"Don't go by your own scales..." so how come?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Zayna, 25 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Zayna

    Zayna Full Member

    I'm reading over and over that people haven't lost weight when they've weighed themselves on their own scales, but lost pounds and pounds when they're weighed by the pharmacist.

    Is nobody suspicious about that? I mean, are you sure they're not altering the scales before you step on them?
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  3. Crims

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  4. DQ

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    Because the scales at home may not be calibrated, the surface you use will affect the results, what you are wearing, what you have drunk, what time of day, etc etc etc

    But if you weigh every week on the same scales which have not been moved and HAVE been calibrated, you will be able to see over a period of time your results..
  5. Starlight

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    Ive found my weight can fluctuate by several pounds depending on which part of the floor I put them on!!! I only trust my once a week wi where its the same set of scales on the same place lol
  6. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

    i weighmyself now lol i just walk into the private room and step on whilst i wait for her to finish serving people so i know she doesnt tamper with mine plus i weigh at boots once a week and although i am heavier on boots scales 'by about 3lbs' they still show the same loss every week....i think people when weighing at home weigh mostly at the wrong time of day i.e just after drinking a litre of water, i experimented with this at my mums shop just out of curiousity, i weighed myself,drank my 1 litre of water in about ten minutes then waited another 5 minutes and had gained over 1lb in the space of time, just to see if it was true when people said dont get weighed when u have drank alot of water etc anyway i am blabbing on now but i think u get what i mean lol xxxxxx
  7. Porgeous

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    In the words of Barry Manilow...."could it be magic?".... I'm lowering the tone aren't I?? xx
  8. nicki26

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  9. akasja

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    I weigh myself every morning (just after I've had my morning pee!) - it agrees with my weight from my first WI - it's interesting to see loss on a daily basis. For instance, I started last Monday and could easily see 2 pounds loss up to Friday. Worked from home on friday and didnt see any loss on saturday morning, and very little loss yesterday morning. Only reason I can think is that I havent been drinking the same amount of water as I would have been at work
  10. cuddlyfairy

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    Zayna, I don't rely on my scales coz they are cheap ones and change all the time. I rely on my WI as that is once a week and it is easy to become obsessed at home.

    I weigh myself at home occasionally just out of curiosity.

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