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Emma's new beginning!!-Diary!

Hey everyone
Just wanted to start a thread that i can pop back to, im starting cd on thursday, not my first attempt at the diet, iv lost 3 stone previously but due to some stressful times iv now regained this weight!
Im happy to say most of this stress is now sorted out, im now in a much better place to be able to cope with this fantastic but brutal diet, so here goes.... i have my meeting with my cdc wed afternoon, so il have a start weight and some measurements then!
feel free to add comments or suggestions, the more the merrier lol xx
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Hi Emma, good luck with your initial consulatation! I am having mine tonight, never done it before so have no idea what to expect. Am bricking it tbh! lol x
Hi, u'll be just fine hun, its all so much more exciting the first time, make the most of it! :)
let me know how u get on...
Good luck!
Thanks for the luck girls :D
So Day 1 - I tried the porridge omg its like the worst think EVER, its evil!!
had a strawberry tetra instead, much better! Im going to really struggle with my water so im just going to do my best!
Got weighed - not impressed but hey thats y im doing this!!
will check back later!!
Hey Emma, which porridge did you try? The original or A&C one? I've only tried the A&C one and after having real porridge everyday with golden syrup for breakfast, I can tell you I was not impressed! lol

I'm going to give it another shot for dinner today though and I'm going to cook it for longer to try to get it a bit thicker.

Are you feeling positive?
thanks for the reply, yes i am positive iv spent since Jan wanting to do this, i had to sort out the funds first so im well prepared mentally!
it was the original porridge, i wont even try the other one im now scarred for ever lol
I've just sorted out dinner for my girls, something i hate and my youngest is up for cooking it so all good, i just get the washing up!!
I don't put my porridge in the microwave (don't have one) I just put warm water in it and then on the stove for a bit. I make it really watery because I hate the texture of it when it's stodgy. I'm more a shake and soup lover myself ^^
hey all day 2....
100% and still going strong, iv woken up feeling ok bit empty but not really hungry, my girls were fasinated with my belly rumbling last night it was so loud lol!
also did a 20min routine on the wii fit last night, i cant believe how totally unfit i am!
im measuring myself in a bit just so i have a record, need to try better with my water and thats it really!!
hope everyone stays strong and has a good day today! :D
Well done! Trust me, it will get easier in a few days. No more hunger and you'll feel great :)
Day 3- still going strong - 100% - yay!!
hope everyone else is doing just as well!!
I feel like im in a bit of a dream actually- I had a bizarre phone call last night, I do some babysitting at the moment for some extra cash and iv got very friendly with one family in paticular, she phoned last night and asked me if myself and my girls would go on holiday with them??:D
omg i think im still in shock, obviously id have to help her with the children, but its mainly so her and her husband can go out for dinner in the eves, she said most of the day would be free! wow
now im scared how much weight can i get off? how small do u have to be to fit in an aeroplane seat? .... panick!! :eek:
Emma, I flew back in November and I was about 18 stone then and a 24 on the bottom. I fitted into the seat just fine, granted I bulged a bit under the arm rests...lol! But I fitted just fine and wasn't at all uncomfortable. When is the holiday?
Thanks for the reply hun,
Shes looking at going the beginning of April, so about 6-7wks away!! :rolleyes:
Well I don't know what the average with CD is but I guess like your like me, having a fair amount to lose and I reckon our first couple of stone should come off pretty quick. What would you hope to be by then?

I've got a family function with all of my partners extended family, most I've never met. So I want to lose 30lbs by May!
Hi, well im 19st 13 :cry:
Im looking at 6 weigh ins till i go, roughly- im hoping my first wk will be a bigger number so im not sure maybe a couple of stone!! im prepared to work hard at this, i'll add excercise and tone as much as i can too!
i was already set to do the diet but now i have this as motivation i really need to get some weight off to feel comfortable and to enjoy myself! :)
my lowest weight in adult hood was 16st, that felt good there but thats 4st away lol
16st anything is my goal at the minute cause I can't remember the last time I was there! lol...probably when I lost 3 stone on slimming world, 4 years ago. But it's all gone back on since then!

Have you had a sneaky peek at the scales yet? According to mine I am 10lbs down, but I'm not sure how reliable my scales are?! Would be over the moon with that. My CD councellor had someone the other week lose 1 st 2lbs in their first week! Crazy!
Wow 10lbs already?? well done hun
and omg 1st2 in a wk, thats madness!
My wii fit says im 5lbs down in 3days, so im happy, il use my tues weigh in to get real numbers tho!!
Yeah my weigh in is monday evening. Oh, I hadn't even thought about using my wii fit! Doh! Straight after Monday's weigh in I'll come home and use the wii fit and see how far out I am from the councellors scales. I think my home scales were 4lbs out from hers! lol


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Hey, so I'm still at it...... lol - 100% despite all the head stuff im putting myself through!
I get weighed in a couple of hours, not feeling very positive tho think im doubting myself because iv not been great with my water!
we will see eh?

i hope everyone is doing well!!

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