices, came on here and got some support, has managed to get back on track, and hasn't had their fears come true.

Great job, and you are certainly added to my list of inspirational people on here :) Hugs! Cx