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end of week one


needs a real kick in the
hiya all i know there are a few of these floating sorry. i have just had my end of week way, and although happy to have lost 8lb feel disappointed :( that its not more, i have alot to lose, and did 100% not even any fizzy water or coke zero.
have had to change goals.
i know ive still done well, just needed a moan, there are a few of started around 16th may please let me know how your all getting on, good luck xxx:wave_cry:
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Claira07. Don't get down about it. i lost the same on my 1st week and this week lost 3. But measured myself yesterday and have also lost 7 inches off my wasite and 3 from my bust. A friend just told me that he can see I've lost a lot of weight! Heck, and there was me thinking 11lb wasn't much.. but the proof is in the pudding, well body, lol..

Stay positive and you will see the loss.

Hi Claira
8lbs is great and a really good start. I only lost 6 in my first week. We all loose at different rates. You will probably notice more in how your clothes feel and being less bloated. Hopefully that feeling will encourage you.Keep smiling


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Hi Claira, I had my weigh in on friday after my first week. I lost 10lb, but I'm heavier than you so maybe that's why it came off a teensie bit faster? Also I probably cheated myself a bit as I refused to drink anything or have my last meal until I came back from the weigh in ;) I think it will have made a difference as I've weighed myself before and after drinking 1/2 litre of water and it puts on 1-2lbs.

Now that I think of it, that's pretty obvious considering water weighs almost the same in grams as its volume in ml. Duh to me! And yes, sadly I am that obsessed about getting on the scales :(


needs a real kick in the
thanks, i know your right, i think part of the problem is i weighed every day this week and had not lost any since yesterday. i promise to keep off the scales till next saturday. i hope i do as well as you in my second week x


needs a real kick in the
thank you all, think i was just having a moment, i have noticed i have to move my boobs to see my belly instead of my belly sticking out further. going back to the gym this week. had a week off to get started on cd, will feel better then, xxxx
Claira, 8lbs is absolutely fantastic! Honestly! I was struggling hugely last night, feeling fat but we've got to tell ourselves it will not be for long! In 4 or 5 months you'll be skinny!


needs a real kick in the
i know, i want a fairygod mother to wave a magic wand. i know i have to work hard and it wont happen overnight. lol xxx


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my first week was 7 , so you did 1 better than me , keep going girl , thats all we can do , now pick up 8 pounds and say wow thats heavy !!!!!!!
That's exactly how I feel Claira. I want to be thin now. That's what depressed me so much yesterday. I was missing food so much and still feeling so fat. I think once we lose as stone or two we will be even more motivated to continue. It just felt so difficult for so little a reward. But the days are passing (slowly I think) and each day is nearer to our ideal weight. When I'm not dieting I'm getting heavier every day!
Hi Claira,

I know how you feel, after having read up on 1st week weight losses on here before I started, I felt a little disappointed after my first week having only lost 8 pounds.

However, have a look at my losses in my signature... Although I didn't lose the 10/12/14 pounds some people lose in the first week, I kept on losing around 6 ish pounds for the couple of weeks after that.
In total I ended up losing 22pounds in 4 weeks, which is well above what CD suggest is the average.

All I'm trying to say is don't be disheartened. That extra few pounds you wanted off in the first week may come off in week 2, or week 3, and you may find you have bigger losses for a couple more weeks than some other people! We're all so different.

Keep going, you're doing fabulously!


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So difficult for so little reward? Fair enough I am on day two so not too fully into it yet, but....

my previous weight loss consisted of me eating very little (6 spoons dry bran for brekkie, a muller light youghurt for lunch and a small tea like one slice beans on toast for tea or 2 spoons pasta and one sauce), with this I was doing 70 minutes cardio workout a day, doing a job that required me to climb stairs several times a day and going for a mile walk during my half an hour lunch time. Drinking several litres of water a day. The most I lost in one week doing that was 2lbs.

I felt so tired, most days I was in bed asleep by 8pm, I got so many people whinging at me for the way I was and quite simply I just couldnt continue!

Now forgive me but I'd rather go about a normal days activity and do a brief bout of mild exercise and loose 3-4lbs a week rather than doing what I was before.
To be honest we all want miracles but every lb off is a bonus because if you weren't on diet you'd prob have put it on. I'm aiming for 2 1/2 lbs every week now and I suppose I will be disappointed if I don't achieve that. We will get there, apparently this diet always works.
Shelz, 7lb is great in a week. That's not what I meant. I mean the diet has felt like torture on days and I don't feel or look any thinner. At this moment I haven't noticed the 7lb but I know when I keep adding to that it won't be long before I do notice. Anyway, on my last diet I only lost 1lb a week and I was happy. I just want to lose. But this is hard.


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Yep I understand what you mean now. I feel fat, ugly, stupid, like a failure, disappointing, ashamed. I dont think I'm going to feel any different for a long long while. Im at the stage I dont want to go anywhere, or be seen by anyone.

How is that healthy? Really, how is it?
Exactly. But I think it must take a while before we notice it but our bodies will be benefitting from it because I'd be exhausted if I had to carry half a stone of potatoes about with me all week. So any loss is worth it; even a pound. It's prob because this is hard that people want to lose so quickly. I did SW last year but it was easy but it took me a year to lose a stone and a half. I was OK with that but then it actually stopped working so after a few months of sticking to the plan and not losing an ounce I gave up and put it all back on within a few months. The story of my life!
claira hiya i started on the 15th an got weighed today and ive lost 7lbs so you have done better than me! :p the boyfriend lost a whole stone tho grrr but men seem to lose quicker anyways, be proud of your loss its great :D
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Just wanted to say well done 8 pounds is a fantastic loss in your first week....... dont get disheartened by other peoples losses as our bodies are all different and some people have more to lose than others.. 8 pounds is fantastic.. i lost 8 1/2 in my first week and I was so pleased..

Stick with it and the pounds will be dropping of you ........ When I first started I thought I want to be there on week 12 already and I cant tell you how quickly it has gone. Im now on week 15..

So chin up your doing fab and before you know it you will be slim and looking fab for the summer !!!!!!!!! x


needs a real kick in the
thank you all, been out all day forgot about my lunch, not even hunry, thank you all for your kind thoughts, i especially like the bit about not being on the diet and gaining in stead. i made pizza with the kids for tea, had great fun, i wouldnt normally do that. so i feel really good now. my grandad asked how much i lost, when i said 8lb he said, have you got a hole in your pocket or did you loose your purse, lol i will forgive him hes 84. xxx

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