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Since I've started this diet I've been having really really vivid and often distressing dreams.

I dont know if it's started because Ive been re evaluating things in life a lot more now I've committed to getting slim and trying to act in 'Adult' mode or if I'm craving the things that I used to allow to happen to me and bowing down to my schemas (if that makes any sense at all) :eek:

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? :confused:

The alarm kept going off this morning and I immediately burst into tears and wanted to stay hidden away under the duvet for the day. Fortunately my lovely BF gave me a cuddle and then told me to get my backside in gear as I was a) late for work and b) making his shoulder wet!!!

Kitty xxx
Oh yes, Kitty - my dreams get incredibly vivid on SS! And if I have a bad one, I'm upset for the whole day! I was discussing this with a client yesterday - it's just so bonkers, isn't it!

So glad your lovely man gave you a cuddle to make it all better - he loves you sooooo much! He's such a sweetie!

Hope your day gets better, honey!
Awww thank you Issy, he's lovely. I constantly pinch myself because I can't believe given the geography that we ever met in the first place, and that he'd fall for me. Damn that low self esteem.

I'm getting to the point where, I'm tired but I dread going to bed because I don't want to have bad dreams. I'm glad to hear it is a diet thing though, because it was starting to freak me out a bit.

Love Kitty xxx
Hi Kitty,
I think you will find it will go away so don't dread going to sleep. I found that my head seemed to be working out all kinds of things in my sleep at the start of my VLCD but it was the first couple of weeks only. Its a big life changing thing to committ too. I found that the more I wrote down when I was awake, the less disturbed my sleep was. In week 9 now its not a problem at all !

I did wonder if something was going on chemically/hormonally as well with such a big change of diet but I don't understand enough about all that to know.

Be gentle with yourself and let that nice BF take care of you !
I had alsorts of weird dreams the first few week of SS. BUT I don't dream at all now. Or at least nothing I remember once I wake? I could easily believe it's down to adjustments in your body chemical balance as it gets used to fat-burning. I'm on week 22 now I think :eek: :D
Strange, I don't dream now actually. (Or can't remember)Even though I still wake up 2 to 3 times a night, I still sleep more soundly than I have for years. Must be happiness.
I feel really down today, I'm so tired because I'm having terrible nights :(
I'm 2 months in to the diet today so hope they stop soon

Kitty xx
I've not been noticing any dreams at all for last couple of weeks... I have noticed the last few days that I've seemed wide awake when i get into bed.

I'm kind of missing the dreams I had about food in the first couple of weeks.. I quite looked forward to them.. well apart from the one I had about cabbage soup which was so wrong!!!!!! :eek: