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Diary of a post pregnancy brain x

Ive decided to write this as a way to follow and watch what my daily intake and activity is and even my thoughts and falls along the way x

Since having my 2nd Child 10 weeks ago my brains as turned into what can only be described as mush and can just about remember my date of birth when asked at the doctors without giving them either my other halves or one of the childrens but god help me if anyone was to ask what i had to eat on Monday id be totally lossed. Im hoping in recording it this will help me to find any faults or downfalls i have x

So here goes:


Breakfast: Bowl of Honey Nut Cornflakes with Semi Skimmed Milk

Dinner: Low Fat Mullar Rice, Banana and Handful of Strawberries

Tea: WW Chicken Curry and Rice, with Handful of oven chips and 2 small poppadoms

8 Pints of water
1 cup of tea/2 sugars

Exercise: 1 hour on wii fit
20 Min on just dance (even moved my legs this time normally just stand waving arms around lol)

Anyway on for day 2 xx
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Anyway Day 2 x

Feeling very full of energy today even woke at 6 am with other half before he went to work, fed the baby and contemplated getting up and doing the wii, that was till i sat back on the bed rocking baby in his basket and i fell back to sleep lol x

I did manage to do the wii later on though once i fully woke x

Breakfast: Bowl of Honey Nut and Semi Skimmed Milk

Dinner: 2 Slices of crusty bread with poppy seeds on and a banana

Tea: Homemade subway like buttie with grilled steak and salad and low fat honey and mustard dressing

so far 7 paints of water
1 cup of tea

Exercise: 1 hour 10 min on wii xx
Day 3 x

Other halves first day of work and arguments already kicked in both tired him with work and me with baby and son being off school. With the weekly shop to do too, mmmm all set for disaster lol x

Anyway meals went as following:

Breakfast: Bowl Honey Nut Cornflakes with Semi Skimmed milk

Dinner: Roast Chicken on wholemeal bread

Tea: WW chicken casserole with small portion on homemade egg rice rice made with teaspoon olive oil

Snack: 3 Wholemeal crispbreads with butter

6 pints of water

Exercise: 43min on Wii fit before coming off to calm down the house...

Got a feeling now other half is off work for 4 days im not going to get much exercise done,

Just been looking at a nice bikini for next years hopeful holiday and hopeful that i might get to wear one without looking like something that came out of a horror movie x
Day 4 xx
Have had such a hetic day that i havent really done much exercise but i did spend time with the toilet as company, thinking it might be the eggs yesterday in the rice as someone told me to avoid eggs so might have to see if it was x

Breakfast: Bowl Honey Nuts and Semi Skimmed Milk

Dinner: Roast chicken with crust on white bread (was at mums)

Tea: WW Lasanga and garlic bread

Snack: 3 Rich tea biscuits with a cup of tea

5 pints of water

20 min on wii xx

Maybe better tomorrow xx
Egg is over the Xen limits, particularly the yolk so I've not dared to try it yet, it's worth trying ( when you're at home in case their are consequences) all the things others find dodgy. I'm ok with tuna, have yet to try eggs & salmon.
Eggs might be the culprit then for my meetings with the toilet x glad was spending most of the day at home, thanks to the lovely raining weather, first time im glad it was raining else we would have gone out for the day lol x


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Your food looks good, make sure you're eating enough though, you could have a better breakfast, by changing the cereal to a gi cereal, so porridge or bran flakes and then a piece of wholemeal toast :)
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Thanks for the suggestion will start porridge tomorrow. (or should i say today as its 01:43) not even up doing anything fun just decorating while kids are sleeping..

Today's intake

Breakfast: Honey Nut Cornflakes and skimmed milk

Dinner: Spicy Cheese and ham toasty (mmmmmm lol) banana and pear.

Tea: Low fat pasta n sauce (did have a ww meal planned till i was carrying it and fell over the cat)

7 Pints of water
1 cup of tea

Snacks : 5 chunky chips at a playgroup with the kids

Exercise: not today havent stopped and not had time x will make up for it x
Didnt have time to post yesterday so doing it now before i forget what i had and before i go shopping :sigh:

Yesterday was a bit of a rush day due to mounds of ironing, 2 kids to entertain, decorating and people coming so didnt find the time to fit in any form of exercise :(

Breakfast: bowl of porridge made with semi skimmed milk

Dinner: Roast chicken with mustard (god knows just wanted a little) on wholemeal bread

Tea: Hot and Spicy chicken fillets with savoury rice and a small (the size of my 6year olds fist) jacket potato.

7 Pints of water
1 cup of tea

No exercise so going to try and make up for it today x

Stomach little tender today, its still T.O.M for me been on for 4 weeks now but first since having little one so didnt expect anything less x sorry TMI x

Ordered a lovely maxi dress for next summer, one i would never ever have wore now stripped very nice x fingers crossed i get to wear it lol x