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Episode VII - A New Start!

Morning everyone!

Hannah, hope you are ok and aren't too busy that you are stressed out. Hope you don't mind me starting the new Episode.

Right then, I think we have all expressed that we need a new start, so here it is.

Who's in for 7 days SSing?

I need a new start before the weekend in lots of ways and not just on the diet front.

Have a good day everyone and I'll catch up later xxx
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Morning, how are you Sarah? Good luck with the new starts!

I'm IN for these seven days. I messed up big time last week and managed through a combination of drink and kebabs to put on almost a stone in a few days. Its finally gone and :) and I'm more or less back at the point of my last weigh in so hopefully all will be well from now on.

I'm a wierd sort of way I'm kind of glad I did it because it really scared me to see how much weight I can put on in the space of a few days. I can finally see that that little bit of cheese or ham etc does count and even though its protien it will make me gain weight.

I'm also very very annoyed as I could have been well into the 22's by now instead of hovering on the boarder of 22/23.

So this week i pledge to let nothing pass my lips except CD packs and water. I'm also going back to basics, no bars, tetras etc, co I seem to loose faster when I just have packs.

Hope everyone is having a great day - does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend?


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Morning everyone,

I'm up for the 7 days might be a mixture between SS and 790. Find myself having a couple of mushroom, cooked at night... but there are only 6 cals in them so that's not too bad... Well I have been good all week but the scales don't reflect that. Get weighed in tomorrow, going to see Bev and pick up more supplies... getting more shakes so I can make muffins and porridge as I got some psyllium husks to try...

Chika - it is scary how quick the weight goes back, even though half is your glycogen stores!!

Sarah - definately new episode, new start...

Hannah - hope you are OK, it has been a while since we have heard from you..

Amber - how are you doing? Are you OK?

Lucy - Come on hun you can do it...

Have a great day everyone, I'm only in work till 1pm so I hope it is an OK day...

Morning Chika, it is frightening isn't it! I had a meal (oh ok, and a bottle of wine) on Tuesday night and am just back to Monday's weigh in weight :eek:

Weekends are the hardest for me and for lots of us I guess so starting the episode now means that I really don't wanna give up so early into it!

I always lose more just on packs - doing WM means I don't get the option of bars anyway! My first week back on just packs (no picking food either - even if it was just protein) gave me 9lbs off!

I've got loads of paperwork to sort this weekend to get WM up and running so a boring one planned for me.

We can do this!!!
Morning all

I'm definitely in for episode VII :D

Chika I wondered where you were the last couple of days. I also had a blip this week, on Saturday which was my weigh in day. The scales showed a half stone gain by monday and it's only just gone! Well I am still 0.25lbs up from last Saturday's WI. So by tomorrows WI that should have gone or I won't be happy!

I'm so silly because I wanted to be in the 11's at WI tomorrow and it was possible but I blew it with my pig out!

Apart from Saturday I've stuck to it this week. I had a bite of cake yesterday but got stopped just in time by my 6 yr old catching me and giving me :whoopass::whoopass: My kids are my diet police :)

Sarah, I hope you are feeling a bit happier today :) I'll reply to your PM in a few mins once I've got kids off to school. I just sneaked on here while they are eating breakfast :D

Nikki - Good luck for WI tomorrow. Sounds like your week has been better than mine, if only I had stuck to a couple of mushrooms! I think I'll be lucky to show a 1lb loss this week. Ah well it's in the right direction if it happens :)

I hope everyone has a successful 7 days. We can all do this!

Good luck
Oooo Me, me!!!!

I gained 4 lb this week - I had 2 days off SS'ing and I had medicine (was poorly :(), but......back on track and raring to go!!!

I think last week was the week of eating!!!...so come on girlies and boys!!! stick to the plan and get back on track!!!

I think next week I am going to just have the shakes and soups too....as much as I love the tetra bricks and the bars, I do think that my losses are lower than they could be...maybe give it one week as a trial!
Hi SS-ers

I am definitely up for this too! My cheats since weigh in have been very minor, and the scales seem to have moved since Wednesday, so I could really do with sticking to it to get another good result this week, although cutting out the tetras and bars is very hard when I am on the road all day, so I can't pledge to that one.

I'm feeling a bit brighter today - I gave away some of my much too big clothes to one of the mums at the school yesterday - that was quite cathartic, and she was thrilled. It's a step in the right direction!

Thanks for letting me into some of your home chaos Mocha - it made me feel a bit more normal.
My cleaner has just been round, so the place is basically clean, I just have a mountain of paperwork and an even bigger one of laundry to do, but have to get some work done this afternoon, so that's a job for the weekend. I'm upping her hours as of next week in the hope that we can start tackling some clutter hot spots, which I know will be good for my head!

Good luck with your weigh ins this weekend - the thread is feeling much more positive already.

Together, we can do this!
Hmmmm - what's an episode??
Is it just a 7 day haul one another through sort of thing?
If so, I'm in. I'm about to start TOM and this is normally when I eat and drink for England. I hate this horrible bloated dull pain sort of feeling. And I really fancy something sweet. Wish I'd got one of those bars from the CDC but only on week 2.
I had wanted to lose at least 3lbs this week. Up until this morning, I had lost 2 of them but I can feel my stomach expanding as I type. Yuk!
Hi all

Hurrah for the weekend and a lie in tomorrow. I really need it this week. Was so cosy in my bed this morning - cold is still getting to me.

Nikki, don't worry too much if you only got on the scales an hour ago - surely it will be the water that you've drunk today?

K-Nine, you've got it right about hauling each other through - that's what we've been doing and you're more than welcome to be dragged along for the ride!! Hope you feel better soon.

I'm doing ok so far, but still down on water today. I have had a few slices of chicken this evening but I'm avoiding the usual wine that I have on a Friday.

Hope everyone is having a good evening!
Nikki - Good luck with weigh in!

K-nine yes the episode VII is just a thread for supporting one another through a challenge to stick to SS for 7 days. Some people are doing 790 though I think and it doesn't matter what you are doing really, anyone is welcome!
Today I've been spending :eek: Bought myself some new jeans, chocolate coloured ones, never had any brown jeans before and I love them. I also got a new pair of boots in brown (ankle ones to wear under jeans) the exact same pair I bought in black a couple of weeks ago because I like them so much! lol.

I also bought a new bag. I'm going to have to keep a check on my spending because now I'm losing some weight I keep wanting to buy clothes! I've never been a big clothes shopper before because I just bought stuff to hide away in. It feels goooood to buy stuff I like! :D

Oh I forgot, I bought pair of ugg style boots too (cheapie make tho not real uggs) Guess what colour, yep chocolate :p

Bit of a theme going on there. If you can't eat it then wear clothes in the colour of it :rolleyes:


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Oh Mocha you sound like a girl after my own heart I love chocolate brown...

Can't get it out of my head that I could stay the same or just lose a pound or 2, I can't believe it... If I don't lose I am seriously thinking is it worth it... my sister is doing the juicing diet and she lost 8.75lbs in her first week (I know most of it is water) but its not fair... (I'm now throwing my dummy out of my pram!)

Hi does anyone mind if i join in? im on my first week (day 3) of SSing and trying to get to day 4!! Im hoping that tomorrow will be eaiser i find it harder on the weekends!
Thanks!! being on here is really helpful and stopping me from eating!! I am determind to get as much weight off as i can by christmas and hopefully all of it by february! i must say i feel lighter just on day 3 thats what is keeping me fron the cheese!

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