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dukan help??


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Have a look at the daily menu threads and you can see what we are eating.
Basically there is the attack stage :- protein and fat free dairy only, then after a couple of days on that the cruise stage where you do one day protein only and the next protein and veg - you carry this on until you get to ideal weight. Then you have consolidation where you start adding more things into diet like bread, fruit etc.

This is a low fat low carb diet.
The book is a really good read, although you can have a look at the following articles to get the idea.

The ultimate diet:The French have kept it a secret for years. Now the protein rich Dukan Diet is coming to Britain | Mail Online

The Dukan Diet: Put your fat cells on a revolutionary weight-loss plan | Mail Online

The Dukan Diet: Want to stay slim for ever? Eat whatever you want - except on Thursdays | Mail Online

thanks alot for ur reply i think i will buy the book too ,to try to understand the concept behind the diet too

thanks x


** Chief WITCH **
Hello Jet and welcome. Yes I would advise buying the book for that very reason... also, depending on how much weight you have to lose, it's a fairly long term commitment to keep the weight off... so best to know about that before heading off and possibly only having a month to diet before [whatever occasion].

If you have any questions, feel free!
hi again !!

i lost a lot of weight in 2003 on ww and kept it off for 6 years but due to the unfortuate illness and death of my 19 year old son in jan this year ,ive but most off the weight back on ,i havent done it intentainly it just crept up so im back to square one with myself !!

thanks a lot for all ur help !!

jet x


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Oh im so so sorry to hear bout your loss xxx hugs xxx
get the book and have a good read. there is also the dukan website too. :D


** Chief WITCH **
Sincere condolences Jet... here you're among friends so feel free to come back when you've had a read...


Loves this site!
Hi Jet. Im just catching up on threads. Welcome and im deeply sorry to hear about your loss. Good luck on your Dukan journey. You are among friends on here and im sure i dont speak for myself when i say if in doubt ask, we are all friendly and will help where we can.
hi all again !!

to start with thanks all for ur condolences and hugs !!

ive ordered the book today so just waiting for it to come !!

ive got another prb lol ,sometimes i dont feel like eating at all is this really bad when ur on this diet .

jet x


** Chief WITCH **
The trouble with this diet is that it's already very low calorie because it's low carb... once in ketosis, we tend not to be that hungry admittedly, but it's not great for your health in general I'd have thought not to eat at all...

Perhaps following something like this might encourage you to find some tasty recipes to make food more interesting to you?

What do I know. After what you've been through, I'd say just be kind to yourself :)
maintainer !!

i really need a focus in life at the mo so if a diet is it so be it !!

also im having real prb's trying to enter my height /weight in the boxes it wont save !!

jet xx


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Hey jet. if you plan your meals out you might find it easier and make yourself eat. :D

what does it say when you try and save it?


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Hi Jet. It might be that you havent posted enough. Are you scrolling down to the save button at the bottom of the page? You must eat, if you dont your body will go into starvation mode and store the fat as it is confused into not knowing when the next meal is coming. You need to eat to lose weight hun. Silly i know but we all got here because we like to eat and now we are moaning we are never hungry. Us women are never happy are we. Lol
its saying im not using the correct format for height field .

my prb is i know that i need to eat to lose coz i kept my weight loss last time off for 6 yrs but its crept back on due to my careless and trying to keep my son happy through is illness which was food for him has thats where he was happy enjoying wot he ate ,so im back to trying to lose the blinking weight again !!

jet x


Loves this site!
It will only take your height in inches hun. With us we will help you keep it off. Any bad days tell us, we have all had them.


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Jet my mum was the same when my brother was terminally ill :(xxx
i went the opposite and lost a lot of weight, whicn then went back on. (complete yo-yoer i am)

This site is really great for all the good times and bad and I personally have made some great friends - we dont even discuss dieting half the time :D


** Chief WITCH **
I'm very sorry to hear that Vicky...

I was like Jet when I nursed my Mum through her last six months in 1997... finding foods which she could/would eat preoccupied my time, and in between meals I comforted myself with food...

I often think that my Mum would have loved to know me as I am now, size wise, yet here am I moaning about a stone...

Yes, as Vicky says, dieting brought us together here, but we share far more than that...

(((group hug))) <--- and I'm so not a huggy person!
thanks vicky ur a star !! its hard to lose someone you love and have given birth to and also for u to lose someone too !!

thanks vicky xx


Loves this site!
We love a good hug on here. Welcome officially now you've added your stats. We very rarely talk diets on here. Im sure you'll fit in well.

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