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day 1 on ts..... i'm excited

Hi all, today is the first day on exante ts. I've previously lost 3 stone on slimming world but it's taking too long. I have ME/cfs so find it difficult to lose weight due to lack of exercise and want to be thin for my 30th birthday next summer!!
So far today I've had my first shake ( chocolate) and it was ok, a bit cardboardy but better than I expected. I'm trying to vary the drinks to ensure I get my water intake in so I've had coffee, peppermint tea, ice tea, sparkling water and good old tap water!!
I can't wait for weigh in next week!!!!! Just hope I can ignore the hunger for a few days
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Hi I'm starting today too. I previously lost 3 and a half stone a few years back with Lighterlife Lite and WW, and have managed to put it on in magnificient fashion and then another 3 and a half on top! I know what you mean about the shakes, but of a shock to the system as I used a old LL one for breakfast! I'm sticking to the old addage of " the more you go to the loo, the more you lose!". The hunger eases if you keep busy and stay hydrated. Maybe we can spurr eachother on.
Hi yeah would be fab to have someone to give me a kick when I need it! I've been overweight my whole life except for a brief spell in my teens when I lost weight with sw and then went to work in a fast food restaurant and put double back on!!!
I was diagnosed with me/cfs in dec last year and I gained about 2 stone in 2 months from no exercise and eating high calorie food to try and feel 'normal'. I've set myself a goal of 10 stone by my 30th in august 2012 so I've got a long way to go but for the first time ever I'm completely determined to finish what I've started.
I've been taking the frequent visits to the loo as a good sign. I'm trying to think that although it's killing my legs going up and down the stairs there is a bit more weight coming off.
I also recorded loads of episodes of the biggest loser over the weekend to watch today because my boyfriend is on a 12 hr shift and I thought watching other people lose weight would help stop me cheating and so far it seems to be working!!
Whats your weight loss target? Do you have a timescale in mind?
Im currently at my highest ever at 17.6 stone :( I've been overweight ever since I can remember bar the spell in final year uni when I did lighterlife. I moved away from my home town and started working shifts and the weight has piled on! I want to get down to 10 1/2 stone. I want to be there by Easter at best but I HAVE to be down that end of the scale if not lower for next September when I'm off on holiday with my boyfriends family. My weight gains has been down to bad eating habits, comfort eating, very little exercise and the desire to sleep when Im not working!
The frequent loo trips are irritating but I know its good so im chilling downing some work on the computer and housework with a pint of water/juice by my side at all times!! Im hoping to have a stone to a stone and a half off in the next two weeks as Im off hiking with my boyfriend in Scotland but have to go see family before I go and I can't stand my mum complaining about my weight again!!
I know what you mean about the family. I've recently lost 3 stone on sw and this has stopped the family nagging me too much because they can see how hard I'm trying but you can see them looking at me thinking 'you have so much further to go and I bet you give up by then'.
I've got my boyfriends birthday coming up in 3 weeks so would love to have lost a stone by then. Until I started dieting earlier this year he never said he was bothered by my putting weight on but in the last few months he has slowly let slip that he feels much better about me getting slimmer and healthier. It would be great to get to his birthday at the lowest weight he's ever known me.
Do you just drink the shakes or the bars and soups too? I ordered a box of choc shakes thinking they would be the flavour I like most but I'm curious about the bars and other shakes too after reading on here.
Good luck ditzen on ur first day,i'm on day 4 of week 1 and its going well so far,we seem to have around the same amount to lose so will be keeping an eye on ur losses...this s a fantastic place for support and advice...jen
I bought the chocolate shakes in a big batch and a couple of bars. Im going to introduce the bars next week same as I did with LL, especially as I cant stand the powder drink so I'm using a no added sugar squash. I get sick of family sometimes. I love them but its annoying. My parents lost huge amounts of weight on LL and go back on every now and again. But mums tiny now 9st and a slim size 10! My boyfriends fab, he's overweight and we had signed up to ww together but he loves to go out for food but its ALWAYS a pub!! Which for me= Weight Gain!, that and we always goes to his sisters at the weekend to see the kids which is always junk food and football on the tele although he's managed to lose 1.5 st on ww and looks fab. Me and my housemate joined the gym last week and im waiting for the all clear from the GP before I start again (brief period of illness) and I cant wait. I want to go back home at Xmas and look better than I do. If I can go home at around the 14st mark I'd be amazed!
Hi Jen, any advice is always welcome!
Thanks jen. I love minimins although I've never joined I've been reading posts on here for months then more recently for the inspiration to start exante. I can't get over the weight losses people have! How have you found the first 4 days? I'm hungry but able to ignore it so far it just feels a bit weird not to have to think about food if that makes sense??
Kartergirl - I know what you mean. Tbh my boyfriend is really supportive and was quite happy to eat some weird and wonderful sw concoctions but he's a real foody and I almost feel like I'm depriving him of eating how he wants. Luckily he's not got a sweet tooth but is a major carb junkie!!!! He was a builder until the recession hit and he went back to Uni and has always been really active and into stuff like hill walking which kept him slim. In his head if you're fat then just eat less and do more exercise which is true but he doesn't get it that it's not that simple for eveyone.
My family are all slim except my twin and my dad. I've given up on my dad because he won't watch what he eats and has decided a gastric band is his only option. My twin is meant to be doing exante with me but she has 2 v young kids and rubbish willpower so I think she may have cheated already! I've just been round to visit so her toddler could play with my dog (they are best friends!) and there was evidence of eating (can't give more details in case I get in trouble for mentioning the forbidden!).
I think she will get on it properly once I am the same size as her so she's not 'the biggest'!
So day 1 is over and I am completely overwhelmed that I finished it! It's been tough but not as bad as I had built it up to be in my head. I do feel pretty terrible but as I have me/cfs that's pretty much a daily occurence so I can't really blame it on the diet!
I've had 3 shakes and around 3 maybe 3.5 liters of water. I've been hungry all day but it's actually fascinating to discover how much I used to eat when the first niggles started rather than when proper hunger came on.
I had a moment of weakness with tv ads they seemed to all be for food so I left the room but I did manage to sit next to my boyfriend while he had dinner. He offered to stay in the kitchen bless him but I need to learn a 'normal' attitude to food so I stuck it out.
I know it's only day 1 but I am so proud of myself, it's only the first step on a long journey but I know now that I can do it!
Omg omg omg I had a quick look at the scales this morning and ............I've lost 5lbs!!!! I know that will be water because when I decided to do exante I came off sw and had 4 days of eating what I liked and gained about 6lbs just from the change in diet. This would normally take me well over a week to shift and here it's pretty much gone in a day!!!!
Even if I lose nothing else all week I am over the moon!
Wow thats good for just the first day! I'm onto my 4th now and I think its just about getting easier, the not eating that is! Good luck for the rest of the week and hope you have a fabulous weigh in!
FF :eek:
Thanks ff. Did you feel hungry for the first 4 days? I can't work out if I feel hungry or just empty if that makes sense?
good luck with the rest of your week, I hope you have a fab weigh in too

Well done on getting through day 1 and 5lbs is an excellent loss & it really helps to encourage you to stick with it.

I lost 6lbs in my first week and was quickly reminded by everyone at work that

'you do know most of that will be water - don't you'

Nothing like a bit of encouragement but to tell you the truth my reckoning is.... water or fat - my body still weighs less and that is what counts at the end of the day!

I also know what you mean by the 'empty' rather than 'hungry' feeling, but i am now on week 2 and it does get easier. Water is a great filler but does get a bit boring so I have started drinking vegetable boullion as recomended by many people on here for a savoury quick fix and it is also quite comforting on a cold day like today.

Keep up the good work, and as you have seen already - the results make it all worth while.
Thanks ilovecats. I was amazed this morning and it definitely has kept me motivated for today. My sister has a theory that whether it's water or fat that was your bodies weight so you still are smaller overall. I agree but know that the water would come back if I was to stop.
I've seen a few people talk about bouillion. Does it count towards your water intake? I've only ever used it as stock for cooking before but if it counts as water I think I'll definitely invest in some. A savoury hit drink would be awesome for winter!
Do you use any sweetner in tea/coffee? I've read that tablet is ok so I'm presuming powder isn't? I had my coffee this morning and it tasted really really sweet it made me feel a bit sick tbh. Powder would be easier to use so I can just put in less but if it's a no go I'll have to try and cut up my tablets?!
What day is your weigh in? 6lbs is fab for the first week. I just keep remembering how hard I had to work on sw to get 1-2 lbs a wk!!
Wow kartergirl was that 2 inches in a day??!!!!!! That's increible well done!

I couldn't do my measurements yesterday because I only had a baby size tape measure which wouldn't go round me lol! I'm considering if I can get up later using string or something and then I can measure that!

How are you doing today?
Hi Ditzen,

The boullion comes in 2 different types - regular and low salt version. I drink the regular one which is quite salty in flavour and on the pack it says it has 0.9g of sodium per 5g. I have not tried the low salt version, but may give it a try once i have finished the tub I already have, but I see no reason why it shouldn't count toward you daily fluid intake.

In fact I am sure I read somewhere (but please don't quote me) that the only drinks that you shouldn't count whether on a diet or not are alcoholic ones as they have a hugh diuretic effect on the body. Caffine has a similar but a far less dramatic effect and therefore many drinks like tea & coffee can be counted a part of daily fluid intake, as the amount of fluid consumed in the drink itself is far more that what could be lost through the effect of the caffine - so the drink itself would still have a hydrating effect - if that makes sense!

As far a sweetner in drinks is concerned, I am afraid I am probably not the best person to ask as I drink my tea & coffee black no sugar, but you could always try grinding up you sweetner tablets between 2 spoons (one on top of the other) - works a treat when I have to turn my cats medication into power to disguise it in her food! you never know you may not want them at all soon as many people on here have mentioned how much there tastes change when they have been on the diet a few weeks, and it sounds like your tastes are changing already if what you used to have is starting to taste too sweet.

Anyway I am waffling on and it probably doesn't make sense - i tend to type like i would talk - Oh and my weigh in day is on a Monday - but my husband hides the scales in the loft til the next weigh in - as I am a serial weigher!

Good luck on you journey and keep updating!

Hi ditzen and hello you guys out there.
I'm good today not drank much water today so I have a headache! So in off home now to drink my 3l in style!! Lol I was sooo chuffed! Hope it continues cos I have a dress that needs to fit on saturday! How are you today, other than over the moon. Can I ask what is bouillon and is it any good?
Hope everyone is doing well!!

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