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Does my bum look big in this....?

LOL - Isn't that a question we've all asked (OK, maybe not the blokes lurking here) only to be provided with the answer - 'Of course not dear' or maybe the non-committal ' You look lovely!' Usually to be interpreted as 'Yes dear, your bum does look big, it ALWAYS looks big because it IS big, but I wouldn't dream of telling you that.' :bunnydance:

Well, I have always admired those with the figure to look fab in the tight running trousers - yes, you know the ones ;).

Today, ladies and gents ... drumroll please....

.....I purchased a pair of such trousers :eek:, yes, for me :eek::eek: :rolleyes:. I know, saggy belly, low slung bum, still working on finding my ankles... little 'ol ME! I'm running (?) a 5k in the morning and felt I wanted to try on some proper gear for once. Never felt like that before. Didn't think I would like myself in them, but when I looked in the mirror it wasn't too bad... so I stepped out of the changing room and showed OH. Well, his jaw hit the floor :p.

I think, for the first time ever, he was quite sincere in saying he thought I looked fab!!

Hopefully he'll take some pics tomorrow and I can ask everyone here 'Does my bum look big in this?'

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hope you have a good time tomorrow - looking forward to seeing some pics!
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
WOW! Can't wait for the pics, I'm sure you look devine! You are rather dinky now you know!!

Good luck with the race!!


Playing the Angel
Big Hugs TI and congrats, it is soooo gratifying isn't it. I bet you are gonna look fantastic tomorrow, take lots of piccies for us and post them. Can't wait to hear how it all goes on the 5km tomorrow. Hope the weather is ok that side, it sure is s**te here in London.

Great T-I

It was his jaw that hit the floor - not your bum!
Good luck with the run. Feel good in the troosers. I have been told they hold you in like firm young muscles!
Would you have done the run before LL?


Staff member

Looking forward to the photos!

Love Mini xxx


Silver Member
Good Luck TI!!! xxx
so how did it go?!
how much did you run?
and more importantly where are the pics!

hope you had fun
daisy x

Beautiful day here today, but bitterly cold first thing. I did complete the 5k - managed it in a time of 38 mins which was running more than walking.

I had to drag my 7yr old for the first km which made it difficult as there were loads of folk to get past, but by the second km she and the 9yr old had decided to go for it and left me behind :eek: and finished together a minute ahead of me :cry:. Suprised, but I really quite enjoyed it!

I'm aiming to do some jogging over the winter following the Jog Scotland guide, then find a 5k to enter early next year and run the whole way round. I want to be in the Loch Ness 10k race in October 2010.

Remind me of this when the dark nights start at 3pm and go on until 10 am and I'm posting here instead of being out running!

Forgot to say - OH took a couple of pics on a digital camera - so I'll get hold of them and post as soon as.
oh well done you!
thats not a bad time at all

daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
Great stuff TI! I'm always envious of runners. I can't even run on the Wii active, my knee just goes to pot!
Well done T I

I really admire you for doing that.
Congatulations and good luck for the other events.
Well done TI!
i think a 5k run would kill me at the moment but hopefully after a few more stones off i might feel a bit better - still too much wobbling about at the moment and I would look like a lumpy sack of taties in those trousers!!!
You've done so well you and your O must be really proud.
Milli x
Thanks everyone.
Couple of pics posted.
Where did you post the pics if you don't mind me asking??

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