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Elebora diary

I am new here. I am french that explain why my english is not very good. Sorry about that.
I have began slimming world when I was in england for a few month. Now I am back to France and I carry on with body optimise. It's not easy because I can't find the same kind of food than in england (the muller yogurth for example). But I am still loosing, so it's good.
09/04/09 -1,5 lbs (slimming world)
16/04/09 -1
23/04/09 -3
30/04/09 -0,5
07/05/09 -1,5
14/05/09 -0,5
21/05/09 -3
28/05/09 -1,5
04/06/09 -0,5
11/06/09 -1,5
18/06/09 -1
27/06/09 -1,5 (back to France body optimise)
04/07/09 -2
I really missed the meeting we had each week with slimming world in England. We were able to exchange experience and recipe, etc. And people were very nice. Snif :cry: That's why I am here today, to stay in touch with people in the same trip than me. :D
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11/07/09 -1lbs :D
But it's hard. This week I thought a lot about chocolate. I hate some, not a lot just a little bit, but it was not enough to stop thinking about it...

Just wanted to say well done for being able to stick with the plan even though you do not have access to groups and certain foods available in England.. I hope you carry on loosing weight successfully.

Congratulations on your losses so far. You should be very proud of yourself..



soon to be skinny minnie
Hi there and welcome to minimins. Well done on your weightloss so far and well done for managing to stick to plan in France. Harrie who comes on here lives in spain and she has the same prob about not being able to get certain things but she too has done well. Keep up the good work!! xx
Thank you for your welcome.
The bigger problem for me is not to loose weight, I do it regularly. But it's not to take it back, I do that too very well... But this time with slimming world I think I will be able not to take it back because I feel very well with the plan. We will see...
Hello everybody,
Only 1/2 pound lost this week.
The health club was closed this week and I went only one time to the swimming pool, so it's normal. I hope it will be better next week.
Good week to you.
Thank you for your welcome.:welcome:
This week is a good week, I went 4 times to the health club and I lost 1,5 pounds. The problem is that I don't loose where I want to loose... of course... I suppose that is the same for everybody. But maybe with the courses of the healt club I will arrive to loose my "culote de cheval". I don't know how you said that in english, I will search.
On my way

Hi everybody,
Still on my way. I lost 1 pound this week so that gives 23 pounds lost in total. Next week will be more difficult because it is my birthday, aïe aïe aïe. We will see.
Have a good week.
Not good

This week is not a good, I put on 1 pound :cry: but :
That was my birthday
I went five times to the fitness club and did a lot of body building and I think I took maybe some muscles
and despite of that I loosened my belt one notch
I am disappointed but well not too much. We will see next week what is the result. I will try to be very good.
See you :wave_cry:

Back on track

This week was a good week, I lost 1,5 pounds. I went 4 times at the fitness club : 25min running + some body sculpt courses.
Everyday I use my 15 syns but I am still missing chocolate, it's hard sometimes and it's so easy to take back all that kilos.

I didn't lost any weight this week, I am very disapointed because I was good and I did a lot of sport. It seems very difficult for me to pass below this 11 pounds Arg!!! I am going to see if I must change something in my food diary to do better next week...
See you next week then and good luck.

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