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Drinks we are "allowed"

Ok, so I'm trying to think of all the things that aren't officially allowed to drink but things that we are "allowed" - i.e. things with Malic acid instead of citric acid.

My list so far goes:

Perfectly Clear Red Apple
Perfectly Clear Strawberry & Kiwi
Superdrug Still Strawberry
Tesco Diet Cranberry Kick
Asda Diet Cranberry Blue Charge
Coke Zero

Anymore out there??:)
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I totally disagree with all drinks listed above. I know CD have said you can 'try' certain drinks after 2 weeks on SS, however, over many years I have found the majority who stray from plain water, black tea and coffee invariably have problems sticking to the diet or their weightloss slows down.

Even though CD have agreed certain drinks it does come with an 'at your own peril' warning. Remember its not just malic v citric acid some of these drinks do have calories and do contain flavourings that can start off cravings.

If you are serious about losing your weight as quickly as possible please stick to the basics.

Sorry Coley but I just do not agree with the additions.


I know some people can get away with this but just an example I had one particular customer losing 7 or 8 lbs per week every week then suddenly his weight loss changed to 3lb one week 2lb next and he was complaining of feeling hungry.

I asked if he had eaten anything, no was the answer was he drinking enough water? Oh he said I am now drinking more than ever I am having perfectly clear and coke zero. I advised him to return to plain water and the following week he lost 8lb. He went on to lost 9 stones and never felt hungry once.

So I know we are told you can have certain drinks once ketosis is established, this is fairly new, I really never advise any of my clients to do this, the above example is just one of many I can quote.

We have all been told we can 'cook' one muffin a day yet as I am sure you are aware Coley last week at training the new counsellors were told they could not do this.

I prefer to stick to the tried and tested methods and the results being achieved by my customers are excellent, the only time we seem to have problems is when 'extras' are added.

Everyone is different and only you will find out if you are one of the lucky ones who can get away with this.

End of lecture now.......................
Hi ya,:D

I do actually agree with Linda. Its the craving side of the extra's that I don't like. The Tried and tested methods are what we should be sticking to and it works.

The listed extra drinks are a great idea for those who cannot go without, but please try and avoid them if you can. Water is water and the extra can become a run away train.

Nick :) :)
Although I agree with you Linda & Nick, I think this thread may be handy for those who are struggling with the water etc. As long as we all know & accept that the best (and lets be honest, easiest) way to lose the weight is to stick to the rules and that CD havent made those rules without good reason, then maybe a list of things that arent as bad as others can be helpful to some people.

That said, anyone who tries any of the above also needs to accept that there is the chance of knocking themselves out of ketosis and making the whole thing harder than it needs to be (like I bluddy seem to be doing!)



Gone fishing
You could always mention CD flavour drink with sparkling water :)

I'm another one in agreement with Linda on this. As we know, once people fall off the wagon, sometimes it's really hard to get back on again.

If they try one of these drinks and it doesn't suit, they could fall and that might make the whole journey longer, not just the rest of the day.

I remember when this topic came up on the pink site a couple of years ago. I told my CDC all excitedly and she just shook her head and said "no"....but it was ok!!! I read about it!!! She still said "no".

I'm really pleased she adopted that line.
The maximum of any of these drinks is a pint a day.

I have asked for a list of what we can/can't eat, can/can't drink etc etc from Head Office as there are so many variables being introduced then taken away its confusing for us CDS's as well as for clients.

Consistency is the key, I started when we all copied exactly what Dr. Howard said, after all he researched and invented this diet. Back then we were told even a slice of lemon is a glass of water did affect ketosis in some people.

Head Office have agreed we do need to have a more definitive list.

Times do move on and products hit the market which could be compatible. Even though CD HO do say you can have these drinks they are not entirely happy with it. Water is the best fluid to have for everyday health.

However, as Kazz says if it means being able to stay with the diet and breaking it completely then the new allowable fluids in the right quantities is an option.

As KD said the CD waterflavours are an option, however, even these have been restricted to 1 teaspoon per day. I know many who have more without any effect.

Adams Ale still comes out tops with me.
Adams Ale still comes out tops with me.
Have to say I agree with you....I can normally drink lots of water and love it most of the time. I get my 'variation' from having it as tap water, or plain bottled, or fizzy bottled....oooooohhhh and then theres the warm just off the boil as well;) Although, I have been misbehaving the past few days I am very determined to do this properly!
I have been on CD since the end of September 2006 and have lost 80 pounds (almost 6 stone) so far.

Since about the end of October I have been drinking a 2 litre bottle of Perfectly Clear Strawberry and Kiwi sparkling water per day and havent touched any plain water since.

As far as I am concerned it hasnt affected my diet at all as I still lost more than a stone a month, and it hasnt affected ketosis with me at all. That isnt to say it wont affect someone else differently, personally I couldnt have survived without this water as plain water just made the diet so much more difficulty to stick to for me :)

Each to their own I guess, but i would still like to know of any other drink out there that we may be able to drink without possible side affects.

Think I will try the Tesco and Asda cranberry drinks listed above next, as at 78p per 2 litre bottle of Perfectly Clear from Asda the cost of the diet sure goes up for me :p
Pepsi Max. Ive been having it for a few months, and have been losing 4-5 pounds a week. My councellor used to drink loads of the stuff whilst in Ketosis, and said it didnt impact her, and it hasnt to me yet either
Ohhh I love Pepsi Max, what a good idea...only problem I would have is isnt it like coke where it can be addictive and bad for your gut? I went through withdrawal with coke last year and wouldnt like to do that again after giving it up!

Pepsi Max. Ive been having it for a few months, and have been losing 4-5 pounds a week. My councellor used to drink loads of the stuff whilst in Ketosis, and said it didnt impact her, and it hasnt to me yet either
Ok, not sure why I'm getting negative rep points for this!:(

If you can do without, then great. Well done to you. Some of us find it difficult.

Obviously best to do without, but if it gets you through then you should have it!
negative rep points? Thought we couldnt do that anymore??


a bit different everyday
I can't imagine wanting to drink so much fizzy now- i used to drink loads of coke but now the thought of feeling all bloaty puts me off, am actually loving the 'clean' feeling of water but when going out in social aituations it is handy to keep in mind things one could have in small amounts
i wanted to ask about the marigold bouliion is it allowed- i have some but haven't had it yet?

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