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Day by Day


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Well as the title of this thread says i'm going to start taking my diet day by day.

As some of you may have read i have been struggling and i really don't want to throw the towel in. so i thought i would start a day by day diary and post it on here for all to see if i'm naughty, you can all then kick me into gear if i'm falling off the wagon. all punishment gratefully received :8855:

I'm not going to worry about what i did last week. i'm going to concentrate on the future of my health.

I'm about to wi this week and i cant say i'm feeling happy to see those scales, i know its going to be bad because i had a sneaky peak once or twice through the week.

So here goes to my new day by day diet :D
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Sorry to hear about your gain Sass.

The benefit is your now starting a new week from this morning so can concentrate on getting those 2lbs back off and getting yourself back on track!

Im trying to get through day 1 on slimfast, ive already had a Shake & a bar this morning, and i feel like i need to eat something though i recognise it as emotional eating as im tired and missing Scott (Poogatch)

Im about all morning so if you want to chat and help eachother get through the day please do! i have no willpower :(


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So far so good today.

Morning Shake - Late today due to housework so had it at about 11ish

Snack - WW caramel bar ( yum yum )

Afternoon - Smoothie at about 4ish

Snack - Snack a jacks and some grapes

Evening Meal - ww chicken curry

Water - Starting with a 1.5ltr bottle.Now on 2nd 1.5ltr.

Kids tried to feed me cheese whilst they was making lunch but i resisted :faint2:

I'm going to award myself a rainbow for good days and those times when i make a choice to be good and stay away from bad foods .

:rainbow: - Not having that piece of cheese
:rainbow: - Not having McDonalds with kids & OH :D
:rainbow: - 100% day
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Hiya starbucks101,

Hope your still going strong, once you have got through the first few days you will be fine. I found that when i first started i wasn't satisfied by the shakes but as time went on i was feeling more full after them. Its also good that you have recognised that you want to comfort eat, which means you can start to control that.

My problem at the moment is i just want to eat normal food but there is no eating the right things for me when it comes to food. I love my rich foods and these tend to be very calorific so the shakes are great in that sense. I'm also finding at the moment that making the shakes seems like a chore so i might have to go and get some ready made ones. Its just so important that i stay on the right track as i have so much to lose. Last week i was so happy because i got into the 17st bracket and now due to my bad week i'm into the 18's again :cry::cry: but like i said i'm not going to dwell on that to much and if i'm good then i can be back into the 17's next week.

We can get through today im sure. :gen126:



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Hey Sass - sorry to hear you're struggling & about the gain, but i'm sure you'll get that off in no time!
Hopefully keeping a daily diary will keep you a bit more focused. *big hugs*


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:wavey: Rayven,

Thanks for your kind words. I hope to be able to get rid of that blasted 2lbs this week :) & thanks for ur hugs, made me feel better.


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Hey Sass - Good to see you're having a good day so far! Well done you! You can easily lose 2lbs each week if you stick with it. Just remember to have all your snacks and bars and keep up with the water intake. I find diet coke helps me feel full if i have a can with a bar or after a shake.
Hope you're feeling a bit more positive.


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April 10th

Morning - Smoothie @ 10am

Snack - Grapes

Afternoon - Smoothie @ 1pm

Snack - snack a jacks

Evening Meal - WW spring onion mash, fish, veg and gravy + mullerlight yoghurt for after

Snack - WW caramel bar

Water - 3ltrs

:rainbow: - 100% day :D
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I think you are doing great, and a 2lb gain could be anything and not necassarily a big issue.

Just keep going and I am sure you will loose.
Good luck


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Thanks Jazzyy :)

Well its 1.17 now and i have not long had my smoothie but its a cold, wet day and i would love nothing more than to curl up with some munch and watch a film with the kids but i'm going to stay right here till i'm not thinking about straying, then i'm going to do some bits around the house, that should keep my mind occupied. Cant stop thinking about dinner already lol

hmmm what to have : ww shepherds pie with veg or ww spring onion mash with some fresh fish and veg or tuna salad, decisions, decisions :confused::confused::confused: thing is it all sounds so yummy i want it all lol
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Afternoon all :) Well im not to sure how i did yesterday but i had

Brekkie: Vanila Shake & a snack bar (i was starving to had it then instead of later in the morning)

Lunch: Tesco healthy living sup of soup (48 cals) and also :( one chip i pinched from my lil sis and a teeny weeny bit of fish (bout 50p size) << really disapointed with myself!)

Afternoon: 6 prawn cocktail pringles driving home at 5pmish as i was starving & feeling really shakey and nearly an hour from home.

Tea time: Big plate of cucumber, cabbage and lettece, 120gms of chicken and some super low fat ceasar salad dressing with a table spoon of cottage cheese.

So far today ive had a shake & a peanut snack bar :) So its not horrendous but we shall see :)


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
6 prawn cocktail pringles driving home at 5pmish as i was starving & feeling really shakey and nearly an hour from home.
I make sure i keep a few snacks in the glove box of the car just in case i feel the need to eat something - it saves you from eating something naughty.
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Went out for a meal for lunch and ended up having a Jackets potato with sausage and beans & a salad garnish with a sweet mustard & dill dressing, (managed to resist putting butter on the potato!)

No idea how many cals it was ive calculated approx 610 that was adding between 20 - 50 cals on the seperate ingredients because i wasnt entirely sure on portion size,and exactly what brand of sausages they are!

Probably avoid anymore shakes or snacks today as ive gone over on the lunch slightly! Definatly worth being a bit peckish tonight though!
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Hi guys

Just thought I'd chip in - oops, er ... contribute!

OK, so yesterday was Good Friday and my parents sent me a cheque to go out for a meal instead of an Easter Egg, and I was invited to join a friend at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant.

For those of you who are still reading and haven't picked up and hurled the computer against the opposite wall ...

On any other day of the week I've developed a strategy that helps me a lot and I think it might help you too.

First and most important is to love yourself. Now I'm not a tree hugger (or a "yogurt knitter" I think is the modern term) - but do just think about this for a second. Think of all the things you say to yourself throughout the day. Would you let anyone talk to you like that? Would you talk to anyone else like that? So if it's not acceptable for anyone else, why is it OK for you? Think about the love you have for a puppy to discover how much you're capable of loving, then start doing the same for yourself.

OK, so with this attitude of kindness, it's time to stop with the "you can't"/"you're not allowed"/"you're too fat to have" comments. Plan when you're likely to have your meals and snacks and then stick to it. When you've just had a meal and already ready for a snack, just lovingly tell yourself "Of course you may, just not yet" or "in a couple of hours" or "in 90 minutes" or however long it is. Then get on with something else. If it doesn't work with you telling yourself, imagine someone you respect telling you: that's someone who would want you to succeed, not just give in to you, by the way!

Well, it barely sounds like me to read the above, but I guess it's what I'm saying.

For reference, my meals are at or after (and it's amazing how when the time actually comes, it's easy to wait a bit longer until the urge takes you!):

7am Breakfast
10am Morning Snack
1pm Lunch
4pm Afternoon Snack
7pm Dinner
10pm Dessert - I quite often leave until 10pm, but it's fine to have straight after dinner.

I leave it because, even with all the above, my mind starts playing tricks on me when I've eaten everything for that day. "You can't have anything until tomorrow" / "You've eaten all there is" / "That's it now" / "You can't have anything else" etc. Saving just ONE thing is enough to combat all of this, so I often have my Müllerlight yogurt later, instead of straight away after dinner.

One final thing: out of curiosity I looked at the calories in a typical Easter Egg. If you don't know, are you ever going to be surprised! For instance, a Cadbury's Wispa HALF egg contains 520 kcals. So with the 3 Wipsas that come with it, it's a colosal total of 1,620 kcals! Galaxy Minstrels is roughly the same total, but Mars are quite coy about admitting just how bad they are for you and print the calories "per 40g portion": the egg is 119g and the 2 bags of Minstrels inside are 115g each - so around the box contains around 1,900 kcals! DON'T DO IT!


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Morning all

Sounds like some good advice there colinT, thanks for you post. I'm going to stay away from those nasty eggs this year. I had a sneaky wi this morning and from the looks of things this morning i'm back into the 17st bracket :) lets hope it stays that way by thursday ( though i wouldn't mind it moving down more ).I'm now very motivated to be strong this easter and say NO to those nasty eggs which as colinT pointed out are soooo full of calories, I have a nice ww caramel bar saved for sunday instead :)

:wavey: starbucks101, hope things are going well for you.

April 11th

Morning - Vanilla shake @ 11

Snack - Grapes

Afternoon - Vanilla Shake

Snack - SF Sour Cream and Chive Pretzels

Evening Meal - Pasta, tin tuna, sweetcorn and some light mayo & tomato's. Medium banana for afters

Snack - Boots shapers crisps

Water - on my first 1.5ltr so far. Now on 2nd l.5ltr at 6.30pm

:rainbow: - 100% day :D
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Not doing to badly, although i am famished today after not eating since dinner time yesterday! Had a sf snack bar this morning, but no shakes yet i havent got the right milk to make myself a shake!

might buy myself some low fat-low cal treats today for easter tomorrow and try to avoid the easter eggs! Though i imagine scott will tell me off if i eat any choc!

Im going out for a meal tomorrow afternoon so need to think about whats going to be around 600 cals! hopefully they will do some salads, Where is everyone getting their meal ideas from?
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Since I live on my own, the idea of cooking and NOT nibbling AND keeping to a decent portion AND NOT having seconds etc etc etc - well, it's just out there!

SlimFast set the evening meal at 600 kcals (800 for men) and low fat: that means about 3.3 grams of fat per 100 kcals - or 20g IF your evening meal has 600 kcals.

NERD NOTE: The maths behind this is 30% of calories should come from fat.
1g = 9 kcals so 3 1/3 g = 30 kcals, meaning
3 1/3 g fat (30 kcals) per 100 kcals = 30%

For me, I'm snacking on fruit or SlimFast snacks at the moment, but looking around at what else might be 100 kcals (and 3.3g fat) or less. For dessert in the evening it's usually a Müllerlight yogurt (currently 4 for £1 in Asda - or 4 for £2 in Tesco (you read it right!)). For evening meals, it's a readymeal (or two) that fits the crietera above, with some frozen veg (if only one meal). This is WAY satisfying.

Asda frozen readymeals are 5 for £4 and generally in the region 400 kcals each. Their Good for You range is included in the offer, but some of the standard meals are also low enough in calories and fat.

Good luck everyone!


kcals ... max g fat
100 ......... 3.3
150 ......... 5.0
200 ......... 6.7
250 ......... 8.3
300 ....... 10.0
350 ....... 11.7
400 ....... 13.3
450 ....... 15.0
500 ....... 16.7
550 ....... 18.3
600 ....... 20.0
650 ....... 21.7
700 ....... 23.3
750 ....... 25.0
800 ....... 26.7


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Well today is easter and im still going to have a 100% day.im going to stay away from those nasty eggs and should i need chocolate i have a yum yum ww caramel bar. Feeling very good this morning and postive so im hoping i will win today :)

April 12 th

Morning - Vanilla Shake @ 10ish

Snack - SF pretzels

Afternoon - Vanilla Shake @ 3ish

Snack - small bit of sons choc ( not even 100cals worth )

Evening Meal - Roast Chicken, Veg, WW Mash & gravy

Snack -

Water - on my first 1.5ltr so far.
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