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Down but not out

:cry: having a very bad day today. just feel like eating a gallon of ice cream and massive slab of chocolate :break_diet: had first side effects today too just to top it all off :( not going to be beaten thou.

sorry for the moan but knew i could moan here and be understood
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Aww, Sall! I had some side effects aswell..not too bad. I mean everything was solid..it was just..orange//oil when i wiped..Ergh. Sorry for the discription! Ha..Dont let things get you down..and you can always talk to me or any of us really if there's something bothering you..Just remember..It's all for a good cause!
aww thanks binny :) knew i could count on you girls. mine wasnt solid but no oil. its the good cause that is keeping me going. usually would have caved by now but know i need to do this and finding all you guys on here is helping me no end :)
def not giving up but just gets you down. been keepign to the less than 15g per meal and no oily food and this. think its just the withdrawl from sugary stuff and chocolate. just so pleased got all you guys here :D
def not giving up but just gets you down. been keepign to the less than 15g per meal and no oily food and this. think its just the withdrawl from sugary stuff and chocolate. just so pleased got all you guys here :D
aww me too :D I just cant figure where i am going wrong :( its really annoying me know, and its probably something so simple!!
i wish i knew too. been keeping to low fat everything or less than 5g per 100 :( just so annoying


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Aw Sal, big hugs! It's a good idea to moan here when you're having a good day cos it's so much better to rant about it and let it all out instead of keeping it bottled up and caving in because of it. No doubt I'll have one of those days soon enough, I'm a massive junk food fan and it's a real struggle to avoid it, but we're all sticking together, and we can do it! :) We're all here for you, you know you can do it! :D
my mum and my best mate is being very supportive about it but they just dont understand when they dont have weight issues. i am very pleased i found this forum and people who are finally going through it too :D think i would have caved by now if didnt have you guys :D *big hugs to all*


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I feel exactly the same! I would have given up by now if I didn't have you girls, so thanks! :) We're all in this together, we can do it! :D
I'm the same as you guys..especially when I have a junk food//take away junkie as my other half!! It's really hard and like all of you..I would have caved if it wasn't for the fact that I look forward to getting on here and I'd be soo disappointed in myself if I had to say I messed up or gave in..Oh well..Thanks girls!! xx
yay big group hug :D always used to check in FB first and now its here :D

that WW pizza as definitely cured my take away craving :D just got to find something for the chocolate craving now lol

thanks for being here girls :grouphugg: always here for you all too
Aww..Hehe..I know..I've been alternating between which I check first...this or FB. Lol. Hmm..is there some sort of ....hot chocolate that's low in fat...?? or I doubt it's that much anyway..Hmm..will have to try the WW pizza!
oh you should do they are lovely. had the margarita pizza tonight and it was lovely :D i think the options ones but not checked it out yet
the options ones are a no no, unfortunately. I got some in then checked it today and it was more than 5g per 100g. I had some last night too :( mine was the chocolate brownie one.. So disappointed as i was hoping to have this to cure my cravings!! How about a lowfat choc mousse or one of the w/w desserts!!
sure i heard somewhere that the options was ok. oh poo back to the drawing board then lol need to look up some low fat choc desserts. need to fix this craving somehow
I know that cadbury is like...5.9 per 100g...and like 4.4g of fat per serving if you use semi skimmed milk...you could always try half water and half skimmed milk with 2 scoops instead of 3..if ur desperate that is. Lol.
lol it would be oh poo for sure lol lol chocolate weetabix is in the allowance :D happy days are here again

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