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Ebay stuff: Please report!


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please try again
there is loads and loads of lipotrim and w8 maters stuff on there at the mo ( same kinda diet as cd ) one lot is going at over £50 now


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Hey folks. It's probably not a good idea to put the ebay links up here. It could just save people the effort of searching for the stuff:rolleyes:.

If the auction end is soon(or if it's BIN), they could buy it before ebay get around to invalidating it.

If you see something there, please report it. One report should be enough as it is a banned item. Extra people reporting it is probably just a waste of time for the Ebay folks.

I would never buy my stuff off ebay, but can someone explain why it's not allowed to be sold on ebay? Is it something to do with the 'medical supervision' bit?


please try again
your meant to be supervised. also people have been refused to ss, some have to be on 1200 cals or higher because of health implications ( those conditions are listed on the form you signed when joining and also are in the advise for doctors booklet.) some people who are desperate to ss buy a supply from ebay which could be detrimental to their health


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How come if it is banned and we keep reporting it does it allow ebay sellers to sell it. I have just typed into sell Cambridge diet tetras and yet it brings up the categories, surely if I can type it in to sell it cannot be truly banned???


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Ebay relies on its own buyers/sellers to police the auctions. And I think the agreement is quite recent. It is just the packs that are banned. People can still sell the shaker things and recipes etc.