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Diary Of A Yummy Mummy Wannabe!!


Well Im a 22 year old mummy of three beautiful boys!
I have been with my man for 6 years!! We are madly in love yeah soppy i know!!!
We had our first baby on the 3rd of november 2007 after the heartache of losing my first baby on August 5th 2006! Zak was born and he is my life! I of course put a bit of weight on!
But then i had Charlie 10 months later on 19th September 2008! yeah im a glutton for punishment!!
I put at least 3 stone on with charlie through grabbin quick meals ie take awyas etc!
I then fell pregnant last august and had another boy Harry on may 15th 2010!
So im now 22 3 kids and 220lbs!!!
So miserable!
So now im going to do something about it!
Im now on xenical and hope this will help me onto the straight and narrow!!

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Todays diary!

Clusters cereal and semi skimmed milk!
glass of water!

Weight watchers tomato soup
Glass of water!

Weightwatchers Lasagne
glass of water!

1 x weight watcher cookie!

Think Im doing well!!!
cant actually believe how well i managed to do yesterday. I ate 3 meals for the first time in YEARS!!!! feelin better already! xx
Hi Kirsti! Looks like you've got off to a great start! I only started the diet last week so this is new for me too. Let's hope we do aswell as some of the other ladies on this board. xx
welcome!!! you have a lot on your hands looking after 3 little ones!!!!

i hope you do well and you become that yummy mummy!!

i started off with about 13lbs more (i think...) than you are now... and ive done almost 60lbs... and im not usually one that sticks to anything...
this site however i have stuck to like glue.. its been everything i could have asked for... so stick around, keep posting and you will make some fab friends along the way!!!!
Well today!
2 slices of toast with low fat butter!
Glass of water!

Weight watchers soup
glass of water

Tesco lighter choices (ace by the way!!!) sweet and sour
glass of water

weight watchers cookies x2
Weight watchers hula hoops!
so far so good!!!!!!!!!
Well day three! feeling grand still!
thought id share my motivation with you

My boys left to right Zak Harry Charlie :)


Violet is shrinking
Hi kirsti...mail coming your way!.....your boys are gorgeous!!! :D

i'll add some pics soon :)
oh your boys are cute!!!
they are all the motivation i would need...
well today

2 x slices toast with low fat spread


chicken tikka w/w ACE!!


4 x pints of water!!

some exercise on the wii tonight to! xx
Yes I love the we tikka... def my fave...
feeling very disheartned :(
but eating today
bowl of clusters with milk
slice of toast

just had a tin of w/w soup

still hungry! haha

drank 6 pints water!
on the plus side playing on the wii last night it told me i had lost 1lb since playin the night before! ha! hope it tells me that again tonight! xxxx
Well not updated as been on holidays!! tried to stick to diet as much as! but left tablets at home! stupid me!! so wil update alter! xx
when is your weigh day love?

how was your hols? what you get up to? (dont want to know everything LOL)

good luck getting back into the swing of things. i know all to well about that!
Today is weigh in! lost 6lb! so impressed!! We went to Thomas land at drayton manor? FANTASTIC! it was my little boys 2nd birthday yesterday! so had a bad day hehe! but i will be better this week!! xx
well today ive had

2 x slice of toast!

eat smart morrisons sandwhich

tescos lighter choice sweet n sour!


2 cookies
1 bowl of cereal
light crisp!
hey hun, hows it going
i could have sworn i wrote a congrats about your loss.. (it was on my phone...) but its not come up!
oh well

COngrats. (better late than never!!)

keep going you know you can do it!