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Egg white omelettes


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hi i've never had a full egg white one, but i do use 1 full egg and 2 egg whites, i use mushroom onion and tomato in mine, and spray oil very very filling


Hiya Nic, thanks for your very quick reply. I suppose with the one full egg it doesnt seem as bad and if I point that in then it would be fine. What does it taste like? And don't be saying it's lovely just because you were the one that cooked it :D

If it is as good as you say it is then maybe you can post me one as I live in the north and I could just heat it up in the microwave :D


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I do exactly the same, one full egg and two egg white! Yummy!! :D
They are so nice when you pack them full of mushrooms and onion, perhaps with a sprinkling of low fat cheese (depending on how many points you have to spend!)


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How many points is it if i do the 1 egg 2 egg whites with mushrooms & onions. because that sounds lovely?


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woop woop thats my lunch sorted, thanks everyone! I might even treat myself to 2 toast to go with it. sorry to be a pain but how mny points in fry light? any ideas?


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I'm a numpty. Just used the tracker and woop woop again! Its 0 points. Thanks everyone for that. Can't wait for lunch now!
I've actually just had an egg white omelette for my breakie and can honestly say you can hardly taste the difference
I used 4 egg whites and grated in a mini babybel for 1 point sprayed omlette pan with fry light added some mushroom and tomato
gave the egg whites a little whisk so they got fluffy and added the babybel the only thing i found was it would have burnt on the bottom before the top was cooked but i remedy this by cooking the underneath in the pan and then just flashing it under the grill so the top could finish off and hey presto beakie for 1 point
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I can honestly say OBID, that by adding the babybel I couln't tell the egg yolk was missing, I was well impressed with the result am now thinking about other fillings I could try out
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yeah i just chuck away the yolks

i fry some mushrooms and onion with some hearbs using some left over stock water and put that into my omlette ...yummmy


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I had the omlette for lunch. Was ok but i found it quite sikly. Might just be me tho but i would prefer it as a plain or maybe just mushroom omlette personally. Thanks for that though. It's gone in my recipe book.


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Pictures? Do you take pics of what you eat??? Am I meant to?

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