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Dotty's Doing the Harcome Diet - week 3 and going well

Well here go - Day 1 of Phase 1 is well & truly underway with eggs and bacon for breakfast & on my second cup of tea already (first one a fruit tea & a big mug of Rooibos for my 2nd). I'm working today, so have to take lunch with me which is a bit of a pain, but I've got half a mug of soup (see Raring to go thread for details!!!) and I'm going to take a prawn salad, with tomatoes & olives, I think I'll also take some NLY in case I get hungry as I won't be having my mid morning biccies, pre-lunch crisps or post lunch chocolate (don't know how I've put my weight back on again do you? :p )

Think I'll take some Nurofen to work as well just in case as I know the caffeine & sugar withdrawal will hit at some point today, although hopefully not till later & not too bad as I'm out rehearsing this evening!

Right let's go make some salad & get everything ready for work - I'm very excited and have such high hopes for this diet, so I hope neither me or it let me down!

Jan x
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I felt exactly like you last monday, apprehensive and wondering if it would work.... so far so good for me though so i hope you get the same feeling this time next week x
Thanks hun, me too :D
Well I’ve surprised myself by how lovely my red pepper soup was! Had a bit of a mare making it, but it turned out just fine and I thought it was a really small portion as I poured it straight into tall Tupperware containers yesterday, but when I transferred it into a bowl I was pleasantly surprised. I had my lunch early – 11.30 as I was starting to feel peckish and I thought it was only a small portion of soup so that was going to be my starter but I’m pleasantly full now & will save my salad for later on.
The soup was lovely although would be improved if I didn’t have bits of burnt red onion in it – won’t cook them for so long next time!!
The recipe’s in the recipe book, so if anyone hasn’t got it and wants to know – just shout and I’ll share.
Actually it may be a good idea to set up a recipe thread if we have a particularly good one to share to make it easy to find. May do that later :D
Thanks, so far, so good. Not been too hungry, starting to feel peckish now but it is 5 o'clock & just starting to get a headache so will take something to try & nip it in the bud.

Change of plan for tonight's dinner though, was going to make the BNS curry, but just realised I forgot to get creamed coconut, I can't face going out again now, so we'll have that tomorrow & have chicken stir-fry & rice as poor hubby is struggling and hungry & that should fill him up :)

It's quite nice to think I've nearly done Day 1 and there are only 4 more days on Phase 1, it is nice & short only being 5 days and not a week :D
Ow my head is absolutely banging, started about 6 o'clock yesterday evening and hasn't let up, despite nurofen. it's what I expected though as I always get a headache on any diet as I'm always cutting down my sugar and this time I've got caffeine too so I knew it was going to be bad, but it's making me feel quite sick now :sigh:

Thing is I'm quite a headachey person anyway and recently have been getting a lot of headaches which I think were down to my poor diet, so I'm hoping that once I get the next couple of days out of the way and this headache eases, I can say goodbye to having so many frequent headaches on my new healthy eating regime!

Note to self - DO make this the last diet ever, make the changes for good so you don't have to go this again!!! :p
Well done for sticking at it hun, you must have some serious cravings/intolerances to be suffering that much so just keep focussed and this diet should make you feel on top of the world by the weekend! xx
Thanks Karen, I hope so :)
Day 3 and I'm feeling really rough, I guess it's the candida dying off (I blooming hope so) and i still have an horrendous headache. I slept for 2 hours during the day yesterday, went to be at 8.30 and slept right through till my alarm at 7 this morning.

I'm feeling achey and tired (still) today, but the worst thing is the headache and I really want something sweet.

However, I'm sticking with it, as I don't want to go all this again and the very good news is that I'm already 4lb done, which I'm really pleased with.

I just hope this headache and feeling so yuk passes soon :)
aww thanks - I'll be glad when it does but as I'm more than halfway through phase 1 now it's nice to know that P2 is just around the corner :)
Gawd I feel awful this morning - the headache is actually clearing - hooray, however I do believe a herd of elephants trampled over me in my sleep last night as I'm aching all over & am sniffly like I'm getting a cold!

I'd like to fast-forward a week now & wake up with a bounce and feeling good - really had to drag my butt out of bed this morning :(

It will get better and I'm hanging on in there, not really craving anything I have to say, although would like something sweet and I'm not hungry which is good and I'm enjoying the food - just fed up with feeling so cr*p :rolleyes:


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I felt exactly the same as you during Phase 1. I had to have a nap during the day and was in bed before the children. It wasn't until day 7/8 so Sun/Mon that I started to feel normal. Today is day 11 for me and I really do feel fantastic. I have loads of energy and have been so busy over the past couple of days.

Stick with it.
Thanks that's good to know, fed up with feeling like this but I know it'll pass :)
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:wavey: Hi MD
Here's hoping that tomorrow you'll feel much better - well done for sticking with it:D
Thanks Helen xx
Day 5 (at last) and still all is not well in the Dotty household or should I say the Dotty body as still feeling quite rough, so achey all over :sigh:

Fed up with it now but there's no turning back as if I give in now I either give up completely and I don't want to do that as this diet makes sense to me, or I have a mad moment and prolong the agony so to speak. I know I'll feel better sooner or later so I've just got to plod on - feeling very sorry for myself LOL.

So day 5 has dawned and I've just had my bacon & eggs for breakfast and I'm pleased to see the back of them, they're ok for breakfast now & again but not every day and I'm sooooo looking forward to having something different tomorrow, probably berries & NLY oh yum! Hubby however is loving his bacon & eggs and will carry on I'm sure. Other than that I don't think I'll be introducing too many other things, I'm not bothered about bread, may have some cheese but it's the sweet things I'm craving, so again, I know this is doing me good and the Candida is making me feel so ill & craving sugar sooooo much - I could kill someone for a biscuit/chocolate right now!

I'm also looking forward to having a cup of coffee tomorrow - decaff of course but with cream as I've had no coffee this week, just can't face black coffee. i thought earlier in the week I was craving coffee, but realised in fact I was craving cappuccinos, which when I make them at home using my Dolce Gusto machine, they're slightly sweetened and I think I was missing the sweetness more than the actual coffee taste. So it'll be nice to have a cup of coffee for a change but I don't think I'm actually craving coffee.

Have a good day all :)
Thanks Irene xx

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