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Danger foods!

Hi! Not sure if I should be posting this here as it’s more of a GI diet thing than proper low carb, but here goes (I also wanted to have a little whinge…)

I bought some ‘Lizi’s treacle and pecan granola’ (the Diet Chef diet uses it for breakfast) on a whim as it was on special offer in Waitrose. I’m maintaining now so trying out different low GI foods – it’s high in carbs, don’t have the pack in front of me but think it’s something like 20g per serving, but as these are supposed to be ‘good carbs’ thought I’d give it a try.

Anyway, it tasted really nice, very nutty and not too sweet. I measured out 40g for my breakfast. No sugar spike and subsequent hunger, so all good, I thought.

But… it’s just too tempting to have lying around. Found myself mindlessly snacking on it late one night and just couldn’t stop...:mad: This is the behaviour that made me chub out in the first place! I was particularly p’d off because I haven’t done this for a few months now.

So it’s back to being creative with eggs for brekky.
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I think everyone has trigger foods.. im still hopeless with cake. Made a LC one a few weeks ago, divided it up into 6 portions and over the course of the evening ate the whole lot cos I just couldnt stop myself. It was loaded with poylols and I was v poorly so it served me right. Now if I make them the other portions go straight in the freezer for another day.
Its all psychological really I guess. xx


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I've often fancied trying that. I would like the combination of treacle and pecan. Yum.

I think I'd probably be tempted to dish it up in the washing up bowl though, rather than a tiny cereal bowl :D
Oh Rach, polytrots. Been there. Ouch. Yes, cereal, cake, bread, biscuits, all triggers, whether low carb/sugar free or not... and yes, it’s psychological , although there’s definitely a blood sugar thing about refined carbs that makes you lose all sense of when to stop.

KD, the granola is lovely – pecany, treacly, chewy... it just needs to come with a timed padlock that only dispenses 40g portions at 8am.

Em x


Gone fishing
KD, the granola is lovely – pecany, treacly, chewy... it just needs to come with a timed padlock that only dispenses 40g portions at 8am.

Em x
LOL. I do have a little 'invention' that might work for me if I'm happy to have them dry.

You know those big tubs of chewing gum? I found the label comes off really easily, and decided it would make a great dry cereal dispenser for toddlers when out shopping or in the car.

No padlock though :( And a bit small for me. Still..I might put my days rations of almonds in it :cool:
Oh yes, Cashews are my downfall every time! We bought a big tub at Christmas, just for everyone to share. I sat there one evening and ate the lot. :(
Pet food dispenser! Nice one!

Ohhh, I love cashews… also pistachios cos they take longer to eat

Seriously though, perhaps just dividing up cereal into portions and putting them in zip-lock bags would be enough to stop the naughty snacking fingers straying into the cereal box


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I'm struggling with the nuts and the pork scratchings at the moment.
I'm having a handful of nuts every time I go in the kitchen, once they're gone I won't buy anymore.
Yesterday I ate 2 large packets of scratchings :break_diet:
The almonds are OK Jaybar, if you must have a nut snack the almonds are the best and most legal.
Oh, I thought they were all the same. Thats good though because the almonds are my favorite.

Thanks Jim :)
hmm, of course you mustn't eat them by the pound though ;)
Oh yes Karen I could eat them by the bucket load love.
Argh. Before I started diet chef (which pre portions the granola) I could and would be snacking on everything from a whole big bag of almonds to whatever really. I'd be doing exactly that, going and having a handful. Then a bit later have another and another etc. Bad bad bad. My worst habit, it's not even so much about the food particularly as just a bad habit! Even all bran was good for snacking as far as I was concerned.
With the handfuls here and there, its funny how easily your mind manages to forget about them
You say - oh yes i only have 3 small healthy meals a day, i don't have any idea why i can't lose the weight but we all too easily forget about the handful of nuts, the quick slice of bread and butter, the packet of crisps and the mini sausage rolls which we snuck into our mouths each time we pass the kitchen :)


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