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Exercise Motivation

So I have decided as well as dieting I really need to get fit. So I want to try and incorporate a little bit of exercise every day into my getting healthy regime. I figured eating healthily is not good enough on it's own.

So who wants to join me. I thought we could all post on here what exercise we have done in the day, be it going for a walk, cleaning the house or a workout video, work out at the gym etc whatever it is, it all counts.

If we all post at the end of the day with what we have done and for how long.

Might be more of an incentive for us all. What do you think?
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i think it's a fab idea! why not indeed! i'll start as last night i went to a class which i thought was freestyle aerobics, but was infact freestyle fusion, which was a dance class! it was for 1 hour and we learnt a routine and danced it to all different songs! was so much fun!


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Great idea BritMum. I try to do exercise every day Mon-Thu. In summer this is an 8-12km walk in the evening. In winter a dvd.

Today I have done Tracy Shaw's Salsacise For Hips And Thighs for the first time. Lasts about 40 minutes and was good fun.


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I would like to join in with this, always have good intentions to exercise. I love to dance to just dance on the Wii, and i am going to start running again when i have got to my club10.
I walked into town today for a meeting, and on Tuesday I also walked there for my Tai Chi class.

On Saturday I went to the gym and on Sunday and Monday I walked miles delivering SW leaflets for my consultant sister.

Motivation? Well, I walk into town because it is just as quick as getting the bus, and sometimes the bus doesn't arrive anyway.

Tai Chi I do because it is relaxing and the class is only £1 per session.

I need no motivation to go to the gym and nor would you if you had a trainer like mine!!!!

And if I hadn't delivered the leaflets I wouldn't have got any dinner!!


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I went for my fourth jog ever this morning. It was gorgeous sunny weather. However, the back of my thighs really ached very quickly and I had to walk parts. I think I need more than one rest day between jogs until my muscles get used to jogging. I've been working out twice a day five days a week on my Wii for a month now. It's greatly improved my fitness and I've been able to jog slowly for half an hour but my muscles are still adapting to jogging.

It's frustrating because I've really enjoyed jogging and I've got enough puff for it but my legs aren't ready yet. I have to take it slowly.
I too have decided I need to exercise!!
I bought a Wii fit at the weekend and have done some every day this week! Have done 1h45mins in total!
And that doesn't include activity on the other games such as the boxing.
Going to try and aim for 30mins a day on the Wii fit!

Wasted Ink

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Great idea for a thread.

So far:

25 minutes of trampolining

Hoping to do some skipping once dinner has settled. :D


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I normally run and sign up to races to keep myself going and to have something to aim towards. I also go to the gym a couple of times each week, and meet up with a friend there and have a chat in the sauna afterwards. There is a beauty salon too, so sometimes I book myself in for a facial or massage at 7.30pm, so I have to go from work there, have a workout but then a nice treatment to look forward too.

Although now I am 6 month pregnant and running is no longer an option. I have started using You Tube as my personal trainer, lol! For instance this series: YouTube - Pregnancy Exercises - Biceps and Legs Going to try to do this every second day, working up to every day (even just 20-30 minutes) and hope that will at least preserve some muscle tone until I can get back into running etc.

I am also a big fan of lots of walks and bike trips with the kids - feels more like fun than a chore when there is a picnic in it! :)


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Fab idea, I'm being very careful as ankle still weak following accident last week so anything for me this week is a bonus
Thurs 8/4
Food shopping - 1 hour walking etc and then packing away....I count it as exercise anyway lol


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Had a great work out in the park last night. 15 minutes with weights then a two mile run. lush.


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9th April

5.5 mile run - 1hr 1min.

Want to try and get it done quicker:)


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4 mile bike ride with kids


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Hey you guys with a Wii fit (I have one) what are your favourite exercises using this. I have quite a few 'fit' games for mine just never really got round to using it lol
Did another 30mins on the Wii fit today plus I walked the dog twice.
Silvermaneuk - I use the Wii fit and mainly use the muscle, balance and aerobic exercises. I haven't really got into the yoga poses yet (I'm not very good at them!!).

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