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doctors orders!!


Back on the diet train...
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hey guys not wrote for abit but not been well. :(. ive been told by the doctor to stop the diet until i ad finished my antibiotics an wait a few days after (this was nearly 2wks ago).

anyway ive been feelin really sori for myself and as a result my plan 2 eat healthy until i could restart backfired big time. :cry:. ive ate total rubbish an feel so drained an blah wiv the added downer of feelin like a failure. i keep cryin an cnt b bothered doin anythin.

i avnt been on here tho coz felt bad coz not really got thru my 1st wks. cheated 1st time an 2nd doctor ordered me off. i felt like i didnt deserve, if thats the right word, to be here at the mo if im not on LT an didnt wana moan bout not doin my 1st wk agen. so ive spent the last wk hidin. :eek:

anyway i went to the doctors 2day an she sed i can restart on monday. this is great news as i can get back on track the only thing im worried about is the fact this will b my 3rd restart an im scared i will giv in after a few days coz it was harder the 2nd time after 1 cheat but ive bin back on all the naughty foods for over a wk now, so worried it will b tough. :argh: :help2:

so been readin everyones posts 2 get my inspiration back and stop feelin so down.

wish me luck guys!! im gona need it!!
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Otherwise known as Jools
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Awww poor you, but you know that we are all here to help and inspire each other. Take it one day at a time and before you know it you will be in Ketosis and the time will fly by and the weight will drop off.

Come on here regularly to moan, praise, cry, seek advice and help etc - anything in fact and it will soon be a breeze :D :D You will do it :D
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*hugest hugs* Bex. I was wondering where you were. So sorry to hear you're feeling poorly sweetie. It must be the weather as so many people have been ill.

Do not hide! That's the worst thing you can do! You know us in here. Everyone is lovely and will totally understand what you're going through. They'll be here to help and support, pull you through the tough times.

It won't be hard to start again if you keep repeating in your head the reasons for doing this. Keep coming on here and reading about people's success stories. Ask for help if you feel yourself slipping. There's always someone here to give out a good ass whooping!

Good luck for Monday! You'll not need it as you're going to do it this time!
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Positive thinking! Keep your head up and remember how good the first weigh in feels! I beleive if you get by your first wk, you can get by anything..Best of luck & no matter how crap you feel come on here for support, We are all in the same boat. You deserve to be here as much as the rest of us. Best of luck and delighted to hear your fully recovered! xx
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ah hun, hope ur feeling happier soon. i say jump straight back in, ull soon be losing loads of weight.

good luck hun

x x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Bex, you are moving in the right drection by getting back on here. You have had a run of bad luck and you can turn it around. Get back on the LT train and keep on this forum, good and bad days. Just take it a day at a time and the first week will fly in. Lots of luck.
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You've made the right choice coming back here for the support, just think of the weight losses you will see on the scales. Best of luck x
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ah hun i know you feel down but you will make it threw this time just think about how you felt after eating all bad foods bloated sluggish and guilty lt will not only give you a break from dat it will change your life for the better you will learn loads about yourself in the process of losing weight. you will be stronger than you can ever imagine. give it a go and remember wen you feel tempted come on here and talk about it before you eat.


Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey guys thanks soo much for all ur supportive comments. its really helped put me back on track an get my focus back 2.

it means alot that i can discuss it on here an not b judged. its gonna take some gettin used 2 tho coz bin used 2 just hidin from every1 an bein on my own wen fings get tough (usually wiv food).

thanks agen, ur a great bunch!! :)
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Sorry to hear you've been unwell - hope you're better now!

It sounds like you've had time to think about LT while you were off it & maybe you can use how you've felt while eating to drive you on through that tough week. All the best with it & keep on here, it'll help!!


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