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Does Exante taste ok?


Gonna get slim
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Hi all,

I read on another thread that Exante is one of the least expensive VLCDs. I'm currently doing the cambridge diet and have 4 packs a day (as i'm over 5'7). I don't really like any of the soups and just have the shakes, bars and tetras (ready made cartons). This costs me £52 a week. A friend recently tried Exante but said that he didn't like the taste of the packs and preferred the packs from when he did Cambridge. I'm just wondering if there is a real difference in taste or if it's more of a mind set. I know that Cambridge costs less than Lighterlife but if I could find something which is better value whilst i'm in 'the zone' I might be better off financially. But I don't want to mess things up either...be good to hear from others who have been in the same predicament.

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It's all personal taste I prefer Exante to LL and Cambridge but no tetras sadly :) they are less sweet a little more natural tasting :) some like to add a few sweetners


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Having done cd many times and now exante I must say I prefer the taste of exante but you don't get tetras like you do with cd. If you can do it without tetras come over to the darkside lol x


Been liberated by Exante!
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YES they taste good, and you do get used to them. I see them as fuel rather than meals. Some are better than others and the bars dont do it for me but other think they are great.
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The Shakes and Soups taste good! I've not been too keen on the bars but that's just down to me being fussy!! lol!
When i first started i was not too sure about the taste.. but they taste really good now that i am in the zone and know they are gonna get me thinner and healthier..
good luck with whatever you choose xx


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The shakes have a better consistency on Exante and the chocolate and vanilla are yummy. The bars are bigger. Haven't tried the soups yet as didn't like them on Cambridge so am a bit tentative about those. However I would say there is not a huge difference between them. I do miss the idea of a weigh-in with counsellor on Exante though so you have to be better disciplined...


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Hi. I've just started on Exante, having used CD previously. Like you the financial saving swayed me (that and the fact I don't have a car now, so can't get to a counsellor).

I was a bit hesitant because I liked pretty much all of the CD products, particularly the tetras (frozen) and the porridge - neither of which are available on Exante. I didn't like the CD soups though, so I wasn't sure which bumper pack to go for.

Anyway, I decided to take the risk and try the multi one and I'm glad I did. I've tried one of everything now and I actually like them all. As others have already said the sweet ones are less sweet than CD, but I personally prefer that. The soups are fine and I find they mix up better than the CD ones. I can mix a soup with a whisk, without any lumps (makes it easier to take a soup to work without having to premix).

Being able to buy a VLCD product online is great and the deliveries are quick, its just then a matter of willpower, with having no counsellor weekly weigh-in to help keep you on track.

So, I'd say go for it and good luck :)


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I prefer the Exante shakes, they are very creamy and not too sweet. I am not a great fan of soups anyway, but they are also quite creamy although the vegetable stays with me for a long while!

The bars are fine. They are big and they can be taken out for a meal on the go without melting. They are also don't taste of chocolate which is a big plus if you are a chocoholic and they can be divided up into pieces and eaten during the day rather than a whole bar at a time.
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im loving the exante packs so far! they are really thick and creamy. they mix really well too.
i just use a shaker. the bar takes ages to eat which is great for me :)
the shakes taste like ice cream :)
good luck xxx

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