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do u think this will effect weightloss

hey ppl, just wondering if i drank vodka and diet 7up for onr nite wud it effect my weightloss and bring me outta ketosis ... i have a party in 6 weeks , do u think i will have to refeed for that one nite just to drink wud really appreciate comments ty a;; :p
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Hi Loopylou! I'm new to Lipotrim so I'm not really qualified to give u advice but I think drinking when u haven't eaten anything solid for so long might be dangerous! I've a wedding on the 29th so I have the same dilemma but I'm going to refeed the week before... Dont want to have to b put to bed after a couple of drinks!! Lol! X
Lou please don't drink alcohol without refeeding! Your pharmacist, doctor and most of the regulars on here will tell you that drinking alcohol while in ketosis is truly dangerous! Others have ended up in hospital - you can find threads to back this up! I know I am going on hun but I would hate for you to come to any harm xx( If you just had the 7up that would just knock you out of ketosis and set you back a few days). Take care hun and if you choose to refeed, have a great time and get back on the LT train the next week xxx
Hey hun.... be very carefull drinking in ketosis!!! It can be very dangerous!!! If you want to go out... you must eat some carbs to bring you out of ketosis!!

Depending on how much you drink and what you eat you may put weight on or if your lucky hun STS!!! : ) x
Hi, im going to give you my honest oppinion only from my own experience friday night. Im not condoning drinking alcohol but from my experience i was fine. I had tuna steak before I went out and i am fine, i did have a megga hangover the next though and my body was screaming for carbs, so if you think you can resist the next day, but it is very hard. I dont know how it will effect my weight loss this week as my weigh in day is Monday, so I will let you know if I have put any weight on.

Please note again im not saying its right to drink while on lipotrim (so dont critisise me peeps, im just giving my own experience)

Remeber it is your choice. x
Please don't risk it. Affecting your weight loss is the least of your worries. Drinking in ketosis is incredibly dangerous. Don't do it
Thats it.... its a massive risk.... is it worth it???

Sorry just my opinion???? Think part of this diet is learning that you can't have everything you want lol.... (Unfortunately) hehe!
My weigh in was yest and I'd lost 2lb. I'm drinking tomorrow as I have a night out but I'm not having half as much as last time I'm not going to risk it x
Don't drink while in Ketosis- you are most likely losing weight for your health so why would you want to risk it. I did it twice before I knew the risks and thought I was fine but when drinking you always think you're fine so really you cannot rely on that. Take my advice if it's a really big thing/event and you must drink then make sure you come out of ketosis by eatinga good meal at lunch- otherwise do not do it. Really what is cutting out alcohol for a couple of months versus liver and kidney damage?
well like all pleasures in life there is always a down side lol. I would say drink if you want do but have something on your stomach. I wen out last night again and i said i would only have a few vodkas... a few vodkas turned into glasses of wine and shots.... very very very bad idea!!! the problem with having a couple is it normally leads to more. This is my last night out now for a while thank god and just want to concentrait on my LT. I have a hangover from hell today and im really craving food and its very very hard, so just remember that the next day is horrendous for sticking to LT.
Glad I read this one as I have a few nights out coming up (including my own birthday) and obviously Christmas/New Year so I don't think I'll bother having a drink.

What ARE the risks of drinking whilst in Ketosis though? Just how dangerous is it? Sounds grim.

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