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day 1...fine with tfr, but really miffed....


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i did ww and sw and u name it but nothing worked for me tfr is defo working for me and luckily i have alot of support from my family me being an all or nothing person its easy for me to do u get all the support u need from this site make good use of it and good luck stick to what u want to do u can and wil succeed x
I have only told my mum and one friend...its annoying people can be unsupportive of a VLCD ...best way is to lose the weight and say NER NER TOLD YOU SO lol xxxx good luck hun xx
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Hey Shona, I've kept it to myself, haven't told a soul in my family because they'd all be just waiting for me to fail! Not that they're horrible or anything, they're great but I know they're happier with a sister who is a little chubbier than they are x
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Hi Shona, just ignore them and be smug when you've lost all of the weight you need to.

I've had a few negative reactions as well, like yesterday a colleague said 'You'll just put all the weight straight back on again', I replied with 'Yes I'm going to lose 3 stone and then put 3 stone back on straight away' and gave my best evil stare.....he looked worried and walked away lol.

Good luck, you'll be great :)


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Just ignore them. Every person has their own way to do things, in this case lose weight.
Am sure if each of them wrote down what worked for them to stay healthy and what they did there would be a HUGE disparity between all of them. Not one would be the same.

Just do what you gotta do.



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thanks guys

i wouldnt have minded if they just disagreed, but im sure if id announced i had decided to have 3 sachets of cyanide the reaction would have been the same...lol

however im doing just fine, and despite the doubters im happier than ive been in ages as ive taken a positive step.

now its been at least 5 mins since i was in the loo....

sh xx
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pah, we'll be your supportive friends and family! x

(3 mins since I was in the loo) :)
Unsupportive friends and family members sucks!
I have a few like that. Luckily the rest of my friends and my immediate family are as supportive as can be. Plus being here helps a huge amount, nothing like getting support from people who are going through the same things as you are :D


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S: 20st11lb C: 19st2lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 1st9lb(7.9%)
Nibbea ~ Hilarious!!!!! You've given me a huge belly laugh re the 3 packets of cyanide!!!
Some people DO react like that though..you are right. X


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It took my mum about 3 weeks to accept me doing TS and stop trying to feed me every opportunity.
Luckily my friends accepted me as being mad a long time ago and have watched me do every diet under the sun (you name it, I've probably done it and failed), you'll get oodles of support on here and somewhere to vent! :)

Unsupportive f&f are a problem but remember who you're doing it for lovely x

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