Discovering Jackie Collins at 31!

Discussion in 'Book Club' started by Gloria19, 15 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. Gloria19

    Gloria19 I know I can do it..

    Well, i've never really been a regular book reader. I never seem to find the time unless I'm lazing by a pool on holidays kinda thing.

    In the past i've read some autobiographies, and also random books which i've enjoyed are Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel and all time favourite To Kill A Mockinbird.

    Too scared really to read any horror books because things play on my mind, but Just Cause and A Time To Kill are as 'thriller' type as I would get (and they're not too bad a thriller, and very good reads)

    A couple of days ago I came back from Holidays in Spain, and I'd read the first book by David Pelzer, 'A Child Called It' and it was really good, but finished it in 2 days so having another 11 days left on holidays I wondered into the shop and picked up a Jackie Collins book called 'Drop Dead Beautiful' and thought at the time it was the best of a bad bunch... not holding out much hope.

    IT WAS BRILLIANT! Absolutely loved it, didn't want to put it down, easy reading and enjoyable. On the first day home from holidays i've ordered the other 5 books in the Lucky Santangelo series and can't wait for them to arrive.
    Anyone else a fan of Jackie Collins?

    I can't believe i've never given her books a go before.. Drop Dead Beautiful is by far the most enjoyable for me!
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  3. BlackRose

    BlackRose Gold Member

    oo-er jackie Collins is a kinky oul' miss isn't she? I've read 'American Star' which was alright... I actually find her quite contrived but good for a quick and naughty read lol -kind of like a decent mills & boon ;)

    I read the Dave Pelzer books and though riveted I could NEVER read them again; the hardest books I've ever read -absolutely heartbreaking.
  4. Gloria19

    Gloria19 I know I can do it..

    I'm reading chances by Jackie Collins at the mo and it's a great story. Ok.. the dirty bits are a bit 'detailed' lol but it's easy reading as a whole ;)

    Aww the Dave Pelzer books.. I've only read the first one and I had a tears in my eyes and the though 'how could she?' more than once!
  5. BlackRose

    BlackRose Gold Member

    I know! How can someone do that to their child? How can you watch them suffer -let alone be the one to inflict their suffering?! It doesn't bear thinking about. The thing that struck me was how he remembers how she wasn't always that way and it has made me worried ever since. I am now constantly aware of my temper when scolding my kids - even if its just a telling off for not doing homework! So scary and so so sad. I just kept imaging that poor little boy trying to eat frozen food -and his whole family sitting by and allowing it. God even now it upsets me! grrrrrrrrrrr

    Also on Jackie Collins -I dont mind the dirty bits lol -porn 4 women -why not?! lmao
  6. Magic Mummy

    Magic Mummy Banned

    I love Jackie Collins and have read all the Santangelo series.... You will love them!

  7. yo-yo-dieter

    yo-yo-dieter Silver Member

    I have read all of Jackie Collins books and really enjoyed them - even though they all seem to be the same storyline but the characters just have different names LOL. I much preferred the earlier stuff though
  8. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Never read any Jackie Collins. Is she like Jilly Cooper?
  9. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    i love jackie collins :)
  10. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop

    Jackie Collins rocks!! fave book of hers is hollywood wives, excellent :D
  11. Mrs_CakeyBun

    Mrs_CakeyBun Full Member

    Jackie Collins is a more raunchy American version of Jilly Cooper lots of sex drugs and rock'n'roll....fab books and very very popular in libraries, they are just great escapist reads....pick one up in a charity shop and give it a go :cool:

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