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Embarrassing Question!!

Right - here goes...

My friend in an Air Hostess for Virgin, and has asked me to go to Japan with her next week for a couple of nights. She'd be working on the flight, but the rest of the time we'd be free to do what we wanted.

My first problem is getting time off work, but if I can sort out that, there's one other thing that's bothering me.

Am I going to struggle with the seats/seatbelts on the plane??? I've heard some horror stories about slim people complaining about their overweight neighbours for taking up too much room...and I'm worried about the seatbelts, and being able to flip down the table thing for the meal.

I know this might sound a bit daft, but it's a big deciding factor for me!

I'm about 5 foot 3, 18 stone and a size 22-24.
Has anybody else had any experience with this kind of thing before!??
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Last time I flew ( long haul to Los Angeles with Virgin), I was over 20st ( I was a size 28-30), and I just asked the air hostess for an expander belt. Yep I felt embarrassed but she was fab and didn't bat an eye lid. Flight was fine hun, no probs at all :)
I did a little bit if I'm honest. i was size 24 (but 21st) last time I was on the plane. I was just about able to get it fastened. But you shouldn't let that put you off going!!!
An opportunity like that I'd be away like a shot whether I had to get an expander belt or not. If your friend is working on the flight she might be able to have one ready for you so there would be less fuss. Also I would use it as a weight loss motivational tool, telling yourself "this is the last time I'll have to use one of these" or whatever. Go for it and have a great time!


Go on smile! =)
First off this is a chance i would'nt miss i mean its JAPAN! My heaviest was about 21stone when i went to spain and tbh the room in the seats were perfectly fine. I really hope you go. Long flights usally have more room on them anyways. And if you do need a extender belt im sure your friend can have one ready and bring it to you. BTW if there is another seat going i'll hold your hand! lol

Also never feel embarrssed about asking questions on minimins. we're all here for a different reasons and noone will judge anyone.
Thanks for your replies everyone, and for your lovely words of encoragement :)
I think you've all made me realise that I'd be mad to let a little thing like seatbelts stop me from going!

In my head, I know that thousands of large people travel every day, with or without seatbelt extensions. However, I'm not the kind of person who carries their size with pride, so I can imagine wanting to crawl up my own backside if I can't fasten the belt/fold down the table or whatever!

BUUUUT - Life's for living, and I can't keep putting off living until I'm at my happy weight, so I will bite the bullet and ask my boss for the time off!

I'll keep you posted, and thanks again for all your help x


Go on smile! =)
I'm not the kind of person who carries their size with pride
You're not alone with that hehe. So glad you're gonna go bring back some pics!
What an opportunity!!!! I wouldn't worry about the seat belt, table dropping problems at all, as Red said, these flights usually have a more generous room allowance. I was a size 22 when I flew to Mexico a couple of years ago and found no problems at all. Have a ball!!!! I mean - Japan for gods sake! My lifes ambition is to go there.
I hate those foldy table things :mad:
Went there, and was in the air on the way when Dianna died. There for 2 weeks, when I came home it was all over - weird.
Totally different culture. Flew to narita, fukuoka and kansai (osaka)
Had a great time.
Go Go Go
Well I asked my boss for the time off, and she said.....YES!!!! :) :) :)
I just have to wait and see if there's room for me on the flight (and I don't mean a big enough seat :D )
My friend is checking right now...keep your fingers crossed for me!


Go on smile! =)
Yay! Gl on the seat!
Go for it girl! I went to Turkey last summer and weighed in at a mighty 20.5 st and size 32 !! discustingbut I really struggled and just managed to put the belt under my shelf and felt uncomfortable for the whole flight, so would not hesitate in getting an extension belt next time! You are a lot smaller than I was so don't think you'll nave problem x
Hope you've managed to sort out your seat. I'm sure your friend wouldn't have invited you if there was any chance of there being a problem she wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable.
Have a brilliant time.
Shorty x
Thanks everybody - I feel much less worried about it all now :) You've all helped put my mind at rest!
Isn't it funny how there are certain things we freely talk about on here, that we wouldn't discuss with our closest friends (or at least I wouldn't!) I suppose the difference is that everybody's in the same boat here, and I just think the support is amazing :)

Oh, by the way - it looks like I'm definitely going!!! I just spoke to my friend, and there are loaaaads of seats left!!! I might even get upgraded to a premium seat - not 1st class, but more room, YAY!


gunna be a fatty for ever
yeay! nice one! whens the big day then hunny?!

have a fab time! no doubt u will! :)

Have a really fab time. I would love to go. I want to go to Hong Kong at some point in my life, so lets's hope it's when I've lost the lb's!! as starting again for about the 100th time !
yeay! nice one! whens the big day then hunny?!
It's this Thursday Kae!! Can't quite believe I'm going!
Got to leave home at 4:30am on Thursday, and I'll get to Japan at midnight our time, which will be 9:00am their time (meaning that we miss a whole night's sleep :eek:).
We're planning to stay in Narita that day, and go into Toyko the folloing day. Can't wait!


gunna be a fatty for ever
no sleeeeeep for 1 whole day????????? eeeek! haha

sounds fab hun i hope u have a wicked time!

Hello everyone - I'm back, and I had a fantastic time!!!
Just to let you know what happened re the seatbelt/table scenario (I'll talk about the more interesting stuff on my diary thread tomorrow)...I was fine on the way out because I got upgraded to Upper Class!! :) The seatbelt fitted with loads of room to spare, and the table wasn't the flip-down kind so I was fine.
However, on the way back, I was in Premium Economy which is similar to business class, and the seatbest didn't fit!! I just took a deep breath and asked one of the cabin crew for an extension belt, and they didn't bat an eyelid, just brought it to me straight away. The table was a little snug, but also fine.

So thanks everyone for convincing me to swallow my embarrassment and go...I'm so glad that I did - I should never have let something so trivial stop me from taking this amazing trip! :) :)

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