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End of Raspberry and Caramel shakes ??


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My LLC said the same thing. They have trialled a tomato soup.


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Yeah they are axing rasberry and caramel, aparently strawberry and banana were brought in a while ago to replace them but they've just waited to trial those ones before removing the rasberry and caramel that they were replacing


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And so the diet becomes even more restrictive!!!!
OH NO! I am drinking my first raspberry right this minute and I was just thinking 'oh I will get more of these next week they are much nicer than strawberry'. Boo!
We knew about 4 weeks ago (and I put in on the hour by hour thread that day), and our counsellor has already run out of caramel - we haven't been able to get any for the last 3 weeks.

The banana and strawberry ones are a different formulation and are much easier to mix and they are wanting to change all the other flavours to the same formula to make them easier to mix as well.

We were also told that they are completely changing the tomato soup they trialled because it was so horrible.
oh i would love it they had tomato soup - i may still be on the programme when it comes out.
Shall order some caramel now - i love it with a spoon full of coffee and crushed ice - yummy and so refreshing with a caffine hit!


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The tomato soup was just like most of the other things on this diet - oh so very boringly bland.

I guess if you were on drugs you might have thought it tasted like tomato.
Still it would have made a change from the other bland stuff.

LL really need to get their act together - we need more things rather than less!


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It's a shame they are doing that - I don't like them and never have them but it's really going to restrict some people who do like them.


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I've come to like ONLY chocolate and toffee bars, keep trying the other ones just for variety but I really can't stand any of them! No big loss to me. But am I right in thinking cambridge have a really big variety include things like mint chocolate and stuff. Why can't LL bring us more variety, there's an infinate range of flavours they could try
I just said in my LL group this week how I wished there was a tomato soup and everyone else agreed - I hope it turns out to be good!

At the moment I often use the caramel flavour as a custard, but I'm just as happy with banana or chocolate custards! You can tell the strawberry and bananas are a different formula because they froth up if you do them with a whisk-o-lait but the other flavours don't.


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I find vanilla froths up like that too, I must be wierd though I much much prefer the thinner texture of the other flavours to these more frothy ones. I find them grainy and too thick for me. I prefer the thinner texture of the chocolate and caramel (even though I'm not that keen on the flavour of the caramel) We've got this new comfort fabric softner (caramel scented one) that smells exactly like the caramel pack think that might have put me off a bit lol


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When I zap the vanilla with some st clements, ice and water it expands to fill a pint glass with "ice cream"!


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As an ex LLer myself I sympathise as I swapped to CD because there is more variety....like choc mint and choc orange shakes, tetra packs and loadsa bars. However, I do miss the LL chicken soup and the mushroom...I find the CD soups horrid!


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I wouldn't hold your breath on the tomato soup front, they have been trialling for 2 years now and it is always minging. It can take quite some time to bring a new flavour in, sometimes not at all.

It is a shame about the raspberry cos it is quite nice, the caramel was horrible though IMO.
I just lived on lattes with the vanilla and nut bars, but can't say miss them one bit now.
Oh no, gutted ! I'm just into week 3 and I love the caramel shakes, I had one for lunch with a teapsoon of coffee in.

Would love more variety though, I thought the other day a nice tomato or beef soup would go down a treat :)

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