Dipping my toe in....


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Hi guys :)

Tentatively standing up to introduce myself like the new girl at school..!

I'm Tammy and I'm 31, hoping to become a regular here :) I've just been diagnosed with diabetes and so have started on a low GI diet for weight loss and diabetes control. I have an awfully long way to go - I have around 12 stone to lose :( - but I'm hoping by increasing the exercise, sticking to low GI and maybe getting some support and tips for you lovely people I'll be able to stick it out become healthier.

Hope I'm doing the right thing here, not sure if we're supposed to post 'hello' threads here or elsewhere - if I'm wrong please just kick my bum and tell me so :D

Hope you're all having a good start to your week

Tam xxxx
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Welcome Tam :wavey:

You're in the right place. I only joined the forum last week and everyone has been amazingly friendly and helpful.

Ask any questions, there will be someone along to answer/give advice.

Good luck on your journey and I look forward to keeping up to date with your progress :)


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Hi Tam and welcome! :) don't worry about posting in the 'wrong' place - we do have a few helpful stickies and a general chat thread (chickpea chat, all are welcome to bring up random topics) but we're small enough that I don't think anyone has ever been told off for not using them! :)

Sounds like you are focussed on your goal, that's great. A lot of us post in our own diary threads so others can feed back and are always happy to help where we can so if you have questions ask away. :) do you mind if I ask whether you're following one of the popular authors' plans (Holford, denby etc) or just following low GI/GL principles? Just curious - either way you are most welcome. :)

If you feel like getting stuck in, feel free to add yourself to the list for the Jumpin' January challenge - I'll bump it to the top. Looking forward to reading your posts!



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Welcome on board, Tammy. :)

Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with diabetes. My dad has only recently been diagnosed with it and I know it's not a bundle of fun. However, it's great that you have started on the GI diet. I think you will enjoy eating the GI way, and you can use this board to post your food diary, ask questions, get support, vent and have a chuckle. I hope you find us friendly and helpful. :D


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Hi Tammy and welcome! You're at the right place, and you posted your hello in the right section :)

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, it's the one of the best ways to get to know more about low GL, and how others do it. I learned alot about low GL by asking the ladies a lot of questions. I'm sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with diabetes, but low GL is great to keep the blood sugar level steady and low.

irish molly

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A big welcome to you Tammy.
I'm sorry to hear your diagnosis of diabetes. From everything I've read, GL is an important element in managing your condition. Losing the weight will also help greatly.
It may seem like you are at the start of a long road but rest assured we ate here to support you. If you have not already done so, take the time to read some of the threads in the stickies section as well as the ones here.
I can't praise GL enough as a very sustainable way to manage weight. I'm sure you will do well on it.
The first week or so may be rocky as your body detoxes. Once you have adjusted, it gets much easier and good choices come easily. Drink three litres of water a day, eat little and often and really watch portion sizes.
Keep posting and good luck!


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Hi Tammy,

Welcome to the forum. Hopefully eating low GL will help with your diabetes, it should certainly help to keep your blood sugars more even.

G x


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Hi Tammy
I've only been on the forum about a week also.
The people here are fab and give brill advice
Your in good hands
Low GI is fab and I'm sure you'll enjoy it (slightly hard to get your head around at first tho)

It is great that you know where you want to be and we are all here if you need extra support or what some tips from any of us!
Check out some of our diaries there's some good ideas in many of them