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Disappointed - failed 1st goal :(

I started CD SS at 100.8kg (222.3lbs) and lost 2.9kg (6.4lbs) first week and 1.4kg (3.1lbs) this 2nd week. Thing is I'd set my goal at 96kg (211.7lbs) by 2nd WI (which would be a loss of 4.8kg or 10.6lbs). I'm currently weighing in at 96.5kg or 212.8lbs so have only lost 9.5lbs. Usually I'd be delighted with a loss like that in 2 weeks, but with it being my first couple of weeks, I did expect to lose a little more, because I suspect a fair proportion of what I lost will be water from depletion of glycogen stores. I'm not feeling awful, I just would have liked the boost of making the goal I set and am a bit disappointed as I've stuck to plan 100%

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Hi Dreamer

2nd week can be tricky as it's not uncommon for it to be a smaller loss after the first week, body is adjusting. I only lost 2lb in my second week. Try not to be too downhearted as it will pick up and try and look at the average across a month rather than the weekly losses as these can be up and down.

Well done on 9.5lbs which is an amazing amount in two weeks.

9.5lbs is excellent! I only lost 4lbs in my first week and stayed the same in my second week. I reckon everyones bodys adjust in different ways and take their own time to shed the weight.

Keep working hard!


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Dreamer - Hang in there, your losses are still great. Just take each day as it comes and keep that water going. You will soon reach your goal before you know it! :p
Just noticed you have put failed in your signature hun, how about changing it to what you achieved, ie, lost 9.5lbs. Failed seems such a harsh judgement on yourself.

Hang in there and please dont see it as a failure, that will be so demotivating, try and turn it around to a positive you are still well on course for a stone a month which is great

I know your sticking to it 100% but maybe you are a bit constipated or due your TOTM soon? That could impact the losses. How is your water intake?

Give it time it will turn around for you, best of luck this week


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I think that's an amazing weight loss, there isnt any other diet that you could lose so much in the first two weeks!
Thank you

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. Porgeous, the failed did look a little harsh once I put it in, but I'll change it to achieved on when I actually achieve it (hoping not too long). Hedgehog, I've been drinking loads of water, and TOTM just finished day before yesterday. I do retain but it should all be off now. I did go to gym for first time since starting diet yesterday (I usually go 3 times a week, but stopped for 12 days after starting this diet as I didn't want to feel weak) and for the first time lost nothing overnight (not that I pay attention to the daily amounts because of random fluctuation).

Hmm, looking at it again, I think I'll change the failed now, you're right, it's not good for my psyche...

:clap::clap::clap: glad to see you've changed it!

You said you did some exercise, that in itself can make us retain water so that may have contributed.

I had wondered if the exercise contributed. I do feel better for changing it, as it still leaves me part of the goal to strive for.

Mhairi-lou, I think you're right, all our body's are different. I keep looking at other people's weight loss week by week and try and keep up while the only person we should be comparing to is ourself really.

HCM, thanks for the positivity, and yes hopefully, I will get to my goals in good time :) I'm sure you will too.

Lillypop, you're right there's not many diets you can lose as much in 2 weeks, and I guess it can't all be water, what with so few calories going in. Btw, I love that quote about the angel.


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