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Didi's Dukan Diary Days

How many of you have reached goal and needed to loose...

  • less than 25 pounds

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • more than 25 pounds but less than 50

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • more than 50 pounds but less than 100

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • more than 100

    Votes: 1 20.0%

  • Total voters

Didi M

Full Member
Hello.:wave_cry: I am starting today. It has been quite eventful and I have felt the energy plunge then rejuvenate with a bite of cottage cheese or a slice of ham.
I guess what scares me is a did Atkins many moons ago.
Oat Bran and low fat dairy have carbs. Albeit they are not "sugar carbs", nonetheless they are carbs. :eek:
Need to buy the Kindle edition of the book. :D
I am studying to take the NYS bar in a few weeks and despite my weight really love exercising.
Like many I have read about I have been told weight loss wasn't possible with my thyroid being so severe. I simply do not believe that.
I am glad to be here. Thanks for all the sharing.
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Didi M

Full Member

Think I am getting the hang of this.

Didi M

Full Member
Good morning Dukanians!
Well, I must have done it right because I lost 2.2 pounds in day one! Now I am sure that despite the daily fluid pill I take, it is probably all water but truly I don't care. I needed that boost BADLY!!!!!
When I was on the elliptical yesterday I kept thinking I would give it a shot and hope to see results in the next few weeks. I even weighed myself before bed and nothing. Here we go again I thought. I almost didn't weigh at all this morning, pre-defeated. But, I did weigh in. And man on man I am so psyched. It is truly unbelievable what just a little boost can do for you, isn't it?
I have never done this "out loud" so to speak. I must admit that I am a little nervous about it. I feel really put out "there". It's not that I am a person who is not used to attention, but as a lawyer I usually have more control over the "slant" to which that attention is gained, so to speak.
Here, things are so raw and open and quite frankly - it is what it is. So, that loss of control is very unnerving really. But, we all have to step out there sometime, right?
I will buy the Kindle book today so I don't mess this thing up. I wanted to avoid it for a while because I am studying for the bar in NYS and didn't want to get caught up reading something else not directly productive to my 2 day exam. So, I was going to follow the basic guidelines and then after the bar - indulge in the book. However, I don't want to mess anything up! (I am originally from TEXAS. Yeehaw! I love Texas. I am beginning to love NY too.)
Best of luck to you all today and congrats to all your successes as well!
I added myself to the Century Club bc I have over 100 to lose. Should the banner on my profile be up now or is that only for after I meet goal? Please inform me so I may remove it if I should.
Thanks! DDM


Silver Member
Hi, welcome. I love both NY and Texas, so jealous on both accounts. I used to live in New Mexico, Holloman AFB to be precise. Miss it although been back in the UK for 20 years :D NYC is my favourite city in the world. Was just there a week before the Towers went down, still breaks my heart. The people there are great, the food OMG, proper cheesecake, Bronx pizza. Sorry, probably not helping.;)

I also have an underactive thyroid and have found loosing weight to be extremely difficult on my own. I did a low calorie diet last year but it was extremely hard. I have finally got my meds balanced so I thought I would give the Dukan diet my best. I am sooooo glad I did. I also felt the need to put myself out there, and it has really helped me to do it. I am assuming your thyroid to be balanced now? If not you may well find this hard to do. I have barely any thyroid left as mine has been destroyed by anti bodies. T4 (levo) was awful and I ended up with symptoms of extreme hypo and nearly ended up disabled until T3 came into my life. Now I am on T3 only and feel great.

Definately get the book, I have read it through to the end 3 times now and find it great motivation. I have just entered consolidation (yesterday) so adjusting to the new eating.

Post your menu's for people to see, they can tell you where you are going right or wrong which is very helpful. Also means you have to think about it more and not just shove something into your mouth to think about later :p or maybe that is just me!

Good luck

Didi M

Full Member
Thanks so much Poppy! I will post my menus. I didn't yesterday as all it was was water, cottage cheese, ham, bran and milk. I cannot believe I was not hungry at all.
Yes, I think the accountability will alter my thoughts on cheating when they come up.
One day - in about 1082 days from now - LMAO - I will eat Bronx pizza! Perhaps, freeze dry and send a slice or two over the pond to you. You will be more than stable by then. Again, Congrats on your success! I look to you all for that edge we all need. Inspiration. Didi M

Didi M

Full Member
Day 2 - around noon.
I started the day with coffee and water. Then about 3 ounces of ham and 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese (1% or less, according to the container.) Then off to the gym.
There I did elliptical, interval course, level 7 for 10 minutes at 14.5 minute per mile pace. HR=149 average. 68 various crunches/situps, stretching and 10 push ups. I cooled down with 10 minutes on the bike, weight loss course, level 7, HR=137 average.
Then, my honey and I went to storage and got out the mountain bikes so we can ride to the gym daily (3.6 miles round trip.) Aug is a runner, and in incredible shape, he is like the Energizer Bunny. But, I will catch up and keep up soon!
Then lunch - Aug ate what I did but added condiments and bread. We had beef patties (hand made not pre-formed) of lean beef, tabasco sauce for flavor, soft scramble eggs (2 each) with added dill weed for spice.
I have rejuvenated my love for water. I am drinking it like it is going out of style. I would think I am drinking about 72 ounces per day in addition to morning coffee and afternoon tea.
I just carry my huge 24 ounce New Orleans Saints SuperBowl Champions mug around with me. It is filed with ice and H2O.
Later. :p


Silver Member
One day - in about 1082 days from now - LMAO - I will eat Bronx pizza! Perhaps, freeze dry and send a slice or two over the pond to you.
Mmmm Bronx pizza. Look forward to that. How long for the cruise phase do they estimate? I would have easily had a Bronx pizza, followed by Juniors Cheesecake as my gala meal!

How are you doing today? Enjoying your bike rides? I did a Zumba class yesterday which is so much fun. There was a lot of freestyling and giggling going on but I think that adds to it. If they were all superfit, co ordinated women, not so much!

Didi M

Full Member
Hello All. Day 3 has started and so far I have lost 3.2 pounds! I really cannot believe it!
I am so psyched.
Last night I ate super low fat cheese and ham for dinner and some milk. I ate my bran as a treat of sorts, I like the sweetness.
Honestly I could NOT sleep. I was WIDE AWAKE until about 0330. I think it was the iced coffee I had. Seemed like a fun idea at the time. I have not been sensitive to caffeine in years; Could it be the new eating and the cleaning of toxins from the water? Who knows.
Today is a day off from the gym but i will go for a walk this afternoon. I ate 2 eggs and lean pork for bfast. Drank some milk and ate my bran. Strangely fully satisfied. I am working on getting my sister to start this program.
The grocer had roasting hens at .88 cents per pound. I got two huge ones and will bake them up today, skinless, upside down (keep the juices in the white meat.) That is dinner and lunch. Not too much variation on attack but only 7 days to go!
Thanks for your encouragement Poppy! Yes, I have been the only fat woman in an exercise class. No fun at all. I hung in there but felt awfully weird. Glad your classes are fun. I would like to try zumba one day.
Have a great day!

Didi M

Full Member
oh gosh. I didn't mean to imply I would eat a hen for lunch and another for dinner! WOW! I meant, chicken is for lunch and dinner. Then I will Ziploc the rest for easy snacks and meals over the next few days. Could you imagine? A whole roaster for lunch? egads.....


Silver Member
oh gosh. I didn't mean to imply I would eat a hen for lunch and another for dinner! WOW! I meant, chicken is for lunch and dinner. Then I will Ziploc the rest for easy snacks and meals over the next few days. Could you imagine? A whole roaster for lunch? egads.....
I think you will find that some have eaten an entire chicken for a meal :eek: I managed a good half at Nandos and then I finished off my daughters boyfriends one! They cannot believe I have lost weight doing this!

Didi M

Full Member
:rolleyes: Cool! I have been rather ravenous for protein. Maybe I shall surprise myself. LMAOROTL!

Didi M

Full Member
A very large amount of chicken GONE~

OMG! I ate so much freaking chicken! I did surprise myself. It was so good. I hope I ate enough of it. I don't know If i will be hungry later on.
The chicken was baked, skin removed, nothing added. Nice and slow. Yummy. I added some onion powder, garlic powder, a slight dash of salt. I then dipped in zero % yogurt that was mixed with dill weed.
I am looking forward to tea tonight. I try not to use sweeteners at all. But, I bought some Stevia today. See you tomorrow! :)

Didi M

Full Member
It is still working! 2 more pounds down. I am LOVING THIS! I hope this lasts as long as my willpower does. Why doesn't everybody do this and what took me so many months to give it a try?????? Having a nonfat latte with Stevia for bfast. I slept so well last night. You know, I have never tried Stevia. I like it and it doesn't appear to make my tumor ache. All those others make the bloody thing ache in the middle of the night. I sure hope it is benign. MRI on the 25th. All my past ovarian cysts have been benign, first tumor. If it is malignant then just get it all out. I know I am 40 but I have two GORGEOUS step babies and 3 beautiful doggies.
However, I feel Jesus has bigger plans for me than cancer. I have a duty to fulfill with my legal charity. I have two children to raise once their Mom passes (she has Stage IV Breast Cancer spreading to the liver and bones). So, in all honesty, I do not think I will be catching the train to the Pearly City anytime soon. I am really happy about that. And, even happier that I won't need a seatbelt extension to get there! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Have a great day folks! :)


Silver Member
I know what you mean, I love this diet and wish I had found it years ago.

Best vibes for your MRI, too much living to be done :)

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Hi Didi,
You have a wonderful positive mental attitude so I hope all goes well for you and your family.
Take care xx :heartpump:

Didi M

Full Member
Hello thanks Poppy and Red Heart;
Yesterday was a rough one. Menses and all. I gained a pound and then today lost .3. I guess it is the menses. I am prone to extreme bloating and water retention as well as severe cramping from endometriosis. I think I read Dr. D says that is possible during menses (to appear to gain bit). I haven't changed my menu - still chicken and lean pork/beef. No fat dairy and some Stevia in tea once a day. Of course bran. Well, we shall see. I am surprised to have lost anything while on my period. I normally see a gain of about 10 pounds during that time, so, I will take what I can get.
Med time. See you guys tomorrow. Have a beautiful day! Everyone!


Silver Member
It is definately possible to gain during the lovely bloat. I stayed the same but felt really disappointed. Started to come back off again once finished. Did notice that I did not feel as bloated as normal or have the usual breast tenderness etc associated with it. Think I am heading towards it this week, either that or the whole world really is annoying!

Didi M

Full Member
Ah, thanks guys! You do not know how much your communication means to me! Good job Diamond! And Poppy - I think the world really is annoying A LOT of the time! Big Hugs to All!


** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to read your diary Didi and you sound so upbeat and happy despite your worries. It's true that, at these times, having control over at least one thing in one's life is a huge comfort, I know.

Try to vary your foods as much as you can as you'll very soon get fed up with ham (which isn't even allowed in the original French diet - I mention only so that you're aware of the fact because, while you're losing so much, why not!).

As for eating an entire chicken, one of the old timers here swears she never loses as well as the days she munches her way through a whole one... (over the two main meals, admittedly).

Looking forward to getting to know you more.

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