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dani's food diary /rc journey

d3 food diary /journey

hi ,doing the inch loss plan 4 amonth:eek:
d1& went ok 2 day been harder havent succumed yet!
doing ft for 2wks (1200cals per day
the food plans can be changed as all bf's =200cals,lunches=300 diner 400& power snax -50 &200 4 milk allowance
bf strawb muller yog &asmall banana
melon slices = power snax
lunch veg soup & 1slice wholegrain bread
dinner quick&easy chicken curry &basmati rice this was really nice Took my mind of craving choc italways happens at T.O M:eek:
&drank water
cu tomoz
for exercise Had awalk with my dog for an hr and did salsercise dvd lev1 4 20 mins :eating::character00148::4635:gud nite
day4 (11/3/10

started today off some of the mini aerobic ex on rc tv did 3 for about 20 mins +
then had b/f ayellow pot of o/j&a slice of toast with2tsp strawb jam cup cofee milk from daily allowance
lunch"2 quorn saus grilled,used my george forman (been in cupboard 4 ages
115g baked beans 1 dry fried egg1small can toms,&grilled mushrooms
power snax 1 kiwi&5 grapes
dinner had aww pizza 350 cals wiv mixed salad
cup coffee had 6 cups ,water 2 only thing since started rc been going 2 loo more often,withdrinking it
as didnt ave p snax mid morn as busy had aapple tonite
walked my dog this aft down river 4 an hr made most of the sunshine took my mind off food;),think put d3 on title actually d4 ,3 days 2 wi omg!:eek:,if carry on like iam should ave aloss thats ok:)
had afew days off work ,so been getting,more in the walking do wiv my dog so she motivates me to do it!
d5 12/3/10
bf specialk &ss milk from allowance =200 cals
ps =apear
lunch=salad,grated carrot,beansprouts,chopped peper,celery ,toms,cuc&red onion&120g tunain brine 1tbspextra lite mayo,rasp shape zero yoghurt
dinner=prawn stir fry,mushrooms&pepers,celeryred onions1small cougette,can beansprouts,soysauce
+a peach low fat yoghurt
had2 cups of coffee & 5 glasses water
exercise had my usual walk 2x30 mins &did the exercises 4 day in the ailp book 4 the day
d6 13/3/10
fruit&fibre cereal & milk from allowance,cup tea
planned rest of the meals as back at work &at w/end:sigh:
midmorn:1 ryvita spread thinly with phil cheese
lunch:broccoli& leek soup &1 granary roll
power snax to munch on while at work
10cherry toms ,&chunks carrot,cuc,peppers
dinner hard boiled egg salad,kiwi fruit,small
pear ,yoghurt
drinks coffee,water throughout day
going to do the daily exercises now then go for a15 min walk:chores016: cu tomoz:D
last day b4 wi tomoz?

cant believe ,1m aday 6 today wi tomoz:eek:
well been at work today again so its been planing aheaddo find doing adiary helps
no execising today as had long day but do alot of walking around ,next wk will put on the pedrometer got with my rc pots & tapes it came yest so tomorrow willdo the measurements should give xtra motivation;)

sunday 14th march
b/fast ,special k & ss milk from allowance
mid morn 1 brown ,crackerbread ,cottage cheese
coffee &milk from allowance
lunch:veg soup *granary roll
power snack:cherry toms,cuc,celery
cup coffee
also had 5 cups water
dinner quorn ,sweet&sour
cup tea
phew ,end of 1st wk hope ,have agood loss worked so hard must say feel so much better in myself ,not been easy at times with temptation around but stuck wiv it got 2 do this ,thanks for ur support
on this board its helped so much:):zz:good nite.
good luck for your weigh in today, hope you have a great result!
I also got round to doing my measurements yesterday, will leave it a couple of weeks before i get the tapemeasure out next!
Fingers will be crossed for you!
Frankie xx
thankyou frankie ,going to do the measuring later think 2wkly measuring is agood idea Iwas going todo it wkly

15thmarch wk2
mon: b/fast branflakes&small oj
apple (midmorn)
lunch tuna salad & low fat yog
ryvita &philly cheese (lowfat
dinner quorn stirfry &basmati rice
cups of coffee,water,milkfrom allowance

just had AWalk 4 xercise 2 day
will do asection on salcercise tomoz as back at work b4 work;)
day9&10 of a.i.l.p
yesterday long day at work did salcercise b4 going 20 mins going to try level2 tomoz as finding it easy &no moves awk in rc says to go up alevel when this happens
b weetabix& milk from all
cup coffee
m/morn pear
lunch chicken salad
aft: kiwi
dcheesy quorn bake
diet drinks,water through day
d/10 17th march tryed level2 this am
b/f shredded wheat
m/morm apple
lunchsweet pot/baked beans /side salad
dinner gammon steak&fat removed as dont like pork steaks ,newpots &skin on & mixed veggies
coffee to drink &water&adiet coke through day
xercise afterwork:chores016:for 40 mins
afew slices of melon as did nt ave a aft noon snax:cool:
2 entries together had acouple o f late shifts & didnt log on as sooo tired Yipeee w/end ofwork!!!
day11 (thurs
b/fast special k wiv milk from allowance:
cup coffee?water
lunch:turkey rashers toasted sarnies
mid aft/ 2 satsumas
dinner vegetable chilli/basamati rice
remainder of milk made milky cofee
drank water throughout day
no exercise today other than walking about at work which clocked up 12,000 steps as now put on the pedrometer on while at work walked my dog before work havent counted it as only bout 5 mins?
day 12
fri 19/3/10 woohoo its that fri feeelin'
b/f :quorn bacon stlye rashers ,bakedbeans,tomato,grilled mushrooms

mid morn:2 kiwi

lunch prawn wrap,&salad
mid aft mixed salad&f/f dressing

dinner:2 quorn sausages grilled & 1/2 pkt
ready made caulifower cheese nomore than 200 cals&5% fat & green beans

few coffee's 2 drink and 5 cups water
day 13/14
d .13 sat march 20th
special k milk from allowance
l: veg soup <granary bread roll
p,snack 2 satsumas
D:lean beef fill grilled &salad 1 tbsp mayo (Lf
ps 1 ryvita low fat soft cheese,5 cherry toms
out too night & no alchol:eek::sigh: settled for diet coke through day drank water &cofee's & milk from allowance

day14.sun 21st march:Dlast day of 12oo cals & no alchol:bliss:
b/fast tinned toms on 1slice wholegrain bread ,10 grilled mushrooms
cup cofee
P/S200g melon
lunch chicken 115g ,new pots mixed veggies
ps 1pear
dinner:salmon salad ,1 pear
drinks water ,coffee ,milk from allowance
so chuffed stuck wiv it for the 2wks wi no2 tomoz :)
mon 22nd march now on 1400 cals

bf :200g 2%fat greek yog mixed with 1 tsp runny honey
mid morning 1 paypaya
lunch salad & prawns mixed salad leaves
coriander ,chopped pepers,onion,celery,mushrooms,cuc,cherry toms&fresh fruits&lowfat dressing
dinnersteamed fish&carrots& broccolipeas
snack 100g cherries
dessert mullerlite vanilla yog
treat 1yellow pot of white wine
willdo todays later
for dinner
tues 23rd march
bf 2 quorn sausage 400g canned toms,griled mushrooms

snak apple /grapes
lunch mixed beans salad
wed 24 th march
b: 1small banana ,strawbs& vanilla lw fat yog
power snax ryvita low fat soft cheese
chicken sandwich & low fat mayo &salad
mid aft snax 115g(rasps&strawbs 50g
d: quorn stirfry&salad
dessert meringue nest 1tbsp greek yog&1tbsp blueberries
1bag ryvita mini sweet chilli flav

thurs 25th march :
morn snack chicken cuppa soup
lunch:sweet po &baked beans &side salad
m/aft snack a pear
d: salmon steak115g new pots in skins peas&broccolli could have had asparagus too but can't stand it!so had the broccoli instead
desert danone shape ff yog
2ww double choc chiup cookies really fancied more but didnt as would have been feeling guilty and spoiled all the hard work !
last day or 2 only walked must get back into rc salcercise dvd must do it tomoz as off work 4 2daysgood nite !
:confused:dont know what I was doing yest erday instead of adding on here did aseperate post4 fri& for exercising can I move them:sigh:
mouth still abit tender so finding it hard to eat been having liquids & soft things
sat 27th march
b did afruit smoothie
cken soup&lf yog
ps ww lemon & lime yog
d:bbscrambled egg used milk from allowance & drank remainder in drinks
jacket po ,only ate the pot ,bit disappointed aslike the skin & yes u get fibre from it
have aglass of wine or 2 later
did20 mins salcercise & had a 40 min walk wiv hub &:chores016:
:sigh:sun28th march,
felt so tired 2 day must be with ze clocks hr forward & early start as at work no exercising 2 day other than walking about at work
ok heres my diary
b: 1slice granary toast &tsp jam
lunch:chicken 113g ,newpots,green beans&carrots
as ww lime& lemon yog
prawns &salad lf dressing
milk allowance in drinks
now going to have abag of ryvita mins s&v:D
mon/tues 29-30th march

b: specialk & milk from all
mm: melon
L: CHICKEN SOUP& brown bread roll
ww lemon yog
mid aft snackajacks
d sweetpot ,quark cheese & bbeans
&side salad
strawbs& low fat yog

tues bf fruit smoothie
snack ryvita &quark cheese
L:chicken salad
snack yog
d ready laasagne less than 5% fat &side salad
having glass wine as treat had wi lost again:bliss::party0049:
wed 31st March,
this months gone so fast
bfast porridge & mixed berries,cup coffee also from milk allowance
mid am a banana(will do rest of diary later
just had a 4o min walk with!:chores016:
thurs &fri 1-2nd april
been away 4 acouple od days so not posted visited family 4easter back late last nite
thurs b porridge
milk from allowance
lunch tuna sandwiches
between lemon *lime yoghurt
had afew maltesers as family got these instead of eggs wiv me watching wght
afew glasses of wine
d spag bol out ??????

b toast & jam
lunch chicken sarnies
capocino ?
melon & grapes <few maltsers
d lasagne home made ?????
2 glasses wine spritiser???
few maltesers found it quite hard hopefully back on track when get home?

sat 3rd april back home and at work till sun bummer?????
one thing with packing up should stop temptation

first thing went for walk 30 mins
bf: porridge & fresh fruit
snack afew grapes
lunch new pots chicken & mixwd veg
dinner for at work 2 salad sandwiches ,yog & pear
will drink coffee &water while at work &ryvita minis for snax* carrot celery choped if peckish
4 th -6th of april sun -tues

with the bank hol & work not been online as much as should als o lasped abit with easter but still had aloss of 1.5 Ibs so not too bad con sidering back on track properly from today:sigh:
sun porridge for bfast
lunch roast chicken veg yorkshire pud don't know cals for them had 2:( roast spuds had 3 &gravy
inbetween had some easter egg could be worse had a 1/4 spilt through day usually would have gorged on it
nothing later other than fruit thinking of what cals had had sats&apple
while at work had the fruit with on lates &coffee not drunk enough water 2 day????
got2 try harder at work again 2 day!!!!
bfast2 x ww bread toasted & jam
snack melon
lunch egg salad
omg on the easter raffle won 2 easter eggs hoping not 2 win any thing
a kitkat& malteser 1
so at work shared out one had alittle bit myself wiv everyone &when get home going to give other away :eek:
hadalow fat cheese toastie at work wwyog and fruit for dinner
today tues ,have lost1.5 quite happy with abit off track 4 easter however could been worse no more slip ups this wk plz!!!
had bran flakes& small banana 4 bf
milk from allowance
snack pear
lunch jacket pot &b/beans
dinner quorn mince spag bol
just had supper had ww yog upped the water intake had rest of milk in coffees :)
at least stayed on track

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