Dreaming you're eating


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OMG, had the weirdest night, I was eating a roast dinner and loving it, then realised that Im on a diet and cant eat anything, have totally ruined my diet and am devastated:mad: :mad: , the guilt and despair it was awful.:( :eek: :mad: :eek: :( :(

Next thing i realise im looking at the alarm clock and to my relief realise it was all a dream (nightmare). It was sooooo real I could take the roast potatoes;)

Ive been on diet just over three weeks, Does this happen often, is this the first of many im gonna experience, :confused:

Advice please
I don't know if it happens often for pople but I had a dream abut eating last night too. But they're the best kind of times to eat cos theres no carbs calories or fat in it :)
Oh yes food dreams are very common.

I used to dream of Lasagne all the time!

But look at it as a calorie free treat that keeps you in ketosis!!

I do this too....can never really remember what I've been 'eating' but I know it's always something that isn't part of the CD plan !!! :p

Lasagne sounds good though, Mike ! could go a portion of that ;)
Me to!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi hun!

I'm on week 4 too.
For the last week I've been waking up feeling awful thinking "i've gone and messed it up AGAIN!" - it's only when I've come round that I realise the delicious food that I was tasting was actually in my dreams!!!
I know what u mean, it's very weird - actually tasting the food... but hey, its calorie free so I look forward to sleeping!!!

Much love,
Chelle xx
Yep it's very normal to dream like this!! I used to feel devastated that i'd broken the diet and the wave of relief after i realised it was all a dream was immense! It certainly helped me stay abstinent!!!