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Emma's no more bad days diary

I am quite new here and I think the site is great. I have previously lost weight on slimming world (3 stone) and at first it normally falls off. A few years on it has all gone back on.
This time things do not seem to be happening as before and I am really struggling to get anything off.
I am hoping by putting my dairy on here it might help highlight if I am getting anything really wrong. Also it helps to get some support from all the friendly people on here as I doing it on my own as I can't get to class due to work committments.
I will start with posting my diary today but weigh in is on Mondays.
Let's hope it works.
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Hello and welcome.
This site is brilliant for ideas and support, dont ever feel alone, at the end of the day we all have one thing in common and its the same as you!! good luck with your journey and im sure you will do it no problem!!!

Thank you for the support. I couldn't update last night couldn't find my post.

Here goes yesterday

Breakfast -2 slices of Wholemeal toast with 1 laughing cow light, 2 quorn sausages & 1 scrambled egg - hb & 1 syn
Lunch - 1 mexican chicken sandwich - healthy choice (on training course unexpected)
Hb & 10 syns
Evening Meal- Aldi Pork shank with peppercorn sauce with some stir fried peppers, onions, mushrooms and carrots (in frylight) - 2.5 syns
HA - some skimmed milk in tea and scrambled egg.
Snacks - a couple of slices of lean ham
Total syns 13.5
Not the best day syn wise but I thought I didn't really go off plan and I did admit to all what I have eaten. Some improvement
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Had a much better day again today. Green Day today.

Breakfast-2 slices of wholemeal toast & 1 laughing cow light - HB & 1 syn
Lunch - Pasta with baked beans & tobasco sauce.
Evening - Slimming world chips, 2 quorn sausages & 2 fried eggs in spraylight. Tomato sauce (2 syns)mmmm
Snacks - 1 Babybel light(2syns?) and 1 apple
Milk for tea/Coffee.
Total 5 syns

I was planning on having a slimming world Eton mess but don't think I can manage it.
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Better day again today Red Day
B-WM Toast Laugh Cow L - 1 HB & (1s)
L-2 quorn sausage, scrambled egg & tom sauce (2s)
D-Hunters chicken, new pots & peas HB (2s)
S- laughing cow light, orange & apple (1s)
Total 6syns
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Back again and its the weekend hurray!!!

Well could not update yesterday internet connect not the best dropping in and out.

B- WM toast & 1 LCL Cheese HB & (1s)
L-A Harriott Mexican Rice & 1 quorn sausage
D-Mash pot Pizza, Ham, onion & cheese -HA & HB
Snacks - LCL cheese & an orange (1s)
Total 2syns

Today so far
B- 2 scrambled eggs on wm toast & tom sauce HB & (2s)
L- Jacket potato with Tuna Mayo & large salad no dressing. Not sure if mayo was light as it was in a small cafe. so (10 syns) & HB
D- Pasta & baked beans
Snacks -sw eton mess - (2.5 s)
Total 14.5syns
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Looking back at the last few days I seem to be using all my syns & more on some days and hardly touching them on others I will have to work on that next week.
Got up a bit late today and spent most of the day shopping in town for clothes for daughters school trip in spain.(feeling alot poorer now)
B-WM bread, 2 quorn sausages, 1 fried egg & 1 BS - HB & (1s)
D- Lamb dinner with new pots, carrots, brocolli, asparagus, gravy & mint sauce - HB & (9s)
Might have some fruit & muller light a bit later.
Weigh in tomorrow.

Not updated for a few days just to busy to find 10 mins to get on here. I think I have stuck to plan but it is difficult to tell until I have written everything down.
Monday Green Day
2 slices of WM toast & LC Cheese HB & (1s)
Ainsley Mexican rice & 1 Quorn Sausage
Homemade mushroom Rissotto HA & (2s)

Tuesday _ Take That Day and training course in work Green Day
B- 2 slices WM Toast & 1 LC Cheese Hb & (1s)
L - Pasta with Tuna 1 tbsp light mayo & lf yoghurt, sweet corn & salad onion.HB & (2s)
D - Wetherspoon 5 bean chilli & rice with a medium glass of wine (9.5s)

Today-green day
B - 2 slices of WM toast & LC Cheese HB & (1s)
L - 2 quorn Sausage & 1 scrambled egg & BS - (1s)
Snacks - Mullerlight & 1 sugar free jelly (3s) & LC Cheese (1s)
D - going to have free homemade chicken curry & rice HB & 1.5 sharwood poppadum (3s) mmmmmmm
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B-Orange and small WM Roll & 2 slices of bacon & brown sauce HB & (1s)
L - Leftover SW Chicken curry & 1 apple
S - Laughing Cow light (1s)
D - gammon baked pot & maybe 100g baked beans (4s)
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Friday 17th June

Back again. I have just realised I might have made a mistake with bread. I have been allowing 2 slices wm bread from 800g loaf as one of my b healthy options but I believe it should have been 400G Loaf. I am hoping this is the reason that I have not lost weight as quick as I normally do.
Just did my big shop a brought a 400g loaf am just put it down as an error.

Green Day

B - 2 slices WM toast & laugh cow light HBx2 & (1s)
L - Ainsley Harriott Mexican rice
D - SW Chips & 2 fried eggs in fry light also 1 tbps of tom sauce (2s)

Hex a - milk for tea & coffee.
I hoping I can keep in under control tomorrow off the Gardens World/Good Food Shop live in Birmingham. I am planning on taking a packed lunch for myself and hoping to stick to plan.
Monday 20th June

Back again a quick update of the weekend

B- Quorn Sausage Sandwich on wm bread & 1 laughing cow (3s) & HB
L- picked a bits a pieces at Good food Show but not much (5s)
D- Aldi Salmon fishcakes with salad

B-Bacon & egg sandwich wm bread & brown sauce. HB & (1s)
L- no lunch late breakfast
D- Chicken dinner with new pots, carrots brocilli, small piece of stuffing & gravy HB & (9s)
Snacks - handful of frozen grapes

B- 2 slices small wm toast & LC cheese HB & (1s)
L- Jacket pot & baked beans
Snacks-Muller light & cous cous & cupcake for a treat stunning homemade by daughter (10s)
D-SW spag bol & wholemeal spag & 1 oz low fat cheese.(HB &HA)
I have been cutting out my tea & coffee in work and drinking fruit teas instead. I hope there no syns in them.
Hi. Good luck to you.

I have also previously lost weight with Slimming world but had to give up class due to my husbands work commitments. I am finding it a real struggle to stick to anything without that group support.

Have just booked to go to Florida at the end of March 2012 and need to lose 3st overall and hopefully 2st before we go.

I find that following Extra Easy makes for a slower weight loss than red and green days (although it is easier). I have been doing red / green Monday to Friday and then Extra Easy at weekends to allow for meals out, Sunday lunch etc. Also found that checking syns regularly helps as some of the syn values (even from as recently as January) have changed.
Hi Nicola

I am doing Slimming world at home without class which is difficult but I think by posting on here I do have to be honest with what I am eating.

This site is really good for motivation. I am struggling with the fact that the weight is not coming off anyway near as much as it used too.

Florida will be great motivation. I went a few years ago and really loved it. The only problem I found was the heat because we went in June and it was very humid also it involved alot of walking.

Good luck with your diet.

I have had problems with syns changing didn't realise that the sins in Quorn sausages had changed until last week and I have eaten loads of them.
Neither did I - I have bought some today, thought they were still free!!!
I have joined online again today after a few weeks of on and off days and losing then gaining weight (I am still the same weight!). Hoping the online food diary will keep me on track. Have pulled out my 2 year back catalogue of magazines (so glad I kept them!) and am going through them for recipes and ideas. Have stuck a big sign on my fridge that says 'Nothing tastes as good as slim feels'

Going to sort out my profile and ticker on here and try to keep coming back for a motivational top up. My hubby works away so danger zone for me comes when the kids are in bed and I am bored.
Hi Nic

Hope that you are going ok.
I am at my worst in the evenings and bored and stressful times. It seems easier to half that odd glass of wine, chocolate bar or piece of cake. The bit that gets me is that it is no hunger. Never mind onwards and downwards.
Today has been a hard day but I think I have been okay. The stress of work and children why do they always come together.
B- 2 wm toast & 1 LCL Cheese HB & (1s)
2 quorn
sausages & 1 scrambled egg (2s)
L- leftover bolognase sauce
D- chicken & sw BBQ sauce with new pots & asphargus

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