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longs to be average!
Hi Guys n Gals

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I was suffering with dizziness?

This morning I had also posted that I was feeling dizzy.

Well, have not changed - been feeling dizzy all day, no change really.

Earlier this evening I was cleaning out Gilbert (my Hamster) had put Gilbert in his ball for a run around, turned round to put him on the floor, but as I turned, had another wave of dizziness and next thing I knew was on all fours on the floor.

Something is not right here. So some advice please....... not sure if I should wait until Friday when I start RtM, and see if things improve or if I should go and see my GP or Nurse?

Any advice would be welcomed.
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Corey I really think you should go see your doctor - it could well be the diet and that you need more calories etc but it could also be something else, get yourself checked out mate.


longs to be average!
Thanks me loverlies, I kinda knew that's what would be said, but am a little nervous..... Also don't want to have to start RtM earlier than already planned. My OH and Mother in Law, both said today what's the difference of starting 5 days early? Valid point I guess, but 5 days is potentially an extra pound or two lost!
It might be worth starting RTM as it's estimated that a woman will lose a stone in RTM and so I'd guess it's likely that the lucky men will lose that if not more and you're only 11lb away from your goal so to be honest I think if I were you I'd seriously consider starting RTM for the sake of your health.... you can still get checked out for other things by your doctor but I think that if eating could possibly help you then it's worth doing --- luck after yourself Mr xx


Striving for slimness
Been feeling the same myself corey! Especially when i first stand up, or if I go upstairs too quickly or something. My eyes black over, get pounding head and really dizzy. Then it passes after a few seconds. This the same as what's happening to you? My LLC said it could be low blood pressure and suggested adding salt to my savoury packs or savoury drinks.


longs to be average!
Hi DonnaLou, it is almost the same, although, I have been coming over all dizzy when I have just been sitting down, or this morning when I was standing infront of my wardrobe wondering what shirt to wear - I hadn't just stood up or rushed upstairs or anything like that. Think it's because of that that I am a little worried.

Am going to try and get an appointment with the Doctors for later today, but will probably end up with an appointment tomorrow though, but we'll see!

Have you started adding a little salt yet? If so, how are you feeling now????
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, I suspect you are suffering from low blood presure. One of the great side effects of this diet is that it does lower your blood pressure - as most of us know when you're overweight blood pressure is normally high. The problem is that as you get nearer to a healthy weight this continues to drop given you the opposite problem. I think that the doctor will advise you to come off the diet which you probably wont want to do. If you add a small protein based mean in the evening you might find that this rectifies the problem, perhaps have this in addition to your packs and see if things improve.

Good luck x


Proper Little Madam
I had spasmodic dizziness a while back - felt bloody awful & very scary. It came on every now and again and then went...I eventually went to the docs when it came on one day and didn't go...turned out I had a middle ear inner infection.

Hope you're okay...chin up and get to the docs

regards Gaynor x
Hope all goes well for you Corey xx

I've only had one funny turn and that was as I got out of the (too hot) bath, just went all dizzy and felt very strange but to be honest I blamed the fact that my bath was probably way too hot and I hadn't had any packs that day. I'm one who no matter what size I've been have always had moderately low blood pressure, everything else about me might have been bad but my bp never went high at all.


longs to be average!
:badmood:Hi all,

Have just got back from the Doctors, and I have to start eating. She feels my body isn't getting enough of what it needs! My BP was on the low side of normal, I thought normal was normal, but she then pointed out that I have always been on the high side of normal.

So will pop over the road then and find a kipper to have for my tea!

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