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Disappointed to say least!


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S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
Hi all,
Just had my second weigh in and only lost 2lbs. The pharmacist tried to blame it on the artificial sweetners - but it does say on the carrier bag they're allowed (just not granual varieties). I've had 2 litres of water each day. Not a touch of any cheats. BUT.....
one thing i did do which i think maybe the issue: i have only been having 1 or 2 shakes a day. To be bluntly honest it is because of £ situation this month and i thought it may speed up the weight loss. I now think perhaps its prevented me losing my potential this week and put my body into starvation mode thus less likely to let go of the fat. Anyone else done this and what were you outcomes? As i'll try it for another week. Or i may loan some pennies so i can just order another weeks worth. I dont mean to sound so cheap n i know its my health etc etc. My situation has been a nightmare past week. Massive vet bill didnt help.
Just feel like i've gone through all that for 2lbs i could've lost eatin lovely foods n simply walking a bit more each day. :cry:

wk 1: -9LBS
WK2: -2lbs

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S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
my bad hey?
Well maybe i've learnt a valuable lesson and i hope anyone else can learn it instead of experiencing it. I did think less cals, more weight loss. But yeah on reflection and thinkin about my body going into starvation mode....our survey says.... eh err! :(
If i carry on with 3 shakes now will i be ok or am i goin to gain now?!! so gutted x


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hi honey, you won't gain if you go back to the compulsory three shakes, you will start to have better weight losses x x
your not alone in that way of thinking.. i wondered whether maybe cutting down would speed things up... i guess it doesnt... but i would say that there are a few factors that may have hindered your actual weigh in, maybe you had drank a lot of water before weigh in time.. did you know 2 litres of water is 4LB, just put the bottle on your scales and see! (not that im saying drink less as we all know how important the water is) but it may have been that you had a blader full of water at the actual time, also everybodys body works different.. it may just really surprise you and catch up with itself next week and you see a bigger loss which wouldnt surprise me one bit...

talking from personal experience i am obsessed with gettin on my scales. first thing in the morning after the morning pee is obviously the lowest actual weight... then i weigh myself mid-day etc after shakes and water and i can be 5LB heaver... dont get too disheartened by what the scales actually said, its only 2nd weigh in and i am sure it will balance out... i bet you feel better for copmpleting another week? just annoyed at the numbers eh?

stick with it to the letter and see how next weeks weigh in goes, ill be looking for your post! good luck, chin up, smile, your doing great!


Here we go again!
If you can afford to carry on, I would. Make sure you have all three shakes though, it really is important cos your body will go into starvation mode. When I was ill I missed 1 shake and felt quite shakey and ill. Did you not feel shakey cos of it?

Hope you can carry on and good luck!
S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
Thanks for the messages, actually made me feel a bit better just to get some thoughts n response. Especially about the water intake before weigh in. I never thought of that!
I noticed on my carrier bag it said artificial sweetners are allowed, so i cant blame it on that. I did notice in the shops that some sweetners have cals in them n trace or some fat!! Others dont. Not sure if we can name names but sod it.... Candrel, splenda were the worse. Sweetex n some long work with an H!! were good!
So i'm not sure if that was the factor.
2 shakes and body going into starvation mode most probably was. So I'm loaning the money for next weeks shakes (how much of a tramp do i sound! embarrassed!) and then i get paid so will be okay. But i was curious about the 2 shakes thing, as its not starvation mode in my opinion....hear me out!!! ... the way i figured it was on 3 shakes i do a fair bit of exercise even minimum a day. I have two workin dogs, so even just walking them and training them is the bare minimum for a day. Usually a longer walk will be put in the eve, do knacker them out and defuse the likely hood of Springers reseambelling missles in the home!! Right - jokin aside, i figured if i took that eve walk slower or shortened it, thus doin less exercise taking 2 shakes would be okay. As i'm not burning as much. Whereas on the 3 shakes i would do more and thus be burning more. So balancing it all out i would be at the same calorie value at end of day.??
Its the one thing thats bugged me with this lipotrim diet. As anyone could go into starvation mode on 3 shakes, 2 or 1 in a certain sense. I mean if 3 shakes is approx 500 cals n you go the gym each day, cross trainer for 50mins would burn that no probs! So you'd effectively be havin nothin just your minerals and vits. Maybe i'm goin dolally after a week of 2 shakes but ... surely my stint on 2 and lowerin the exercise and burning would've had the same affect. swings n roundabouts theory fell on its ass when i was weighed though!
I am only carryin on because i have lost quite a bit in 2 wks. and it has worked. But if i dont get at least 5lbs next time....!
On a lighter note can we put ground pepper in stuff (and yes i'm a freak, i am a vegetarian that tried the vege friendly Chicken wannabe soup n OMG its divine!) xx
S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
ohhh no i didnt get the shakes on 2 at all. I had tummy rumbles, but wasnt hungry. If anything in comparison i get hungrier n clock watch on 3 shakes.
I did feel tired, as i knew i would as not gettin all the vits etc.
Anyone else done it?x


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Please bear in mind that the shakes are not just about calories, there are your vitamins, minerals and protein - protein is the thing that protects your vital organs during weight loss - so make sure you have all 3.
all diets plateau at some point for one reaso or another. the differences between sweetners and a calorie here and there and even the exercise is in my opinion just negligibe... i advise not to over-analize the variables, they are so negligible, just do the diet to the letter and accept this week as a plateau... next week will be fine - promise ya! x
ive had a few occasions where i just aint been hungry and it been 7PM and i gotta have a shake, i could quite easily pass it up but i know i have to have it so i dont damage my body. it needs it fuel... treat your body like a ferrari, you need to fuel it correctly...


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
try to never miss shakes, they have your vitamins in that your body cannot make itself, and skipping them will reduce the amount of nutrients you are getting, it will malnorish your body, you will have insufficient protein and your body will start to canabilse your muscle as well as fat stores... bear in mind that your heart is a muscle.

this is why anorexic people die of organ failure. its a dangerous road to go down, and may make you develop an eating disorder later.

this diet is puniative enough as it is, dont deprive your body further, be kind to yourself.

if money is tight, speak to pharm about maintenance plan where you have two shakes and one meal, that may suit you better.

good luck
S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
LOL radical loving the analogy! Very true though! Think i'm more of a DelBoy 3 wheeler than an Ferrari this week anyways!!
Quak omg how well have you done!!!! i'm really pleased for you! if thats what havin 3 shakes has done then i'm on it like a car bonnet! lol
feelin a lot more upbeat thank you all. I think i was a bit low last week, noticed the shakes contain phenylethylamine so could've been that too. But yeah no more analyzing. Just nervous bout friday weigh in as i know i'll probably actually cry on the pharmacist if its not 5lbs or more.
Never occurred to me either about the protein to protect organs!!
was all this on the dvd or info you lot got? I just signed some forms, paid and got the shakes. I did get offered to watch a dvd but well...i'm british when did we ever read instructions properly! no only kiddin, i thought i knew enough :(
Wow i think my ignorance has lowered the IQ of the site this week! xx
S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
msblonde ya've woken me up!
i just really want this to be finished with asap, as i'm sure everyone else does n they didnt try n reduce their shakes. Well it didnt even work ppl!! And sounds like i've made a massive faux pas with my organs n you're right, i can be thin without damaging them. Whats the point in being gorgeous again if i cant go out n flaunt it without wheeling an IV around after me! Nope i promise to try n be good. I dont want my muscles and tone to be affected. So for vanity, sanity and health i've listened!
How much is maintenance though and would i still lose weight? Thankfully i've worked a way round it this time. I dont think i could do the maintenance until i'm at my goal. As i just wouldnt want to knock myself out of ketosis so i'd just be doin what i was doin anyway 2 shakes n saving the 3rd of each day so i could have a free weeks worth after 2wks. But i've bought this weeks n stopped that and got a loan for next weeks lot. Then pay day and i thou shall not shop till she drops to a size 8!x


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
I am not sure exactly how much, I know if you ring LT (number on your carrier bag) then you can get some free samples sent for you to try. also, they have an advice line, so you could ask them about expected weight loss etc.. I think they are a similar price, but you only have two of them, so its about 2/3 rds the cost. as for the meal, if it was low carb you may still keep in ketosis.

worth a call, its a free phone number I beleive.

also, just a note, I did this for 14 weeks a couple of years ago, and after the initial big losses, it stays about 3lbs a week there after, so dont give yourself too much pressure of aiming for 5lbs, its quite a big ask for your body.

as for where i got the info, my friend is suffering from anorexia and bulima, she has been hosptialised several times, and is at risk of a heart attack so much she cant get medical insurance for holidays. its a horrible thing to suffer from. I read up on all things body, diet, health etc when I heard what she suffered from so I could try and help or understand.

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