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Does anyone else have probs with Carbs!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Last week at w.i i sts! ... and was telling my leader that the past week id been having 2 crumpets every day! and somtimes bread for lunch to! .. Even though these were counted into my daily points is there such thing as eating to many carbs?

My meals are usually meat veg and pots, rice, pasta or noodles!

she suggested i cut out eating the crumpets for the week

Does anyone have a prob with eating carbs as regard to losing weight? or do you think it shouldnt matter as long as using within your allowance?

thanks for opinions xx
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I have been eating a lot of bread this week and am wondering the same. I know you would lose weight quicker without the bread but find that I am happier being able to eat a sandwich for lunch every day. Monday is my weigh in and I will see then!
Carbs are my downfall, really slows down any weightloss and can sometimes cause a gain. I tend to stay away from them as much as possible, and only eat Nimble bread x
Hi Hun

Have you been tested at the docs? I have an intolerance to carbs (Basically I don't use them for fuel I store them) Doesn't stop me from having them though as I am a carb addict.
I did do a week with no bread and it made no difference to my weight loss.

Try it for a week and see.

I have to admit I havent really found it makes a difference, some weeks I have more than others and cant honestly say Ive suffered for it mind you I do eat the 50/50 crustless bread which is much smaller and lighter than regular bread

Id say the important thing is to stay within your points.
This is the bread that I eat - it works out at half a point a slice going by the info on the package but if you weigh it on the WW scales it works out at more!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ahh i never thought of that! .. Thankyou Im wondering if my docs would do this if i just requested it! hehe
i have swopped to ww bread and ww rolls, i tend to eat alot of carbs too, helps my ibs symptoms and fills me up enough, my downfall is sweets i used to eat loads, now i just dream i am


Going From Flab to FAB!
Oh sweets! ... I was going to make a post about sweet cravings! think ill go that now! thanks for reminding me! hehe ..

Im also going to give ww bread a try xx
Yes, carbs will make a diff!


Answer is yes, eating carbs will slow fat loss! It WILL come off if eating within points but it WILL be slower.

Carbohydrates (glucose) affect insulin production and blood sugar levels. Excess energy will be stored as fat. Basic body function to keep you alive and well. Not so good when you want rid!!!

So even within points your bodies blood glucose and insulin will be all over the show and making like a hamster at harvest!

Sorry to break to news but too many carbs spoil the weigh in.....

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