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Day 3 and 3.5lb down. WOW!


Stubborn and doing it
Hello :D

I'm sure you'll love the DC food.

haha - Love your avatar.

Not sure what advice I can give, except to keep an eye on any extras you add on top of the two pieces of fruit and veg, if you add any extras at all.

Enjoy :D


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Howdee everyone.

Have come to join you :D. Been faffing around with WW for a bit and want something 'new'.

Got my DC stuff so heres to starting day one and sticking with it.

Any tips or advice thats important for a newbie ? thanks x
Same keep an eye on the extras, I journal everything little thing & it worked for me lost 3.5lb this week. The food is lush so you have no worries there.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. :D:D
Welcome along, pipe up with any specific queries you have and we'll do our best to help out.

V.jealous of you going to New York, I went last October and had a great time, even if most of the people are incredibly rude and surly lol
Hi everyone.

thanks for the warm welcome.

So far so good. (ok I know its only first day :D ).

Had the:-

Brekkie: treacle & pecan granola (yummy)
Small banana
Chilli oat thingies. (ok)
Lunch: Red pepper and goats cheese soup (yummy)
Tea: (will be) Mushroom strogonoff with some green veg.

Cant say that I feel hungry at all! Yes am fancying some choccie but would normally be after some anyway. :D:D

Looking forward to trying the strogonoff for tea!

All my stuff is going to be the veggie option. Anyone else doing that ?

Deb x

P.S Lochan... cant wait to go back to NY, have been once before for hubbys 50th and this time will get to see all the things we missed. NY is great. :)


Stubborn and doing it
Alas, I can't live without meat - I tried what with being a Buddhist but got really ill :( Even did a course at the Vegetarian Society to prepare but alas :(

Sounds like you are having a great day :D

Never been to NY - another place to add to my list of places to see.
Hm I don't mind cutting out meat once in a while but I don't think I could do it on DC, not enough options so I'd get kinda bored with it - good luck!

been a veggie a few years now, it all started when moved more to the country... and then couldnt bring myself to eat the lamb, cows etc that saw roaming round in the fields. Silly I know.

I do get really fed up with veggie food, I must admit and its so difficult when you go out to have a meal to find a 'decent' veggie meal. Most places are pretty rubbish and its usually always the same foods... veggie lasagne, veggie curry, some kind of high fat dish with loads of cheese!!! no real thought put into it.

Have been on the verge of eating meat or some fish at times, and perhaps one day will. :D

The mush strogonoff was nice, ended up having some mixed veg with it... cals 80. I did notice on the packet it said you could have rice with it but cant see that rice is mentioned in the book.:confused:

Found it quite filling. Just got to avoid the munchies later on tonight. :D

Deb x
Dietchef don't make the meals so the suggestions on the packets are by the food company rather than DC. I wouldn't worry about adding a small portion of rice or something here and there as long as you stick with your 1200 calories a day - go for brown where possible so you get more fibre and it's lower GI :)
I have just been browising the DC forum and can see some people on there do have rice instead of the veg.

Think it would be nice to have the rice instead with some of the meals. :D

Anyone use the DC forum ? its a little quiet on there.
Mn nah, looked a bit quiet to me, we have a good natter over here about this that and the other so more easygoing :)


Stubborn and doing it
I gave up on the DC forum - it was full of spam and spammers last time I glanced. And I don't bother with the blog either as it just seems an odd way to communicate when used to forum layouts.

Rice, etc. - I add brown stuff, but in small doses. You may find with being nearer your goal weight you may not lose as fast as you would like if you add rice - veg is probably more important so eat the veg as well. It's very individual so make it work for you even if you have to modify it slightly.


maintaining since June'09
I gave up on the DC forum as well. Unfortunately I don't think it's very well run and there was never anyone on there.

I don't think I could do DC as a vegetarian, not enough options as has already been said, but I hope you manage to sustain it Deb! Look forward to seeing how you get on :)
I am - so new here!... Started DC yesterday and looking for inspiration! I have around 5 stone to lose so will prob be around a while?? I need to find out how to get all the bits and bobs/avatar/pretty pics etc as have no idea - knowing me I missed it all in my haste to get on!! I have found it really helpful reading your posts.


maintaining since June'09
Hi bryal - have replied to you on another thread but regarding avatars etc. Have a look at the tutorials on the blue bar at the top - lots of info there!
Good to have you around!
hi everyone - just wondered if anyone knew the difference between diet chef and go lower? do go lower produce their own mealpacks? as go lower website states it puts you in to ketosis.


maintaining since June'09
Afraid I don't know about that one - have you tried searching this site for info?

Yes - if you type 'go lower' in the search box at the top of the page and check the minimins box - there are several threads discussing it.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for that Jan! I will look tomorrow as off to bed now - my little one has croup so prob in for a disturbed 2nd night! But so far so good with the diet. There seems to be lots of positive as well as neg stuff on the net about DC but it all looks ok and certainly tastes good, I am adding in fruit and veg not masses tho' and drinking lots of water...and then lots of trips to the loo all the time!!


maintaining since June'09
Ah .... that brings back memories ...... sitting in the bathroom in the middle of the night with the door closed and the shower running, my daughter wrapped in a towel breathing the steam to ease the croupy cough. There's probably a 'gadget' these days - I AM gong back more than 20 years!!

I hope the night is better than you're expecting.

Talk soon.


Stubborn and doing it
Kelfie - I've done both Go Lower and DC.

Go Lower food is exclusive to Go Lower, with the exception of the snack bars which you can get from Tesco and online at Avidlite. It doesn't have any potatoes and such like in it and the veg has to be low carb so no carrots, etc. If followed correctly, it does put you in ketosis in the first 7 days if not earlier. It's not mega-low on carbs, i.e. probably around 30-40 carbs a day. It's a hunter gatherer, natural food based diet.

DC - none of the food on DC is exclusive - it's sourced from various places and the dinners and soups can be found in your local supermarket. It works on calories and portion control and also pushes a more natural diet, i.e. no processed rubbish.

I think both are just as valid - I am going to switch to Go Lower once I finish this DC pack as I really fancy a change and I miss certain Go Lower foods. Disadvantage is that Go Lower does a scheme you sign up to whereas DC you can order as much or as little as you like when you like.

Hope everyone is having a good time on DC today :D And remember, it's nearly Friday - woohoo! :D

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