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Dizzie's food diary - comments welcome!

Hello, day 1, an original day.

Most of my days will be original because I like my protein!! Unfortunately I don't have much imagination and as I cook for one I tend to have much the same!! I suppose I will change when I am bored!

Breakfast - grapefruit, porridge (heb)with Berries
Lunch - WW Salmon in lemon mayonaise Salad (2 syns)
Tea - Turkey stir fry with extra beansprout and garlic and soy sauce, cooked with Frylight
Snacks - 2 x babybel (HEA) 2 x Alpen light (HEB) milk for porridge and 2 x tea (HEA), crabsticks, banana, Del Monte iced smoothie (4 syns)
Water / NAS squash - 2litres.

Total 6 syns

BTW on the pack of Beansprouts I bought it says not to be eaten raw? What is that all about? I remember eating loads of them raw in the past!

Wont get too exciting, but if you ever have any comments to help, I'll be very pleased to receive them!!

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Menu looks lovely!!!

Re beansprouts - think there's a bit of a risk of Salmonella or something similiar!!:eek:

Suppose it's up to personal choice!!

Good luck:D
Thanks Jax - I know it will get repetitive but it is all foods l love!

Tuesday - Original

Breakfast - Porridge (HEB), berries (forgot to do my grapefruit last night!!)
Lunch - Turkey stir fry with extra beansprouts, garlic and soy sauce, Hartleys Jelly - with raspberries, fat free, 1 pot (5 syns) :rolleyes: Pear
Tea - flamegrilled chicken salad, 1 tbsp light Salad cream (1.5syns)
ML yoghurt, apple
Snacks - milk for porridge and 2 cups tea (HEA), 2 Alpen lights (HEB), 2 Baby bel (HEA), melon pieces, banana, 2 L water / NAS squash

Syns - 6.5 syns

Working 4 - MN today and tomorrow so this fits in perfectly with my day and my shift, and I definitely don't want to pick in the evening! :D. Will take 1.5L NAS squash with me to keep me hydrated.
Another 4-MN shift, so my diary is exactly the same as yesterday , other than Syns which I've listed:

Heinz Light Salad cream 1tbsp = 1.5
French Fries multipack pack = 4.5 (I think!!)
Total = 6 syns


Hippety Hop!
Hi DizzyDawnie, Well done on getting the diary started and making a start on losing the weight..
Never mind about having the same every day as long as it works for you. Only thing you may find is that you need to change it now and then to keep your metabolic system going as it will get so you STS for a while. Also taking into consideration that of having various vitamin content which is essential but you certainly seem to be covering that one okay.

All the best to you as you continue with your endeavour....Take care....:)
Thanks Emmaline :D

Good advice again which I shall heed! In fact I am going to try to find some time over the weekend to trawl through diaries to try to get some variation ideas!!

Thursday - wipe out - was a huge day of celebration which included lots of champagne, and something I have been waiting for for 3 years, so there was no way I wasn't going to!! LOL! And I haven't beaten myself up about it today either so I guess that is good! :angel09:

Straight back on track today.

B'fast - porridge (HEB) with 1 tsp strawberry jam (0.5)
Lunch - 4 rashers bacon, all fat removed, griddled on wholemeal bread (HEB), 1 dry fried egg, 1 tsp ketchup (0.5), melon chunks
Tea - chicken salad, 1tbsp heinz light salad cream (1.5), melon

Snacks - Skimmed milk (HEA x 2)used with porridge, and tea x several! Skinny cow lolly (4.5), banana, NAS squash

Syns for day = 7

Feeling quite happy right now!
Really got the Munchies today, don't know why, but I have controlled it!! :D

Original day, 1st weigh in tomorrow.

Breakfast - grapefruit, porridge(HEB) with 1 tsp jam (0.5s)
Lunch - M&S salmon flakes (free) salad, with 1 tbsp Light Salad cream (1.5), melon
Tea - oven baked chicken breast with savoy cabbage - don't ask me why, it just is!! I've never been good at putting meals together :rolleyes:

Snacks : Milk (porridge and tea) HEA, melon, bananas, crabsticks, 2 x Babybel (HEA), Nescafe Cappucino (4.5s), Del Monte iced smoothie (4s) Walkers Light crisps (5.5)

Total syns = 15.5s...........first day I've gone over!

Night in front of telly, preparing meal plans and shopping list for next week

Green day today - don't know why, I struggle for ideas!! :rolleyes:

Breakfast - porridge (B) and berries
Lunch - egg salad, 2 tbsp coleslaw (4)
Tea - SW chips, fry light eggs, baked beans and 1 quorn sausage.......(boy was I hungry!!)

Snacks - skimmed milk (porridge and cups of tea x 3) HEA, HEB - porridge, alpen light bar x 1 - 1/2 HEB, ML yoghurt, banana, melon chunks

Total syns = 4

May have a lolly later so will edit syns, I've put 4 for the coleslaw, it was bog standard but not light mayo......but not luxury so I hope that is around the right mark??

Back to Original tomorrow when I will have my usual stir fry and salad!! Predictable but enjoyable!! :D
Monday 11th April and it is a...........Red day again!!

Breakfast - Grapefruit, Porridge (HEB), berries
Lunch - Salmon and chilli flakes (1 I think) salad, 1 tbsp Light Salad cream (1.5), fruit
Tea - prawn stir fry with garlic and soy sauce, 1 tbsp olive oil (6)

Snacks - milk for porridge and 2 x cups tea (HEA), 2 x Alpen lights (HEB), banana, 2 x babybel (HEA)
Total syns = 8.5

I argued with hubbie about who would cook my tea, he absolutely insisted and despite knowing that i am SW tells me half way through that he used olive oil. :mad: :doh: A silent evening is ahead because I really wanted to keep my syns under 10 daily, and I had planned on having a lollie for supper!! :sigh:
Tuesday - more of the same as another Original day, but I am still enjoying it as salad and veggies I enjoy!

Breakfast - porridge (B), berries and grapefruit
Lunch - Flame grilled chicken mini fillets salad (which I think was 0 after asking for help on here!) 1tbsp Light salad cream (1.5), mango chunks
Tea - turkey stir fry with frylight, garlic and soy sauce, ML yoghurt.

Snacks - milk for porridge and 2 x cups of tea (A), alpen lights x 2 (B), babybel x 2 (A), banana
Drinks - 2 L NAS squash

Total syns - 1.5

I really need to find the time to sit and read other diaries and get some ideas because altho I enjoy what I am eating I probably do need a change now and then!! :D
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Wednesday - Original

In essence no change to what I have eaten so I have just listed syns and snacks

HEB - porridge, alpen lights x 2
HEA - milk for porridge, 2 x babybel

Snacks - banana, salad cream on salad (1.5), melon, ML yoghurt, scampi fries x 1 bag (6.5)

Total syns - 8

will add again later - fancy something naughty but within syn boundaries later! ;)
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Thursday - Original

B'fast - porridge (B), berries
Lunch - chicken and grape salad with 2tbsp coleslaw (3)
Tea - griddled Lamb steaks (all fat removed) with vegetables, tsp mint sauce (0.5)
Snacks - banana, 2 x alpen lights (B), 2 x babybel (A), milk for tea and porridge (A), ML yoghurt, treat of bag of scampi fries and glass of red wine after an exhausting 4 days! (6.5 + 8.5)

Total syns 18.5 but since Monday I have only had 18 from possible 45 so am not going to stress about that, but instead enjoy it watching Monroe later!!! :D

My first EE day - feeling wobbly!

Friday - working til midnight so thought an EE day would be good so I can do a pasta supper. I posted elsewhere yesterday that I worried about not having my second B choice (which is usually alpen light bars) and despite having my breakfast much later today, and having just had my lunch, I feel very wobbly. Does anyone else get that with their EE days? Think my attempt may be short lived ! :rolleyes:

Breakfast - porridge with 1 tsp jam (1)
Lunch - bacon (dry fried), eggs, half tin beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, 1 tsp brown sauce (1), ML yoghurt
Tea - pasta with tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, prawns, garlic. ML yoghurt

Snacks - milk (A) for porridge and tea x 2, Baked crisps 25g (5),
1.5L NAS

Total syns = 7
Saturday - EE
Working 11 - 7,
so for breakfast I had 2 x brown bread (B) with bacon, eggs, baked beans, tomatoes, brown sauce (1), ML yoghurt
Lunch - pasta as yesterday (scrummie!!), ML, banana
Tea - chinese takeaway - not sure until I hopefully get some advice which will be the best bet, but it is the end of my week with WI tomorrow and I have syns left over so I am not going to stress too much!!
Monday - Original

Breakfast - porridge (B), berries
Lunch - Honey roast salmon salad with 1tbsp Light Salad cream (1.5), ML, Melon
Tea - Prawn stir fry with garlic and soy sauce, ML
Snacks - 2 x alpen lights (B), 2 x Baby bel (A), skimmed milk for porridge and cups of tea x 3 (A), Walkers Baked 25g bag (5), 1.5L NAS

Total syns = 6.5

Tuesday (tomorrow) - Green

Posting this now because I probably won't get back on site until Wednesday morning

Breakfast - porridge (B), berries
Lunch - mugshot x 2, ML, melon
Tea - Baked beans on toast (B) with 2 x frylighted eggs, ML
Snacks - 2 x babybel (A), milk for porridge and tea (A), banana, 2 x mugshots thai flavour, solero tropical lolly (5)

Total syns - 5

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Your diary makes interesting reading as it's all stuff I like and I tend to snack a lot as well. The honey roast salmon sounds yum!
thanks, I enjoy it but wonder about being stuck in a rut!! :)

The salmon is gorgeous - from Morrisons 2 packs for a fiver, which I can generally make last 3 days so don't feel too guilty! They also do a chilli flake one which is lovely too, but that is 1 point per pack!

Wednesday - Green day

Breakfast - porridge (B) and berries
Lunch - Baked beans on toast (B) with 2 x frylighted eggs, ML yoghurt
Tea - in work and don't have any pasta packets like I thought so pasta with pesto (1 tbsp) (4.5syns) with grated cheese (1 tbsp) (A), ML, melon

Snacks - skimmed milk for porridge and cups of tea x 3 (A), banana, 25g pack Baked crisps (5), 1.5L NAS, 40ml Baileys when I got home to celebrate the end of a 10 day run at work!! (6)

Total syns for day = 15.5/15

Will be going back to red days tomorrow as I do enjoy them more!! :)

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Thursday - Original

Not sure what I will have today - need to go shopping but then will be out 3ish to 10ish so will aim to have a huge salad (before I go and see if I can make do (no real alternatives and certainly no option to take a carry out)

Breakfast - grapefruit, porridge (B), berries
Lunch - salmon salad, 1tbsp Light Salad cream (1.5), ML
Tea - ?
Snacks - banana, melon, ML, Baked Crisps 25g (5), milk for porridge and tea x 3 (A)

Syns = 6.5/15
Total syns for week so far = 33.5/60

Feeling very sluggish this week tho - this time last week I felt as if I had had a little loss, this week I don't at all, no * week so that isn't in the equation, and have stuck to it as per diaries. Heyho, time will tell!


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