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Ebay help


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Hey guys,

Just want to find out some things from some of the people who sell stuff on ebay.

Do you list all your clothes separately? Would using a 'lot' be better? What are the best ways to sell them?

I have a lot of really nice clothes in a size 14 that I wont be using much longer. Some stuff still has the tags on it. I'm trying to save for a wedding and moving country so I'd prefer to sell them rather than give them away. Some things were quite expensive like Karen Millen/Coast dresses. Would these sell well? I've never worn them and would like to get a good price.

I've bought loads of stuff before but never sold anything. Should I set up a shop or just list everything individually?

Thanks for the help!
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I wouldnt bother with a 'shop' on Ebay personally

Ive been buying & selling for over 7 years on Ebay sporadically...but do ..do well

List clothes as seperates, bulk buys DO put people off and i never look at the job lots...again thats just my opinion

Keep postage prices realistic as too higher postage costs can also put people off

You'll do well with K.M items and anything else high end high street.

Make sure you detail leg length of trousers (if your selling those) and also dress length to hem..people will ask you everything through the 'ask a seller' option..so best detailing while your listing

Most importantly......make sure the pics you take are good & clear :)

Good luck!!! :D



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* I never look at job lots, so would definitely list them individually.

* Weigh each item and work out how much it would cost to post, add a small percentage and use that as your postal costs. It's really offputting when someone overcharges on postage because it makes you feel like you've been ripped off.

* Measurements are essential - calf-length means different thingsto different people (calf length on me is floor length on a shorter person for example).

* Take decent photos - [email protected] photos with an apology are still [email protected] photos and offputting.

* Put the size in the title, but not words like "LOOK" "WOW"or stuff like that - it just looks duff!

* Don't have a huge list of terms and conditions - I always feel put off by that

* Offer postal insurance but don't insist on it

* List the days you post and stick to them

* List your return policy

This is just off the top of my head - I used to sell quite a bit on eBay.


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Can you let me know when your items up ?
I am a size 14 now and looking for some things


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Thanks for the help guys.
I'm going to spend a full weekend taking photos of stuff. Hopefully it'll go well.

Charley what kind of stuff are you looking for? I can pm you when I've got them up if you like. Just to let you know, my jeans/trousers length is between 33" and 36". I'll try take photos this week and send them on to you. you can decide then if you like anything.

I probably wont have them listed for another two weeks though.

Once again, thanks for the help.


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Could you pm me too? I'm into 14s now. I got loads of 16s I need to get rid of too. Pity we dont have our own 'shop' on minimins ;)


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Yeah it'd be so handy. It would be a great idea to have a minimins shop. There's so many people on this site looking to buy new clothes all the time. It would keep the cost down for everyone!

I'll put up a post here when I've the photos taken. And I'll let everyone know when I've the items up on ebay. But it'll give you an idea on what I have before I put them up.

I hope I have as good a response on ebay as I do here! :)


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Sounds like your stuff will sell really well, especially if name brands and particularly if new. Selling individually will earn you more money than as job lot. Just remember when listing to put the brand, size and if it is new with tags etc in the description line.

Good luck.

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