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Em's First CD Diary

Hello all that are kind enough to read my ramblings :)

I thought like many of you i'd try and have a go at writing down my thoughts and feelings on this new journey.

Today is Day 1 of CD+ and i'll be very glad to put it to bed lol

So far not too bad i've managed a maple and pecan porridge for breakfast and just had half a soup sachet, the oriental chilli flavour. So far so good !!!! :D

I'm doing this diet to start a family so i've got an amazing goal to motivate me, i'm unofrtunate in the fact i require IVF so it's already a challenge for me without being overweight as well :sigh: So i'm mega determined as this time next year i want to be a mummy :)

I look forward to making friends along the way, Em x
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ah - emsiem, I'm doing this for exactly the same reasons. Once you've done 30 (or maybe 50?) posts you'll be able to post in the 'Trying to Conceive' forum too.

How old are you, honey?
Thank you ladies :D

I cannot wait to get this first day overwith, just about to have my second half of my soup to keep me going until i get home from work....

Spangles i'm 34



Bouncy Castle
Spangles i'm 34

Not quite the end of the line then, but I know how it is to feel like time is against you (i'm 37). wishing you luck for a speedy weightloss. xx
Woweeeeeeee i have almost made it through the day :D Just about to make myself my first shake and i'm not really sure what i'm doing but hey ho !! lol

Today i've managed porridge, soup, turkey breast a green beans for dinner and now a banana shake !!!

Got a pounding headache so an early night for me i think, feel quite tired. So happy i made it through day 1 :)
Well good morning Day 2 :) !!!

I'm feeling uuuubbbbbber tired today i've kind of got a funny floating feeling going on :(

Trying my best to drink lots and lots but feel nervous i won't make it through the day......any other tips ladies ?? I've just eaten my porridge and am on my 2nd cup of green tea.

Em xx
emsiem said:
Well good morning Day 2 :) !!!

I'm feeling uuuubbbbbber tired today i've kind of got a funny floating feeling going on :(

Trying my best to drink lots and lots but feel nervous i won't make it through the day......any other tips ladies ?? I've just eaten my porridge and am on my 2nd cup of green tea.

Em xx
Just keep reminding yourself why you're doing it. And if it's too much too soon have a chicken or prawn salad for tea in line with the ss+ plan x

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every time i feel like giving in or something i look at the inspirational slide show or before and after pics! It always helps.
and i think that if i cheat all the struggle i have been through will be a waste and i will just have to suffer through it again! Your headache will soon go, just drink loads. And try and nap if you can!
Good luck and Stay strong!! xxx
Thanks ladies for the motivation I survived :) that's Day 2 done and I've managed to stick to it like glue ( just like the fat on my thighs lol)

Had a manic day at work which really helped take my mind off food, we had a sample sale as well so spent a couple of hours rummaging for bargains. I think I was nervous all day that my body wouldn't be able to take it and I'd get dizzy but I was fine, the adrenalin must have kicked in!!!

Ate a small homemade turkey salad on my way home and I've just enjoyed an ice cold strawberry shake, all in all it was a good day, I've just got to get myself through the next couple of days and hopefully I'll feel much better :)

I keep looking in the mirror as I get changed for bed and I cannot wait until I actually like what I see instead of a big wobbly bum and thighs....

So on that note goodnight xx
Hi everyone, it's now Day 3 for me and i feel suprisingly great :D:D

I don't feel particularly hungry at all i didn't eat my porridge until 10.30......not like me at all lol Now i'm just thinking about having half my soup or another porridge......i can't decide :D I think i may go the soup as that way i can have the other half later this afternoon, otherwise i'd have to wait for anything else until i got home.....it's all psychological isn't it !

My CDC said to do my test stick on Saturday do they show up permanently once you reach Ketosis ??

right then i'm off to have my so called lunch break......with no lunch :rolleyes:

Em xx
Afternoon girlies!! Any chI can join this thread? I start cd on monday and I'm a mixture of nerves and positive thinking!! Can I ask, whats Ketosis? xx
Hi Danielle and welcome :)

I'm only on Day 3 so i'm still very new to this too, i suffered the same worries etc. but i can honestly say hand on heart that this is the right thing for me.....yes i can say that already !!

I'm not sure if it helps that i'm alone at home during the week so there is nobody here to tempt me....(although work can be a mare, i'm not looking forward to the smell of chips tomorrow from the canteen !!)

Anyway as i say 3 days in and i've stuck to it 100% no caffeine either just peppermint or green tea !! This evening i'm feeling so full i could burst although i've no idea what tomorrow will bring.

You've made the first step which is the hardest you are giving it a go and if it doesn't work for you....there will be something else that does :)

There are lots of lovely girls here for support as well :bighug:

Em xx
Hi Emisem, and thanks!! Yeah, I had my third baby in december last year, and have decided this year that enough is enough and I can't blame it on baby weight anymore!! Haha.
My consultant is coming tomorrow morning with my food packs, and I have decided I'm going to start monday, fresh week and all that!
Any tips on flavours? I've read on a few posts on here that the taste of a few of them is quite rank, but I've just ordered a mixture, my cdc said it was better for me to just try them all, and then decide.
Whens your first weigh in? GOOD LUCK!!!! xxx:D
Hello!!!! What a day I've been manic at work barely stopped all day, I managed my apple and cinnamon porridge, then only half my tomato soup and I've just had my tea.....some turkey breast and salad leaves, I'm living the high life :D !!

I get weighed on Monday so I'll be just a week ahead of you hon I'm looking forward to it I just hope the scales show the effort I've put in as so far I've stuck to it 100%

Anyway I'm off to snuggle with my man he's been away at sea all week and I've missed him loads

Good morning peeps, well i'm on Day 5 today and apparently i'm in ketosis !!

I feel less hungry for sure but i have a bit of a headache so going to make sure i drink loads....:sigh:

I just sneakily weighed myself on my Wii Fit and apparently i've lost about 10 pounds !!!! :D:D But we shall see when i get my weigh in with my CDC on Monday evening.

Got my gorgeous OH home with me this weekend so looking forward to a nice chill and snuggles with him

Well Day 6 is very nearly over.....yipppeeee go me!!!!!!

I managed to survive my first weekend with my OH home, bless him he ate most of his snacks in the kitchen while making me a green tea or while I was in the shower bless him :)

I'm really feeling good, and I can tell I've lost weight already I just hope I manage to keep sticking to this. I've got a big worry already, I'm going up to Edinburgh next weekend and I'm so worried about coming off plan and slipping up. I'll make sure I take enough packs with me but what am I going to do for dinner??? I'll have a chat with my CDC tomorrow but has anyone got any advice??

Almost time to take my man back to the airport :( then it's alone time until I fly up to see him Thursday night.....xx
not that it's particularly related, but the week i went to edinburgh i had my very best weightloss. all those hills!

could you ss+ on the four pack version and no meal while you're away?
Ooohhhh I'll look forward to the hills.....not lol !!!!

I'm only thinking about dinner as I've followed SS+ but if I think about it I know I can have another packet instead....
it's just the other way to do ss+, and might appeal if you can't properly control the weights and hidden ingredients of your meal. you're sposed to have some milk as well.

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