Extra Easy dont like quark or cottage cheese!


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hi all im new to slimming world and have been trying out some of the recipes , i made a cheese cake today with quark and neither me or oh liked it , ended up in the bin .
tomorrow i would like to make a quiche however im not keen on using the quark again as im throwing away more food than im eating , im also not a fan of cottage cheese .

can i make quiche without these , any nice recipes would also be great thanks
im on extra easy by the way
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I don't know what you could use as an alternative, but to be honest when you are making a quiche the cottage cheese is so well blended that you won't even know it is there.

You won't even taste it either.


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Or you could just use eggs, after all when making a full-fat quiche that's all they would use in the filling.


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i find quark disgusting no matter what!

if you make cheesecake again perhaps you could make individual ones and use a healthy extra b choice as your cheesecake filling on a green day. you can have philidelphia light, philidelphia extra light, ricotta cheese.

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I made a quiche the other day. i just used 3 eggs and a little pot of cottage cheese. was lovely, and you couldn't taste the cottage cheese at all. My oh doesn't like cottage cheese either but said he really liked the quiche :)


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Whizz teh cottage cheese with a couple of eggs as people have said. Really does not take like cottage cheese. I used teh same principal for cauliflower cheese - was really nice!


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I always make a quiche using a tub of quark which I beat in with 6 eggs.
To that I add, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and any veg I may have on hand
I use a lasagna dish to bake.
You cannot taste the quark at all. I have taken this to taster evenings at SW, as well as offered it to non SW people and everybody enjoyed.