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Dew Drop Inn!! Hour x Hour, Day x Day...

Morning peeps!!!

At a great suggestion by Hannah, lets swap the daily hour x hours, to an ongoing hour x hour, day x day!! I understand thats easier with phone apps. :)

Kind of a :what are you up to today" kind of thread. Just for popping in and out of when you want a quick post, laugh, tear, whatever.

Lets see how long we can make the thread! There is thread like this on another forum I go to that has been continusoulsy going since 2002 and has nearly 50,000 posts!!!!

So - we better get going!!! :D

Have a good day everyone!

Drink that water!!! :)

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Just enjoying my second coffee of the morning and procrastinating. I will get myself moving in a wee while and shower. Already walked the dog.

A day of computer training with my boss today. Deep joy! My reward when I get home will either be a soak in the bath or a relax in front of the telly with a good film.

Going to take my fizzy water with me, god bless soda stream saves me a fortune and tastes fresher. Have a good one peeps x
Have great day everyone - feel under pressure to post.

I'm off to visit a friend overnight but will take my phone, emergency bars and shred DVD with me!!

Got to stay in the zone. ;)

hahaha Hannah - yes, you are now required to have 2.3 posts per day! :D ;)

No pressure - never pressure here!!! I just wanted to give credit where credit was due cause it was a great idea! :)

Well, I got to cycle in to work twice today - was riding at a good clip this morning ('cause there was no wind!)and could hear everything in my basket jingling - but failed to notice that when I hit a bump my lock jumped out - so got all the way to work before I discovered it - so - now short on time had to hoof it back the way I came till I found it. Found it about half way back. So! That is me exercise done for the morning!!!

However, - and I am saying it out loud, so I have to do it now- I am doing 60 crunches again tonight and more stretching exercises. Then thats me done. :) Baby steps. :D
have a good one!!
Hi all. Still enjoying all your posts its got me feeling all cosy and supported ready to start on Saturday!! Currently on the train home listening to my favourite band who I am going to see in November, already deciding what smaller clothes to wear!!! Hope your all having a fab day and the sun is shining for you too!! Xx


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Sensible move lovely x

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BL I was listening to Friendly Fires. Good idea going to bed, I think that will be my coping mechanism to begin with and lets be honest, who doesn't love their bed?? xx


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I love my bed more than blinking ! :)

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lol more than blinking, i actually laughed very loudly. I prefer my bed to food - that says a HUGE amount!! night night BL xx
lol funny girls! :D

It was a good idea! Night time is that hardest for me. I can't wait till I am well and truly deep in Ketoisi and I can save all my packs for night. I used to have my first pack at 6pm! Worked great for me- but not there yet!!

Hope everyone has a good day ahead!! :)



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Tough day ahead. But as Gloria says " I will survive". Hell week this week as my boss is back off leave. Had our first run in on her first day back. Deep joy lol

Get through today then a few days off to settle my head :)

Have a good one people x
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr - so sSO busy at work - that I did not have a drop of water, or coffee from the time I arrived, untill just now!!!!

Me thinks I need to book a couple of days off. This is no fun! And life is too short.

MAN I wish I could retire!!!! I was SO not built for work. :D
Hey everyone! Man - whadda day!

Lou - I walked in the morning and the very first thing i did was book off 2 days next week. So will have a nice 4 day weekend. I have to take a break or I will pay for it with neck pain -s o it was in order. Cant wait.

We got a new system in work back in March. It has been a HUGE dabacle. They were pushed in to a corner and we went live when it was only about 45% complete - expected to do business and provide our services as normal. Then both project managers - ours and the IT Companies left within a week of going live - it is stupid. Our backlog has been insane. That was early March. Its now Mid JULY, and its STILL not right or complete. Its a joke! Its now on the verge of implosion-burn out is setting in amongs people - frustration at an all time high - its pretty awful. It is so bad I would hand in my notice but I want this to be my last job in the UK. I dont want to go through all the new starter BS if I am moving back home in the next year or two -its not worth it. BUT - saying that - if it doesnt improve, I may start looking. Which is a shame, because I actually love my job - but I am still dealing with some things that are tough - the added stress can be too much if I am not careful.

It is probably part of why I fell so badly off the wagon in the very last stages of my lapses.

Hey ho.

Blah blah blah. lol :D

Having a chill out now with my OH and my doggy. Lovely. ahhhhhh.


Surgically happy.
Relaxing at my mum's house, waiting for it to be time to go for my week 5 weigh in. Assuming no random weight gain today, I should lose a little over 4lbs, which is better than last week. Will have to listen to all the blokes whinging about only losing 5lbs ( they all average 6 or 7 and when it goes below, they whinge, even though I lose less than them every week).

I'm struggling day to day - it's a continuous battle to stay on this. I'm determined to get another 5 weeks done but doing it week to week.


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Blonde Logic ... loving your post in all it's awfulness. Can relate to it soo much with what I am facing in work lol You can survive this. Let as much as you can pass over your head not easy I know. I see a life coach woman that helps me sort my work issues out she is great. Puts my head back together lol

I love my job also, but circumstances make it untenable. No longer prepared to put up with the stress.

Andy hope your head is in a better place mate. This to will pass.

My day today has been trully awful. Run in with my boss, which made me feel small and angry. REinforced time to move on which is good. Weigh in and fresh start tomorrow. Siezing the day xx

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