Emma's weightloss diary - day 1 of restart

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  1. So, it's Sunday morning and I was on the wine last night and of course woke up feeling hung over. I had about ten macadamia nuts for breakfast. My day one ruined by 9:00 am. Actually, I've decided not to let that spoil the rest of the day and to get on the wagon so in fact my day one starts NOW. Going to the cinema this afternoon and will take some water with me and a bar.

    Can't wait to see Casino Royale - I do hope they've got tickets left.


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    Glad to hear you're not going to let it spoil the rest of the day as it doesn't need to!!!!!:D
  4. kazz

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    Hey Emma, hope the rest of the day goes well for you!! I promise it gets easier as the days go by!! Just remember to carry water with you all the time (I have big 2 litre bottles of fizzy stuff in the car!!) and you'll be fine!
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    Hello!! :) Hope you enjoy casino royale. I cant wait to see it - let me know if you enjoy it. :)

    Good on you for not letting a few nuts spoil the day. What diet plan are you doing?
    If it's a vlcd keep drinking the water and keep busy. :)
    Good luck and keep us all posted on how you are doing.
  6. punkass

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    Good luck Karen, glad to hear u never let ur first day be wasted and are getting back on track
  7. Well it's the end of Sunday now and I have managed not to eat anything and not to drink anything I shouldn't have. I drank loads of water in the cinema and was right in the middle of a row and half way through thought, "oh I wish I hadn't had all that to drink". I just had to cross my legs and wait till the end.

    I've got a headache which is a good sign of going into ketosis. Going to have a pack now - a strawberry one I reckon.

    Casino Royale was grrrrrreat! Oooooh Daniel thingy is just delicious and very butch and manly. That lucky Vesper lady. I found his overlarge pout a little offputting but it's a minor detail. Very violent though - esp the bit where he gets his b0ll0* wacked. Ouch.

    Anyway. Day 2 tomorrow. Twenty eight days till Christmas Eve and I reckon I can lose over a stone in that time.

    Rock on Cambridge!


  8. Thanks Kirsten!


  9. Thanks Isis!


  10. Day 2 (how DO I change the name of my thread??) back on SS and it all has gone fiiiine. I'm back into proper ketosis and of course I do feel hungry, but that's just the way my system works. I go into ketosis quickly and lose weight quickly, but I'm hungry every day. The good thing is that I'm too busy at work to think about it too much, but being stuck at home marking books is lethal. As long as I stay off the wine I can stay in control of the eating.

    Anyway, marks out of ten for today? I'd say a six and a half. I haven't had a headache. I've got another few bottles of water to drink. I haven't come off SS. So I can't complain. I just keep thinking of my old work's Christmas do and how fab I'm going to look swanning in there having lost 20lbs.

    I think I'm NOT going to weigh myself actually because it's a bit of a trigger. If I've lost loads of weight I feel I can afford a few macadamia nuts or rashers of bacon and if I haven't lost loads of weight I feel defeated and, "what's the point?" and cheer myself up with some salami or something. I do know that my work trousers feel tight and that my tummy over the weekend felt bloated, so I don't feel the need to get on the actual scales.

    My dad recently found my premium bond certificate that I got when I was born and, with bated breath, I tapped the number into the premium bond website, hoping to God that I had won £250k at some point over the last 39 years. Nope. What a disappointment. I have to drag myself into work AGAIN tomorrow. No letter of resignation to be composed tonight.

    Well, I hope everyone's done well today and stuck to the diets. Roll on slinky Christmas party dresses!


  11. Cheese and nuts

    I had most of a packed of Lidl macadamia nuts tonight and a bit of cheese. But no carbs.

    Onwards and upwards with day 3.
  12. Day 3 and I've done really well apart from the three slices of ham and packet of pork scratchings just now! In ketosis though. Oh when am I going to stick to this bloody diet.
  13. kazz

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    Hey hun, u just need to get ur head in the right place....then sticking to it will be easy peasy!! I had a tin of quality streets shoved under my nose today and wasnt even tempted....a few weeks ago I could quite happily have munched my way thru a good lot of them!! Have you tried setting yourself some goals?
  14. Can't believe it's november since I last was on this site and since I last dieted. I put on loads of weight over Christmas and New Year and now it's nearly the end of January and I'm still gaining. But, the diet has to start again NOW.
  15. There is one difference this time. I have given up the booze. I have always found it really, really hard to cut it out completely, and when I have a hard day at work (which is every day) or something to celebrate, or any old excuse, I crack open the wine and get stuck in. Well this time I'm off the drink (haven't had a drop for a week now) and I think this is essential in order to lose weight. My uncle managed to lose a couple of stone by cutting down on carbs but still drinking like a fish, but as far as I'm concerned the drink a) is fattening in its own right b) destroys my resolve c) gives me a hangover which of course needs feeding the next day.

    Let's hope this time is different.

    The thing is that I absolutely love being slim and I can't wait to shift this four stone. Sigh.
  16. Mini

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    Hi Emma,

    Your not the only one who put on a good bit of weight over Christmas:eek:

    Congratulations on giving up the booze and you will see that will make a difference in more ways than one.

    Good luck with your new start to a New Year.:)

    Love Mini xxx
  17. Hi Mini

    Wow, you've lost 68 lbs - how have you done this? I am very, very impressed.

    I've had a CD pack this morning, made up into a muffin. Have had a coffee plus two mugs of honey and lemon, which is obviously not going to help the ketosis, but I am very unwell and I find the honey and lemon soothing as well as being very good for one.

    I'm starving, but can cope with that. My problem isn't hunger - the proper, stomach-hunger - but the craving for binge foods. I saw Paul McKenna on GMTV this week and he said that human beings have always tried to change their moods and feelings with food/alcohol/cigarettes/gambling/drugs (anything addictive) and that it's a learned behaviour. I go along with this. I do try to change my mood with food and this is why I'm craving. He recommends this crazy tapping business to do away with cravings, but I looked up the technique on the internet and there is no research which supports the efficacy of it.

    I'll post later. First day of a two month stint!
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