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Dropped 2 dress sizes!

Well I have now officially dropped 2 dress sizes!!!!!!! I had to buy a new black work trouser suit last month because my old trousers were falling off me, and then this morning I have had to do an emergency take-in of the waistband of the new ones because they too are now falling down!!!

I LOVE Atkins!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

It's going to cost me a fortune in clothes though :rolleyes:
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Well done!!!! It's a good feeling, but a bugger when its an entire wardrobe your having to change every few months! lol!

I'm waiting patiently to drop a dress size but dont seem to be losing from my waist at the moment, but my face is looking quite skinny lol! ;)
you looooooooooooooooooser !!! xx


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Well done Chookieboo, fantastic work!
Thanks all! To answer ChubbyMonkey's question, I've been "dabbling" with trying to lose weight since Christmas, I lost 6lb then it all ground to a halt. Only started to take it seriously at the end of February, which is when I started low-carbing, so about 2 months really! It's worked out at about a dress size per stone.

I'm REALLY chuffed with myself! Loving the fact that all my waistbands are loose and I'm having to pull them all in with a good belt! It's just a shame most of my work trousers don't have belt loops :(
..... and I put it all down to my discovery of the chocolate mim, for which I have you guys to thank, I would never have discovered it if it wasn't for this forum! The chocolate mim (with a dash of cream) is a godsend and has kept me on the straight and narrow!!!


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well done :bliss: :bliss:


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Well done:happy096:


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Well done you! It's a great feeling to have clothes fall of you lol. I beam all day when I know that I've lost a shirt/jeans size.


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Well done! It's the best feeling!


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Wowee well done!


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Well done. I agree it's the best feeling ever:D
Awww, thanks all! I'm particularly enjoying the fact that people are starting to notice I've lost weight, so I loosen my belt and do the stand-sideways-and-hold-trouser-waist-out thing to show how much my waistline has shrunk!! :D
Fantastic, well done. It's a truly wonderful feeling, isn't it? The best!
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Well done you .Its a great feeling being able to fit into smaller sizes

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