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Difference in clothes sizes in different shops?

I'm sure I am not the only one that has noticed there can be a difference in sizing in various high street shops.

Does anyone have any information as to which shops are supposed to have more generous sizing? I have read it somewhere recently but can't for the life of me remember where!

Also interested to hear people's own personal views of which shops are smaller and those that are larger. Just been to M&S and am sure their clothes are quite small for the sizing (or am I just bigger than I thought?) :confused:

Thanks x
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I think you're right. I in a size 16 in some stores but not on others. Waist sizes on size 16 garments seem to vary between 31.5 and 34 inches depending on where i go. It's really confusing, isn't it? I don't know about M&S but I shop in Long Tall Sally a lot and I always have to go a size or two bigger there than everywhere else!


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sarah, i always thought m&s generally quite a standard size. think it sometimes depends on what item u are buying though, like i know i would need a 16 for a shirt but could get away with a 14 in a jumper. Next sizes are quite standard as well, tescos sizes are massive and i could give u a list as long as my arm of shops whos sizing are completely ridiculous!!! warehouse, oasis, miss selfridge, bay trading, exhibit...
M&S are now quite small sizes, they used to be quite generous, Next have also got smaller. Topshop are actually quite big, Tesco are quite big and Oasis are about standard.
warehouse, oasis, miss selfridge, bay trading, exhibit.. haha I wouldn't be able to touch those shops with a bargepole for fear of what damage they would do to my confidence LOL !!!!

See in the past I have always thought M&S were quite general sizes, and I agree about Next too. But I just tried on a load of 16's but they are SO tight, despite having lost over 20 lbs. So feeling a bit devastated about that :(

Frejja I must admit that I like Long Tall Sally clothes and agree that they do come up slightly small. I am 5'11" so struggle with tops long enough really (I can normally find long enough trousers in the "long" range of most shops).

Anyone else got any opinions on high street shop sizings?
try oasis you will be surprised, used to work in Liverpool Street and it was the only clothes shop near work so I know it quite well, the sizes are generous, fitted into a size 16 jeans in there when I was in an 18 from Next
Hi there

I tried on a few bit and bobs and the weekend and would agree that M&S sizes do come up on the small side. I found Dorothy Perkins quite generous though - only shop where I could get a size 16 trouser on.

honest you will be surprised
How has anyone found H&M? I went shopping at the weekend to my local shop (in the Netherlands) to buy a coat. Tried on the size 40 (which according to my Dorothy Perkins top is a 12) and it was too big, so was the 38! So I've now got a coat in a 36 - an 8! Now, I might be losing weight but there is NO WAY I am an 8 or ever will be : )

Must just be the fit or something, or freaky sizing for that coat because it didn't work when I tried other ones on - mad! (Though secretly was quite pleased too!)
god H&M for me are a nightmare, would be lucky if I got in an 18 in there, I have a pair of trousers that are supposed to be a 16 from there and they have a 29 inch waist !
I think M & S are quite small, i have a pair of 28 trousers and they don't fit which is pissing me off but my 26 from simplybe are hanging off me

There should be some set size for shops to go by


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h&m are awful for trousers!!! i had to go up to a size 20 to get a pair to fit, and at my largest i was a 16 in every other shop. needless to say i didnt buy the size 20 trousers!
most of the shops have sizing guides on their websites and it is amazing the difference between them.

I find the M&S "standard" ranges quite small but the per una quite generous (per una jeans were the first size 16 I got into)

I think as you go down the sizes the difference from shop to shop gets more noticeable as the clothes tend to be more fitted, for example when I was a 20 I could wear a 20 from anywhere, but now that I am wearing some size 14's (tesco, debenhams, per una) I know that size 14 from next, george at asda, DP, and M&S normal range wont fit me yet.
Evans is good for sizing, they now do a size 14 in most things and that hangs off me (16 in other shops). New Look is quite generous in jeans and skirts etc, but awful on tops. My winter nightmare is always to be finding calf length boots for wide legs at under £100 !!.


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same here cmacca. managed it a few years ago in d2, but they only had them in a size 8 and im a 5 and a half so couldnt get them. grrr. would love a pair of knee high chocolate brown ones for the autumn but still havent seen any.
Buckles & Bows Eternity Brown they have a really nice pair of brown boots in different leg widths, they are down from £135 to £45 !!, I am off to get some now !!
Oh no, did you try any of the other styles is the sale bit ?, there are quite a few nice ones.
Oh cool Evans do from size 14 now? I might have a look in there.. never ever been in before, only because for some reason I have always assumed it is quite frumpy in there (hope that doesn't offend anyone oops).. might take a look sometime.

I read somewhere that Debenhams OWN range are amongst the most generous sizing wise amongst the high street.. but they don't do a "long leg" in any of their jeans that I like booohooooo!

I agree H&M are terrible sizing, I like their kids clothes but would never get anything for me while I am this size.

Funny people should mention Tesco being generous, I went to Tescos yesterday and although I can just about squeeze myself into the size 16's they are NOT a good look on me, that's the other problem I find that some jeans are quite low slung nowadays (God I sound old haha!) and they are not a good look lol!!

I need jeans to fit just below the waist, not on the hips!!

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